Stock Photo - Planning, strategy and business women writing ideas on moodboard and post it for project management, teamwork or collaboration. Brainstorming corporate work people and mission for company development

Planning, strategy and business women writing ideas on moodboard and post it for project management, teamwork or collaboration. Brainstorming corporate work people and mission for company development - Stock Photo

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    Fashion retail, laptop and small business owner working on a stock checklist in a clothing store in shopping mall. Manager, startup and black woman busy with clothes inventory logistics in a boutique
    Hand of woman manager writing on wall made of glass in meeting, presentation and planning of success company strategy. African employee with sticky notes reminder for project calendar schedule idea
    Planning documents, busy woman and call center worker consulting with paper, insurance for healthcare and working on strategy with documents. Customer service employee in telemarketing at work office
    Sticky note, planning and business woman thinking of reminder on schedule, strategy for corporate goal and idea for startup company at work. African employee with solution and vision for future
    Call center, customer service and telemarketing with a sales consultant working in her office with a headset. Contact us, crm and consulting with a female agent at work on help, service and advice
    Small business, retail and black woman working with clothing store stock inventory at a boutique in a shopping mall. Manager, owner and fashion consultant packing clothes at a fancy startup shop
    Sticky note, communication and teamwork collaboration from women marketing team planning social media advertising strategy. Business partnership working on idea for girl empowerment campaign
    High five, celebration and excited with a business woman and colleague working in partnership as a team with a goal or target. Motivation, teamwork and success with a female employee and coworker
    Women in office, with computer on desk talk about design idea or development of product. Manager has conversation creative plan for business with employee, planning strategy on pc or online
    Project manager, ideas and manager writing on a glass board to plan ideas, schedule or business strategy. Serious black leader showing ambition and dedication while working on her vision in an office
    Black woman in fashion business on tablet, designer talk about ecommerce store with material or fabric for product. Women at work, training assistant on digital sketch or drawing on mobile technology
    Laptop or computer screen career search on job website online or contact us for unemployed job seeker searching for vacancy. Internet employment or search engine on the web with tech on desktop pc
    Angry, frustrated business woman with phone call and stress talking of work audit problem, fail or error in office. Corporate manager in serious conversation or report on cellphone for job mistake
    Change, career and job search on laptop by corporate employee working in office, looking for a new job. HR, recruitment and online portal with black female planning on success and dream job
    Mindmap, sticky notes and black woman writing a strategy on glass wall or transparent board for a company. Businesswoman planning, brainstorming and working on a creative marketing idea in an office
    African fashion designer working in her design studio with fabric to make or tailor clothes. Young creative entrepreneur with a startup small business in the clothing, art and creativity industry.
    Business women, phone and planning a strategy in an office for a startup corporate project. Teamwork, support and collaboration as workers discuss social media marketing plan at a company meeting
    Fashion business and woman talking on smartphone with professional client connection in warehouse. Clothes designer busy with communication and management of stock delivery boxes in factory.
    Job search bar, computer screen and recruitment website for we are hiring and Human Resources software on desktop app. Online corporate or business marketing, internet career advertising or SEO tech
    Phone call, networking and business woman talking on smartphone, communication with corporate world and conversation on tech at startup company. Excited employee speaking on mobile technology
    Call center office, woman typing email and consulting at telemarketing company, help to people online on computer and working at crm startup agency. Customer service employee giving support on web
    Call center work, consulting and woman working at telemarketing startup company, consultant talking to people on web and help with problem. Customer service worker giving online support with smile
    Online recruitment, laptop search and employee on web for interview, working on hiring for job and typing on website on the internet at desk. Black woman writing to startup about professional career
    Communication, training and question from worker to manager about company advertising project. Learning student girl working at startup marketing business consulting leader, management or coach
    Black business women, phone and friends on social media, gossip news or email on a break in office. African female workers, smartphone or cellphone, mobile or conversation have a discussion or talk.
    Planning, strategy and business women writing ideas on moodboard and post it for project management, teamwork or collaboration. Brainstorming corporate work people and mission for company development
    Stress, business and phone call with woman angry about conflict while working in an office. Frustrated, annoyed and unhappy corporate employee yelling at a difficult client, stressed and worry
    Sleeping, tired and burnout business woman feeling exhausted and boring after overtime and sleepless night suffering from fatigue and insomnia. Overworked, sleepy and lazy female lying head on a desk
    Sticky note planning, meeting and business women working on creative strategy for advertising company, collaboration on project and writing on post it paper. Employee partnership for startup goal
    Sticky note, planning reminder and business woman writing schedule on paper, thinking of vision and strategy working at creative marketing startup company. Corporate worker with idea on glass board
    Black woman, hands or laptop typing for email, digital marketing strategy or brand growth idea. Zoom on busy worker, employee or business manager with internet technology for target audience research
    Laptop, feedback and hands typing and business marketing and advertising report at her office desk. Business woman, employee or manager working on a finance email proposal with a keyboard online
    Teamwork, ideas and project management with business women planning for innovation with sticky notes on glass wall. Coach, manager or leader sharing vision and mission in meeting explaining strategy
    Conversation, sticky note and business women writing on board for brainstorming, strategy or scrum meeting. Support, post it and planning with female employees in office for project management
    Fashion design, planning pattern and designer meeting with drawing, talking about creative idea and thinking of strategy at luxury boutique. Workers at small business working on inspiration at studio