Stock Photo - Mature businessman with a group of people at the back

Portrait of a mature business man with a group of people at the background - Stock Photo

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    Portrait of a handsome businessman glancing back in a meeting with his business colleagues
    Portrait of a group of smiling people lying together on grass giving the camera above them thumbs up
    Portrait of successful businesspeople shaking hands positively in a meeting
    Portrait of a happy young couple sitting on sofa with their dogs (Rhodesian ridgeback and Boxer) at home
    Successful business colleagues shaking hands with each other in a meeting at office
    Portrait of successful business colleagues shaking hands with eachother - Staff meeting
    Group of happy business associates in a meeting together at the office
    Portrait of an excited business team enjoying their success in an office
    Portrait of a confident young businesswoman smiling with her business colleagues behind her
    Young businesswoman discussing a diagram with her colleagues
    Top view of a team of business people sitting together and discussing project
    Handsome businessman smiling back at the camera, with an office meeting in progress in the background
    Smart young businesswoman looking carefully at a diagram in her office
    Portrait of a group of successful business people working together on a laptop at office
    Top view of a group of business people sitting together and working on business project - Teamwork
    Portrait of an attractive young business group standing together at office
    Closeup of a pretty young businesswoman smiling in a meeting with her colleagues in background
    Group of casual businesspeople smiling together and having fun - Positive
    Cropped image of a woman's hand signing a document with a sandwich and cup of coffee
    Portrait of a beautiful young businesswoman smiling at you, with her colleagues sitting in a row in the background
    Portrait of a cute young couple caressing their dog while sitting on couch at home
    Young businessman drawing a diagram on a transparent board while his colleagues look on
    Portrait of a smart guy using cellphone and looking away at copyspace
    Group of excited casual businesspeople standing together and celebrating their success
    A business team analyzing a graph on a whiteboard
    Group of business colleagues standing behind a pretty young woman
    Top view of successful business people with their hands raised
    Pretty young businesswoman laughing with her colleague in background at office
    Portrait of a casual young businesswoman standing with her hands folded
    Happy mature businessman sitting in a conference with his colleagues at office
    Closeup portrait of a beautiful young woman smiling
    Top view of group of business colleagues discussing business issues
    Portrait of smiling business man showing a thumbs up with excited colleagues at the back
    Portrait of a beautiful young woman holding a pen looking happy
    Portrait of a stylish young girl standing with folded hand and looking away

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    Beautiful old woman holding a newspaper with group of people talking in background
    Mature businessman sits thoughfully in front of his computer with colleagues blurred in background
    Portrait of beautiful old woman with arms folded and group of people in background
    Team of smiling professionals discussing plan in a conference room
    Portrait of handsome businessman with colleagues discussing in background
    Business man points something out to his colleagues on computer during meeting

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    Confident businessman working with his business colleagues on project - Staff meeting
    Portrait of a smiling young woman with business colleagues in background discussing a project
    Portrait of successful businessman discussing work with is colleagues
    Portrait of a happy businesswoman standing with her business associates in background
    Portrait of a successful businessman standing with folded hands and colleagues in background
    An attractive young casual businesswoman smiling with her associates at the back