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    Micaelin B Images (590), Matching woman and fitness (56)

    All images of Micaelin B are model released, she has done 29 shoots with us and is available for booking

    Full length of a fit young hispanic woman in sportswear taking a break from her early morning run along a promenade
    One fit young hispanic woman stretching arms for warmup to prevent injury while exercising in an urban setting outdoors. Focused and motivated female athlete listening to music with headphones while preparing body and mind for training workout or run
    Fit young hispanic female athlete in sportswear listening to music with wireless headphones while taking a break from her early morning run along a promenade
    Close up of fit young female athlete in sportswear wearing wireless headphones and listening to music while out for a run along the promenade. Exercise is good for you health and wellbeing
    One fit young hispanic woman wearing headphones and taking a rest break to drink water from a bottle while exercising outdoors. Female athlete quenching thirst and cooling down after run and training workout in an urban setting
    Close up of a female athletes hands holding a water bottle while standing outside and taking a break from exercising