Stock Photo - Putting together a photo album

Smiling girl sitting cross-legged on bed with photo album - Stock Photo

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    Cute girl smiling while looking at a magazine
    Girl lying down on her bed while putting together a photo album
    Young girl lying on her bed and relaxing with eyes closed, with her books spread out around her
    Smiling girl taking a break from working on her laptop
    Happy girl daydreaming while on the phone in bed with laptop
    Girl painting her nails while on the phone
    Happy girl talking on the phone with laptop on bed in front of her
    Happy girl holding a coffee cup
    Teen girl lying in bed relaxing
    Girl talking on the phone while lying on bed with laptop
    Girl looking and selecting photographs for album
    Happy girl lying in bed with laptop
    Happy girl with phone looking up while lying on bed
    Smiling girl painting her nails while on bed
    Happy girl lying upside down in bed with head over the edge and holding a book
    Close up of girl on the phone with laptop in front of her
    Happy girl on the phone with laptop in front of her
    Top view of girl listening to music instead of studying
    Happy girl looking up from her school work
    Girl relaxing on the bed and looking at photos
    Charming teen smiling while on the phone with face in hand
    Happy girl smiling while sitting on bed and choosing photographs for her album
    Girl sitting on bed choosing photographs to go into a photo album
    Top view of girl smiling with phone
    Portrait of girl on bed putting together photo album
    Happy girl smiling while relaxing on bed with coffee and music
    Portrait of girl on bed with laptop while listening to phone
    Happy girl calling a friend on her cell phone
    Happy girl trying to call her friend on her cell phone
    Top view of happy female student on her mobile phone
    Smiling girl daydreaming instead of working on homework
    Young studying lying on bed with book and listening to music
    Girl painting her nails while listening on the phone
    Young girl lying on bed smiling with phone and looking to the side
    Smiling teen listening on the phone while lying down

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