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Face, beauty and skincare with a beautiful woman touching her skin with a smile in studio on a gray background. Cosmetics, makeup and care with a young female posing for health and wellness indoors - Stock Photo

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    Series: Silky Smooth Skin (54)


    Skincare, feather and black woman at beauty dermatology spa with a shoulder close up in studio with blue background. Lifestyle, wellness and young girl with smooth and healthy body care routine
    Model smile with rainbow light on face against grey studio background or wall. Black woman in beauty or skincare has iridescent neon lighting shine on skin in wellness or cosmetic portrait.
    Beautiful black woman with soft skin taking feathers and touching her body in a studio. Happy, sensual African girl with a wellness lifestyle doing a luxury selfcare routine with blue background.
    Model touch face, sexy wink and flirty smile against studio background or wall. Nude black woman rub skin with hand, make flirting gesture with eye and happy facial expression against grey backdrop.
    Happy black woman blowing soft feathers against a blue studio mockup background while feeling her smooth skin. Relax, self care and wellness african american female smile and content with skincare
    African woman touching her soft skin with feathers falling in studio with blue background. Closeup of black girl, beauty and model with zen, peaceful and relaxing lifestyle doing natural face routine
    Nude black model with soft skin, feather art fall against blue backdrop happy or show satisfaction with smooth body. Young African woman smile, flawless face and healthy skin tone against background.
    Soft skin, sensitive and feathers with black woman for beauty, skincare and wellness against a blue background in studio. Clean, cosmetics and luxury with face of young female for dermatology
    Brazilian woman, feather or glowing skincare on blue background in studio with smile, happy or soft face. Portrait, zoom or head of beauty model with makeup in zen, peace or relax self care wellness
    Black woman, feathers and soft skincare model smile for facial and body lotion cream or makeup cosmetics beauty product. Happy African girl hands touch face hands in blue background studio copy space
    Feather soft skin, beauty woman portrait in studio with blue background for skincare, health and wellness. Young black woman model for skin care, self love and sensitive cosmetics treatment mock up
    Colorful light rainbow glow, body wellness and black woman with luxury skincare, cosmetic care for skin or model health with grey mockup studio background. Face of person satisfied with soft body
    Beauty, skincare and feather soft skin on a woman feeling confident in her healthy, glowing and smooth skin against blue background. Natural model satisfied with dermatology or moisturizer routine
    Black woman, soft facial skincare and feathers falling touching smooth face against a blue studio background. African female in calm, relax and subtle care for skin, health and wellness satisfaction
    Rainbow light on black woman model glow healthy skin from wellness cosmetics skincare makeup gradient product. Macro makeup artist hand on shoulder with prism iridescent color pattern beauty tutorial
    Beauty, skincare and art light on a woman touching and feeling her healthy, soft and smooth skin against studio background. Closeup of a natural and sensual model, wellness and dermatology routine
    Skincare glow, body wellness and black woman with luxury massage, cosmetic care for skin and model health against grey mockup studio background. Face of person happy at beauty spa for dermatology
    Portrait face of a black woman happy with her healthy, soft skin and feathers floating against blue studio mockup background. Zoom or head of beauty model with makeup in zen and a cheerful smile
    Soft, skincare and beauty with feathers and black woman for cosmetics, wellness and care against a blue background in studio. Health, luxury and natural with female for peace, relax or smooth skin
    Beauty, hands and skincare for wellness girl feeling clean and soft skin, face and hand or body. Health, glowing skin and satisfaction for black woman after natural spa skin care and rejuvenation
    Massage, beauty and skincare with black woman for wellness, health and cosmetics against a grey background in studio. Calm, peace and zen with young female for facial treatment
    Beauty skincare, body love and black woman with wellness at dermatology spa, healthy cosmetic for skin and relax against grey mockup studio background. Face portrait of lifestyle model with self love
    Beauty, rainbow and the eye of woman with a prism light reflection. Creative makeup, gay lifestyle and neon eye cosmetics for lgbt pride. Vision, eyesight and beautiful eyes and eyebrow on black girl
    Face, beauty and rainbow with a woman model on a gray background in studio with mockup. Skin, care and makeup with a beautiful young female in the lgbt and gay community posing with a confident smile
    Rainbow, prism and light on face of black woman for glow, beauty or LGBT pride against a grey background in studio. Holographic, flare and reflection on young female for art, creative or skincare
    Natural beauty, activism and rainbow light or ray on face of black woman against a grey background. Portrait and skincare, lgbtq and gender identity or expression of a serious and strong female
    Black woman hands touch sensual face or skin against a grey studio background. Beauty model feeling her soft, smooth and healthy body after cosmetic facial skincare for wellness and positive results
    Body natural skincare, black woman beauty and blue background with bare shoulder. Smooth dark skin, nude soft arm luxury spa wellness, clean and healthy model cosmetic product ad closeup in studio
    Woman in nude blow feather from hand, with smile on face against blue background or wall. Young African model with happy expression against studio backdrop for abstract plume art or beauty portrait.
    Skincare, sensual and black woman with soft feathers falling on her touching her skin in a studio. Beautiful, young and African model feeling her body for self care on a blue background.
    Face skincare cosmetics, black woman with soft luxury feathers and natural beauty makeup on blue background. Smooth bare shoulders product ad, wellness body spa and studio portrait of girl model
    Skin, face and hand of woman with feather for facial beauty, luxury skincare or wellness. Black woman with soft, silky and smooth skin care or body care routine for health isolated on blue background
    Natural face, beauty and rainbow light or ray on happy and proud woman against a grey background. Skincare, lgbtq and gender pride or expression of a strong black lesbian female feeling sensual
    Soft feathers falling on a beautiful African woman with natural and healthy skin in a studio. Closeup portrait of black girl touching her bare face with her hands while standing with blue background
    Skin, scrub and bodycare of black woman with charcoal for glow, beauty and exfoliation. Cosmetics, wellness and skincare of healthy female with coal to exfoliate on a grey studio mockup background.

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