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    Series: Healthy Workplace (192)


    Yoga, women and exercise at office, studio or wellness center, for healthy body and lifestyle. Diversity, girl and workout in workplace at lunch for meditation, zen and health in mind, body and soul
    Man, women or collaboration teamwork in creative office with kpi data analysis, paper research or target audience. Talking business people, employee or worker and marketing documents for London brand
    Business people, tablet or startup budget data analysis for digital marketing brand, advertising finance or company growth. Talking, teamwork meeting or collaboration diversity in global tech company
    Multimedia student thinking on office sofa with laptop, headphones and smartphone for social media networking, productivity online and music listening. Relax graphic design or digital marketing woman
    Teamwork, collaboration and meeting by business people working magazine design project in office. Innovation, training and creative team discuss idea, goal and growth development with corporate boss
    Business woman, tablet data or training workshop with speaker in meeting presentation, digital marketing strategy or planning. Teamwork, collaboration or learning people in creative technology office
    Tablet, digital business team working and internet startup company workers using technology in a office. Tech collaboration on a web, ui strategy and ux development project for screen optimization
    Creative office, startup employee drinking ice tea while wearing headphones and working, writing and planning strategy or ideas for a project. Design female busy listening to music and doing a report
    Group teamwork, documents and planning of business meeting strategy collaboration in tech information company. Management of digital marketing startup agency giving staff growth data portfolio report
    Creative portfolio, manager and marketing people in startup meeting for project development. Creativity gen z student group listen to leader or mentor talk about digital ideas, strategy and planning
    Black woman, student and phone typing in cafe for planning, reading notification and creative freelancer work. Young african female online social media apps, wifi tech and study break in coffee shop
    Cafe, coffee shop and phone with woman hands texting, social media and using internet for communication with 5g network or wifi connection. Closeup of female on a break having a croissant and drink
    Businessman, headphones and laptop in busy office for education webinar, digital marketing strategy or global kpi planning. Smile, happy or writing creative listening to music podcast with technology
    Coaching, man or infographic tablet data analysis in business meeting presentation and global teamwork with paper documents. Smile, happy and workshop training for marketing strategy in London office
    Startup business meeting, black woman with tablet and presentation of online report. Strategy, planning and a creative design, marketing or advertising team getting instructions from manager or coach
    Office birthday, cake party and friends in celebration of creative worker, blowing candles to make wish and singing with food at agency. Employees happy with dessert and clapping for celebration
    Creative, business people and team collaboration in meeting for brainstorming, planning and idea for project strategy at the office. Marketing or advertising workers teamwork and support with idea
    Planning, ppt and business people with portfolio for digital marketing project on laptop screen for chart, seo analytics and data growth strategy. Diversity, teamwork and woman kpi paperwork analysis
    Black woman, hands or tablet with data analysis for digital marketing meeting, teamwork collaboration or survey review research. Zoom, people or creative office technology for infographic information
    Startup, planning and productivity black woman with laptop, seo paperwork and notebook for brainstorming ideas, analysis and working. Creative workspace or cafe with a gen z social media employee
    Asian woman writing, laptop and creative research design at web developing software and coding company. China girl, cybersecurity and website code developer write in notebook at digital tech agency
    Phone, social media and coffee shop with the hand of a woman using a mobile to search while in a cafe to relax. Communication, networking and internet with a female customer browsing in a restaurant
    Coffee, talking and woman with man in office on break speaking on project or work schedule. Friends, tea and business female from Australia in discussion, conversation or communication with coworker.
    Productivity woman student with laptop working on a website for graphic design project and drink tea in creative workspace or university cafe. Gen z employee at a digital marketing company in Tokyo
    Teamwork, collaboration and tech students work on a project for a university, college or school research paper. Education, learning and student study group with info book working together on campus
    Love, coffee shop date and man and woman relax while in conversation, bond and enjoy quality time together. Communication, romance and happy couple on first date talking at a cafe store for brunch
    Coffee planning, creative discussion and employees talking about strategy for marketing project, collaboration on notes for idea and working at startup. Designer team speaking about agency design
    Inclusion meeting, business people and man in wheelchair for statistics analysis, kpi results or data analytics graph on whiteboard. Collaboration, diversity and creative team manager with portfolio
    Teamwork, phone and planning of creative social media app company strategy in diversity and collaboration. Web design people on mobile smartphone online for success, communication and unity at agency
    Writing, notebook and idea with a woman author, journalist or reporter working on a laptop in a cafe. Research, data and information with a female writer at work in a coffee shop or restaurant
    Logo, tablet and graphic designer in a meeting with a digital marketing team planning creative innovation. Branding, diversity and startup employee in conversation workers about illustration strategy
    Relax, thinking and black woman with coffee in morning to enjoy window break at startup office. Casual business girl satisfied with caffeine drink time at stress free workplace in Colombia.
    Business woman, writing notes and ux analysis in a busy office as web developer planning digital marketing strategy in a notebook. Female journalist in creative startup agency for software review
    Yoga, meditation and teamwork in a creative business workplace with team collaboration, diversity and wellness. Design company with healthy mind and work environment to promote teamwork and exercise
    Yoga, teamwork and office with creative or design business people in the breakroom for collaboration or fitness. Training, exercise and balance with male and female employees in a modern workplace

    Leverne DK Images (363)

    All images of Leverne DK are model released, she has done 66 shoots with us and is available for booking

    4k video footage of a young woman meditating against a white background superimposed over a scenic landscape
    4k video footage of an attractive young sportswoman dancing while walking outdoors
    4k video footage of an attractive young sportswoman dancing while walking outdoors
    4k video footage of a beautiful young woman working out in the gym
    4k video footage of an attractive young sportswoman taking a selfie while standing outdoors
    4k video footage of an attractive young woman using a smartphone and a credit card to shop online outdoors