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    Series: Work Life Balance (63)


    Business people meeting high five for brand development success, project teamwork and goal achievement. Winning target review, digital marketing agency and tablet blank screen for advertising above
    Tablet blank screen, business meeting and people with multimedia technology for branding, digital marketing or advertising app. Corporate B2B teamwork on erp strategy and web design creative planning
    Creativity, productivity and technology people with digital tablet for seo analytics report, erp crm review and data analysis. Chart collaboration business team working on website design or marketing
    Creative, teamwork or business people collaboration, planning or working with creative innovation idea or strategy. Business meeting, research team or project management in corporate office or agency
    Teamwork, creative workshop and top view and timelapse of idea sharing. Diversity, support and men and women in design team working together. Collaboration at designer startup in casual modern office
    Electric skateboard, startup business and people planning layout strategy, creative art gallery exhibition or office floor design. Trendy gen z workers with paper, ideas and brainstorming development
    Hoverboard man, phone and futuristic technology to relax, balance and use mobile app innovation with electric gadget or device for trendy transport. Modern guy using scooter while texting from above
    Business people, collaboration and time lapse above with technology in creative brainstorming, planning and ideas. Group of designers working together in project teamwork meeting around table rotate
    Planning, collaboration and teamwork of business people with creative startup idea, team management or workflow at startup company. Creativity, brainstorming and trendy students in design development
    Business people, team handshake and meeting above with technology in creative brainstorming, planning and ideas. Group of designers working together in teamwork strategy for project at the office
    Team, meeting and business collaboration above at the office in project startup ideas on tablet. Group of creative designers in teamwork planning, brainstorming and strategy, top view with technology
    Business people, productivity meeting with laptop and tablet tech in creative office for digital marketing, project management and planning. Brainstorming idea and team communication timelapse above
    Bicycle product, blueprint and designer people in business meeting planning 3d cad design for innovation, technology and project development. Teamwork, collaboration and group with tablet bike sketch
    Creativity, business people, students or startup workers with digital tablet technology, smartphone and notebook for brainstorming ideas, planning and collaboration. Group of people on creative sofa
    Bicycle product, tablet and business people in design meeting planning 3d cad design for project development sketch with engineer software process. Teamwork, collaboration workers with bike drawing
    Project management, business meeting or creative teamwork in office with technology, laptop and fintech for planning, collaboration or strategy. SEO, employee or worker working for company KPI growth
    Business people in b2b partnership and client handshake in meeting, planning brand project strategy with marketing worker. Creative manager shaking hands welcome, hello in onboarding discussion above
    Designer team, schedule planning and photograph variety during teamwork, collaboration for app design or photo contact sheet project with a laptop. Above agency with editor men and woman at a company
    Creative, startup and design people planning, writing and brainstorming workflow timeline management on cardboard floor. Teamwork, collaboration and discussion at trendy tech company or home studio
    Creative startup, modern business and team planning and talking about schedule, innovation and project management men and women writing collaboration notes . Diversity, research and future technology
    Teamwork, design and technology with a team of creative business people working together as a team in their busy office. Collaboration, progress and development with a group of colleagues at work
    Teamwork at startup, meeting on sofa and diversity in top view timelapse at coffee table. Idea sharing, men and women in team working together. Laptop, tablet and planning, business in office lounge.
    Creativity, planning and startup business people brainstorming office development, time management and work life strategy planning. Diversity collaboration of gen z writing ideas for art career above
    Top view, business people and product designer tablet in teamwork collaboration of futuristic 3d model of ebike. Women, office men or engineering diversity with technology for abstract prototype idea
    Business, collaboration and teamwork by team working in creative startup from above, trendy office space. Overhead of design partner data analysis and paper planning with report and document on floor
    Business meeting, teamwork and collaboration employee on laptop working with planning, technology and digital marketing strategy. Corporate B2B research on KPI growth and web design creative idea
    Team management, planning and business people with startup collaboration for creative project, workflow and project design on floor. Creativity, teamwork and brainstorming group in studio from above
    Business people hands planning sticky note ideas, research and strategy in startup company. Closeup marketing teamwork meeting with moodboard poster, paper collaboration and creative project solution
    Students, creative startup and intern people sitting on couch in hybrid workplace with modern technology for research, design study and collaboration diversity. Men and women from above team talking
    Creative startup, design team and engineering people planning, discuss and bicycle construction with architect, designer and diversity group. Men and woman at table from above with tech and blueprint

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    4k video footage of young women dancing and hugging in a club
    4k video footage of a group of young friends toasting with their drinks in a nightclub
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    4k video footage of a happy young woman listening to music with headphones and dancing at home
    4k video footage of a happy young woman tidying up her living room
    4k video of a happy young woman mopping the living room floor and listening to music at home
    Travel, airport and suitcase of corporate business people walking to plane flight for international company trip or conference. Feet, office employee and luggage of travelling executive woman

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    Scientist doing research in a modern lab. Closeup of a technician analyzing samples in Petri dishes on a glass table. A chemist preparing organisms for testing or DNA modification in a laboratory
    Scientists growing plants in test tubes and typing data into digital tablet for an experiment on carbon capture. Chemists using pipette to put green leaves in glassware for climate change research
    Scientists analyzing chemical compound change, molecule reactions on clear visual aid board and digital tablet in experiment test. Biochemist pathologists discovering cure to monkeypox in laboratory
    Scientist using VR virtual reality goggles to examine diagnosis experiment in 3D while working in a laboratory. Pathologist and biochemical engineer using metaverse technology to explore DNA genetics
    Scientist using virtual reality goggles to examine medical research experiment in 3D. Pathologist, biochemical engineer working in laboratory and using vr metaverse technology to explore DNA genetics
    Traveler having his temperature checked by airport staff during the covid lockdown. Airport authority screening temperature of a traveler at the airport traveling during the pandemic