Custom Retouching

As the only stock site in the world we offer custom tailored retouching! This service is basically your cheat sheet to getting much more work done than you could have been able to manage by yourself - and at the lowest price you can imagine!

Our team of 35 retouchers have been training for more than a year now in order to be ready to accommodate your every need! They are an awesome and exceptionally dedicated staff of young artists often working late into the night to get the job done. You will not believe how much they care about each request - sometimes almost too much!

All our images have already been spot cleaned and wiped for digital mistakes such as fringing, artifacting and banding. This retouch menu is to be considered extra options on top of that. You can request retouching on our entire collection of images, and within normal weekdays we will try to have all retouching done within 24 hours.

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  • 1. You do not have to buy a license for the retouched image. You only commit to paying the retouching fee.
  • 2. You need money on your account to buy a custom retouching. If you do not have enough money buy more here.
  • 3. The reason why our custom retouching is so cheap is that we will also make the retouched image available for our other customers. If you want it all to yourself, this is no problem at all. Check out the "Yours Only" option for further details.
  • 4. Request retouching done on one image at a time.
  • 5. You will receive an email with a link for the download when the request is done.

Retouching Menu: Order your custom retouching here - special requests are welcome


You have your perfect image, you have a crazy unique retouching request. Send us a description of what you require and one of our trained retouchers will liaise with you to get your desired results. This request cost is dependant on the custom job.

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Basic cleaning

Found an image you like, but you need a bit more basic clean up done, such as spots and stray hairs? With this request our retouchers will identify what basic cleaning needs to be done to give your image the ‘look’ you want, or you can add comments if you want specific basic cleaning. This request is straight forward, giving you the desired results in a rapid timeframe.

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Transparent background

As the only stock site in the world to do so, we're proud to offer high resolution, perfectly isolated files on a transparent background. This retouching procedure is the most demanding, and only a select few senior staff members are able to handle these kinds of requests. Our retouchers will match the edges of the subject so they match the focal point of the lens in terms of blur and focal sharpness, so that no unnatural looking edges occur. They will then test the image against blue, black, red and green backgrounds to make sure it looks great on all types of projects. How we handle isolation of hair,arms and see-through is our secret, but we guarantee you'll love the results!

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Beauty cleaning

You've found the perfect image, however you need that ‘beauty’ look and feel. Our retouchers will revert back to ‘Tiff’ format and do a series of retouching procedures including a controlled amount of liquify to make your image look the epitome of beauty, by enhancing skin fixes and skin softening in a controlled manner that is just right, giving you the best results.

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Fashion take

Want an image to shine a little extra, to stand out and look extraordinary? Then this is precisely what you're looking for. Our retouching department will create a stylistically impressive and contemporarily styled image. Many retouching departments will charge you about ten times our price, so why not give it a shot and try us out? Our results will speak for themselves!

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Make it pop

Our retouchers will revert back to the RAW file if necessary to push out more color information to the image, and use a set of about 5 tools to make the image stand out more, giving it that eye-catching quality. If you know what you are doing, this is a relatively easy procedure. Perfecting it can take time, as we may need to get RAW’s from our archive. This retouching request is very popular and people often combine it with a Time-Exclusive License, if the image has to be used within a very public campaign.


If your custom retouching request was completed, but you found out that you wanted something else done or something changed, You can do a re-request of the retouching you received. You can add your comments, and each re-request will only cost you $5. We'll keep re-doing it until you are 100% satisfied.