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Coffee shop, credit card machine and customer with retail cashier hands for easy and contactless payment on 5g technology. Cafe service worker or small business owner and ecommerce shopping fintech - Stock Photo

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    Series: The Business Tech World (72)


    Teamwork, collaboration and high five with business people in marketing and sales meeting in office, excited goal celebration. Vision, motivation and woman leader cheering sales and profit results
    Hands, tablet and innovation with a design woman doing research on communication, networking or app. User, analytics and technology with the hand of a female searching for information on the internet
    Teamwork, collaboration and review in startup for creative work in the office. Worker with colleague to check design, work and working on a project together on digital tablet in a healthy workspace
    Green screen, tablet mockup and business man hands with drinking coffee working with social media, planning and design. Zoom, digital and fintech with male worker for research internet or web design
    Smartphone, mobile app and creative people in business meeting planning strategy, review ux design and technology innovation. Cellphone screen in hands with creative teamwork of online website design
    Laptop, green screen and woman at table planning, startup and talk in office or cafe. Computer, mockup and workers discuss data, study or information on the internet, in training or marketing closeup
    Technology, laptop and creativity business woman at tech startup company or hybrid, creative workspace office working on website copywriting. Gen z girl with headphones typing and listening to music
    Business woman, hands and writing in notebook for digital marketing planning, target audience research strategy and startup goals in cafe. Zoom, laptop and creative phone in coffee shop or restaurant
    Teamwork, phone and digital business team working on a design at a cafe, testing online app and website. Collaboration, technology and 5g meeting by closeup hands of partners planning strategy goal
    Laptop, smartphone and startup businessman hands typing on keyboard and internet search for copywriting, networking and ecommerce. Information technology remote worker, wallet and fintech mobile app
    Marketing team, high five and success presentation in workshop, sales training or teamwork in KPI company growth analytics. Diversity, happy or smile creative team with partnership or b2b sales deal
    Woman, green screen or tablet with mockup space in social media startup business, digital marketing or advertising company. Zoom, entrepreneur hands or technology mock up web design for creative logo
    Zoom green screen, mockup and woman with tablet working with digital marketing, strategy or chromakey in office. Tech digital and fintech with worker for research, contact us or web design
    Woman, thinking and smile at window, in house or apartment in sunshine with headphones. Girl, happy and face in home looking outside, brainstorming and imagine new idea, goal or vision in Australia
    Designer, teamwork and team review with digital company working with tablet, app software or web design on computer. Collaboration, planning and digital information with tech, fintech or employee
    Smartphone, tablet and business people writing on notebook for planning, schedule and meeting review. Zoom, teamwork and strategy analytics for collaboration, research and KPI growth for marketing
    Designer, creative workspace or business people with laptop working with contact us, innovation research or networking or consulting with manager with tech. Analytics, data or UX search on website.
    High five, business people presentation and meeting with team for marketing strategy, planning creative idea and success in partnership at startup company. Diversity collaboration in SEO workspace
    Creative startup, teamwork and tablet for UX UI discussion while talking, planning and collaboration on a web design project and innovation. Man and women group in a modern workplace with technology
    Presentation, strategy and web development team high five for a successful app idea by a female leader in a meeting. Innovation, collaboration and teamwork by a smart young digital marketing group
    Presentation, marketing training or business people with KPI, sales and diversity teamwork in startup company. SEO, collaboration or analytics with vision, mission and web design data strategy growth
    Happy, thinking and smile of black man looking out the window of startup office in Jamaica feeling happy and dreaming of future. Motivation, positive mindset and satisfied male in a healthy workplace
    Business person hands with smartphone and green screen for marketing, advertising or blank app software. Online, digital cellphone display for website design or mobile application mock up copy space
    Startup team, creative planning and laptop ideas for marketing, project and strategy in design agency. Young, diversity and group of people advertising office, working together and tech collaboration
    Team, designer and collaboration work in office on project, strategy or product. Group, design and teamwork with diversity working on vision, goal or research, in workshop thinking of idea in meeting
    Happy, black man and portrait in startup office in Jamaica with smile excited to work. Young, friendly and satisfied business worker in workplace with passionate face expression macro.
    Team, headphones and teamwork on computer together working on a group project. Business people with technology planning a digital, web and website strategy for a marketing online webpage in a office
    Information technology, man and woman software programmer, designer or hacker coding on laptop in office, Teamwork, ux and web design, creative team at unicorn startup typing code for cyber security.
    Thinking, happy and laughing woman with big smile and glasses standing inside looking out window in positive workplace, mindset and vision for career. Portrait of female dreaming of startup business
    Phone, communication and woman hand with social media, networking or scrolling on contact us website in living room. Smartphone, technology and fintech girl working on research mobile app or internet
    Hybrid office, online learning and creative woman writing notes and typing on laptop in a startup crm agency sitting on a couch doing research. Project managing, marketing and branding female team
    Customer service, cashier and cafe menu choice for coffee, espresso or drink with support, trust and help from worker with a smile. Barista, small business owner or waiter with person in coffee shop
    Man hands, digital tablet web design and dashboard analytics of creative ui data innovation. Closeup designer reading online statistics, screen app and website review, marketing research and internet
    Woman, hands and green screen tablet at cafe for mockup space, marketing or advertising, remote work or freelance writer. Coffee, tech application mock up and notebook, chroma key and copy space.
    Coffee shop, credit card machine and customer with retail cashier hands for easy and contactless payment on 5g technology. Cafe service worker or small business owner and ecommerce shopping fintech