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    Dancing, happy and handsome man in bathroom mirror feeling satisfied with haircare or skincare cosmetic during his morning routine. Face, hairline and hair growth of a confident male getting ready
    Closeup, black woman afro and face in fresh morning routine touching hair getting ready for the day at home. African female in facial makeup beauty and care for appearance, hair style in bathroom
    Face, beauty and under eye mask with a couple taking a selfie with a phone while joking and playing in the bathroom at home. Skincare, health and humor with a man and woman having fun and recording
    Skincare, hygiene and grooming of man looking in a mirror thinking of shaving beard or face hair for cleanliness. Serious asian male unshaven, handsome and taking care of skin during morning routine
    Woman drinking a cup of coffee or tea while thinking and standing on her apartment balcony. Thoughtful, young and calm girl enjoying a warm drink in a mug during winter outside of her home.
    Coffee, couple communication and winter in home, talking or discussion together with smile. Relax, love and tea with happy interracial man and woman in warm cozy blanket, care and romance in house.
    Love, happy and couple hug with coffee for leisure break together with satisfied smile in home. Young latino people in intimate relationship enjoy close embrace, care and romantic attention.
    Dancing couple, love and blanket for warm, cuddle and comfort while sharing dance, commitment and laughing. Happy and interracial relationship between man and woman morning bonding to relax for fun
    Brushing teeth, couple and morning routine for dental health and fun while getting ready, fresh and clean in bathroom. Closeup of man and woman for hygiene, cleaning and dental mouth health together
    Love, happy and couple with blanket smile while relax, bonding or enjoy fun quality time together. Happiness, romance and cold man and black woman wrap cover and hug to stay warm and cozy in winter
    Couple, man kiss woman in neck, being romantic and laugh together looking at reflection in bathroom mirror. Happy, smile and bonding female and male in loving relationship embrace, play and touch.
    Couple hug, blanket kiss and dancing in living room of home together, happy in marriage and smile with love in lounge in morning. Man and woman hugging with forehead kissing and dance in apartment
    Happy, love and marriage couple with coffee, conversation and laugh on a balcony at a hotel with a blanket. Husband and wife talking, affection and enjoying feeling carefree in the morning in a city
    Black woman, teeth and mirror in bathroom for healthy mouth, in house or apartment. Curly hair girl, happy and smile on face, for dental care, beauty and wellness of gums in morning while home
    Love, couple and laughing with a man and woman laughing while drinking coffee together on the balcony of their home. Happy, smile and laughing with a young male and female bonding with affection
    Brushing teeth, perfect smile and oral hygiene of woman taking care of dental health in a morning bathroom mirror. Happy black female with a wooden toothbrush and whitening toothpaste for mint breath
    Skincare, sunscreen and black woman face with beauty cream or lotion product for self love and anti aging. Funny woman with self care cosmetics routine or facial cleanse treatment for healthy skin
    Hand, water and cleaning with a man cleaning his mouth, teeth and gums in the bathroom of his home. Dental, oral and hygiene with a young male rinsing in the morning for personal health and wellness
    Happy, mirror and beauty with man in bathroom for cosmetics, facial or dental hygiene with morning routine. Cleaning, wellness or grooming with young guy and face skin, toothbrush or toothpaste
    Black woman, face and skincare eye patch for healthy, moisturizing and beauty care wellness. closeup of African female afro applying skin mask patches under the eyes for anti aging cosmetics

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    4k video footage of young male student writing notes in a university lecture with his fellow classmates at school
    4k video footage of a diverse group of students in a classroom at school
    Portrait of relaxed, happy and stressless female relaxing on the couch and listening to music on earphones at the end of a work day. African american female laughing while enjoying a podcast at home
    4k video footage of a student holding his diploma on graduation day
    Young female center agent talking and giving advice to customers while working late in an office alone. One black female helpline worker having a conversation with a client and doing overtime
    Young business woman checking and sending emails online on a desktop computer while working late in an office alone. One serious female corporate designer searching internet for new ideas at night