Stock Photo - Young business professional with his colleagues at the back

Smart successful business executive with his colleagues in the background - Stock Photo

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    Series: On-the-Move Executives (438)

    Business goes mobile in this shoot, capturing the lifestyle of businesspeople on the go.

    Young pretty executive using cellphone while looking upwards at copyspace
    Business growth - Closeup of hands holding green plant indicating teamwork
    Multi ethnic business executives sitting round a table discussing a business proposal
    Smiling young couple receiving positive advice from their financial consultant
    Business success - Group of diverse colleagues having a laugh together
    Confident young business executive with his team in the background
    Closeup of a female customer service representative
    Portrait of a pretty African American business woman in a conference with colleagues
    Cropped closeup of a handshake between business partners, against a blurred background
    Business meeting - Young man presenting his ideas to colleagues
    Handsome man smiling while speaking on cellphone and looking at copyspace
    Beautiful customer representative with headset smiling during a telephone conversation
    Successful business executives applauding and smiling at you in a board room - copyspace
    Team of business colleagues looking at a chart put on the wall
    Handsome young business man enjoying a conversation on his cellphone next to bright copyspace
    Young Caucasian business man talking on the mobile phone
    Portrait of a smart business man using a laptop while standing in a corridor, with colleagues in the background
    Happy and handsome businessman with his team mates discussing in the background
    Mature man handshaking with partner after striking a business deal
    Closeup of a beautiful business customer service woman smiling
    Top view of successful business people sitting at a table for meeting with copyspace
    Portrait of a young business man with binoculars looking to the future
    Group of business associates looking and pointing at a chart put up on the wall
    Business development - Closeup of hands holding seedling in a group
    Closeup of a happy young business man looking away with copyspace
    Closeup of a cute business woman with headset at workplace
    Closeup portrait of a smart young man looking upwards and thinking about something
    Closeup portrait of a young business woman working at her office and thinking
    Senior business man working on a laptop with coworkers in the background
    Pretty young business woman with colleagues applauding at a seminar
    Portrait of senior business man pointing at laptop screen while discussing with colleagues
    Closeup portrait of a pretty call centre employee smiling at you while wearing her headset - copyspace
    Financial advisor explaining investment plans to a couple
    Beautiful young business executive with colleagues discussing in the background
    Closeup of a thoughtful smart business executive with colleagues in the background

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    Closeup image of a sweet lovely couple together
    Happy young couple enjoying themselves at the beach
    Beautiful young woman sitting comfortably
    Romantic couple gazing away over the ocean in the light of a sunset - copyspace
    Happy young man standing in a line with friends
    Happy young woman using a laptop at home

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    Full length of a handsome business man with hands folded against white background
    Handsome business man giving you a thumbs up sign isolated against white
    Handsome happy business man reading an SMS on cellphone against white
    Portrait of successful architect holding a blueprint against clear sky
    Full length of a confident business man with hands folded isolated against white
    Full Length portrait of a thoughtful young business man holding a briefcase

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    Portrait of a happy business man and woman smiling together over white
    An elderly employee with his younger colleagues in the background
    Portrait of a happy mature couple on white , husband standing behind wife
    Portrait of a happy senior doctor standing with his hands folded isolated against white background
    An older employee with his younger co-workers in the background
    Successful mature business man standing holding coat over shoulder on white background