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    Engineer, technician and contractor talking on phone while busy multitasking on a construction site. Building manager, architect or foreman on a call with his client about renovations and deadline
    Busy engineer talking and working on project management while looking at design plan for contract work inside a building. Communication, planning and organizing work of a modern construction worker
    Busy professional and creative design architect engineer, drawing on building planning blueprints and working on laptop. Employee working on architecture construction site plans at modern office
    Architect, technician and civil engineer putting on his hardhat for safety and getting ready to start a project. Male construction site worker planning and organizing with wireless technology
    Stressed, tired businessman with headache pain looking exhausted and anxious. Corporate worker with anxiety feeling burnout and overworked during work crisis or failing to reach deadline closeup

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    4k video footage of a young businessman delivering a presentation at a conference
    4k video of a young businesswoman working late on a computer in an office
    4k video footage of a young woman teaching students via video call using her digital tablet at home
    4k video footage of a group of businesspeople dancing together in an office
    4k video footage detergents in a bucket on the floor of an office with two women cleaning in the background
    4k video footage of a young businesswoman talking on a cellphone while working on a laptop in an office

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    Solar power engineer installing, repairing or checking panels on building roof for clean sustainable energy source from sun. Electrician, architect or technician doing inspection and maintenance
    Professional male foreman or contractor inspecting a building and adding updates on a tablet. Young African American engineer checking on solar power, doing a routine checkup and performing a report
    Engineer, supervisor or foreman talking on a walkie talkie radio communication at a construction site while working outside on a building project. Male worker giving directions and instructions
    Solar power engineer fixing, repairing or checking panels on building roof for harvesting biodegradable energy source from sun. Engineer, architect or technician monitoring and performing maintenance