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Senior woman on sofa thinking about happy memory of achievement or love in her life. Elderly lady in retirement, on couch in home living room think of good time or people from her personal history - Stock Photo

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    Series: Smart Grannies (184)


    Senior hair, happy portrait and woman with fashion in retirement garden, happy with beauty cosmetics and smile for nature in summer. Face of elderly person with hair care on holiday in Thailand
    Face, expression and wrinkles of senior woman with glasses looking sad, old and frail during retirement in Indonesia. Portrait of elderly lady, grey hair and looking at camera with bad eyesight
    Happy face of elderly woman, outdoor garden portrait and spring sunshine. Retirement in london, relax in green park and positive mindset. Grandmother smile, vision loss and mothers day fresh air
    Phone, backyard and senior woman on social media in nature garden enjoying scrolling the internet alone. Happiness, happy and elderly person smiling browsing a fun social network website outdoors
    Friends, elderly women and outdoor selfie together in garden at happy social event with smartphone. Cheerful friendship reunion picture on mobile phone of people bonding at nursing home.
    Smartphone, tea and relax senior woman on sofa reading online social media content or watching happy video on mobile app. Elderly person with home wifi, coffee break and cellphone networking on couch
    Peaceful, calm and elderly woman breathing fresh air while standing in her retirement home. Face portrait of a senior lady from puerto rico taking a breathe to relax and for mental health in a house.
    Knowledge, eyes and wrinkles of elderly woman face thinking of a memory or reminiscing of past in a library bokeh. Retirement senior woman looking out the window feeling content, calm and at peace
    Phone music, dancing senior and woman streaming free radio audio, senior happy with tech and smile with dance in garden. Comic, relax and elderly person listening to podcast for cardio in nature
    Sustainability, agriculture and woman farmer face standing outdoors, retirement and relax lifestyle. Portrait of elderly female thinking and enjoying a quiet, peaceful summer morning in Mexico
    Face portrait, senior smile and woman with hair care in garden, happy with summer retirement and relax in the urban city. Indian person with natural beauty on holiday and happiness in spring
    Portrait of a happy, warm and kind elderly woman laughing. Beautiful grandma with white hair and glasses outside nursing home, enjoying retirement and smiling. Wise and positive mindset for a granny
    Face, happy and smile with a senior woman standing outside in the garden of her assisted living home. Closeup portrait of an elderly female pensioner with a positive, carefree and cheerful expression
    Happy senior woman, smile and wisdom with glasses against a blurred background in a library. Portrait of a elderly female face smiling in smart, knowledge and wise happiness with a positive attitude
    Happy senior woman, retirement and smile with glasses on a blurred background. Face portrait of content, smart and wise retired granny at peace in care home smiling, happiness and positive attitude.
    Senior woman portrait in a park for retirement or wellness, healthy and green lifestyle with trees and bokeh. Elderly lady face, enjoying outdoor nursing home or nature fresh air for mental health
    Portrait of a happy elderly woman in an outdoor garden at an old age house during spring time. Positive senior lady laughing while standing outside in nature for fresh air, happiness and wellness.
    Senior woman face, happy portrait and gardening in environment, summer field and backyard in retirement home outdoors. Zoom on elderly, old and smile farmer, relax in eco friendly and calm nature
    Dancing, music and elderly woman in a garden listening to radio for wellness or healthy body. Senior pension lady dance with earphones and smartphone technology for healthcare, mobility and vitality
    Phone, earphones and elderly friends dancing to music on radio or audio playlist together in backyard garden. Happy, retired and senior women enjoy streaming old dance songs for fun in retirement
    Old woman dancing with headphones on, streaming music on smartphone. Dance, wellness and happy senior lady celebrating retirement in a garden outdoors. Having fun, active and energetic elderly female
    Portrait of a sad elderly woman with an eye problem in an outdoor garden at the old age home during summer. Closeup of a unhappy senior lady in retirement in nature for mental health and wellness.
    Elderly woman, depression and frustrated portrait outside alone in an empty green garden. Lady with sad, thinking and unhappy eyes from grief in outdoor lawn at retirement nursing home.
    Praying, prayer and faith of senior woman hope for healthcare, wellness and gratitude for life. Sad elderly christian person with spiritual hands sign for religion, trust and god worship or help
    Elderly woman on her phone in a library on the internet doing research or typing a message. Senior librarian networking on social media or checking her emails at work while looking outside.
    Portrait of senior woman in library with a smile on her face. Mexican, happy and old woman laughing, smiling and an expression of relief in retirement. Elderly librarian with books in the background
    Portrait of a happy senior woman in a library with glasses, knowledge and a positive mindset. Professional, expert and elderly librarian or college professor sitting by bookshelf with education books
    Happy, retirement and pension senior woman in nursing home talking and laughing at funny comedy comic joke. Elderly retired, joy and excited grandma or grandmother smile, happiness and love smiling
    Senior woman, smile and happiness while standing outside house, in nature or park while feeling carefree, content and happy. Elderly pensioner lady with free time and relaxing during retirement
    Senior, elderly and woman from Poland with glasses, eye problem and glaucoma outdoor by trees. Portrait of a old female in retirement standing outdoor breathing deep to relax and gain peace in nature
    Face of senior woman with glasses for vision help, support and eyewear assistance or eye care. Portrait of elderly retirement person with eyesight problem and eyeglasses for eye sight, see and watch
    Portrait of a happy elderly woman in a library with glasses and bookshelf behind her while laughing. Happiness, positive and senior lady librarian with a smile sitting and working in a book store.
    Serious woman, phone and senior lady typing message or chatting on social media while sitting by a bookshelf in library. Old Liberian female on mobile app for communication with 5g network connection
    Retirement, caucasian woman and portrait of aging person with serious and thinking face expression. Natural wrinkles, elderly and wise lady with glasses inside her home building interior.
    Senior woman with phone thinking and reading internet retirement news or online shopping on e commerce store or shop. Elderly person play smart and idea game on cellphone or mobile smartphone at park