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    Closeup, hands and smartphone outdoor, typing and connection for online reading, social media and chatting. Zoom, female or black woman with cellphone, mobile application or search internet for info
    Business woman, happy face and city travel of a employee or person looking proud of work outdoor. Smile, happiness and portrait of a young female worker on a urban street with confidence and pride
    Woman, kiss selfie and afro in city with smile, blog post or video call on urban adventure with internet. Girl, metro and freedom with photography, profile picture and influencer on social media app
    Women friends, happy and walk on stairs in city for urban adventure, comic chat and happiness outdoor. Black woman, metro and high five on steps for travel, search or vacation with funny conversation
    Business woman, happy face laugh and city of a employee with motivation and proud of work outdoor. Smile, happiness and portrait of a female worker on a urban street with arms crossed with confidence
    Women, high five and girl friends on outdoor stairs with happiness, freedom and friendship. Happy, excited, and young people together laughing with a smile from a funny joke and comedy in city
    Black woman, friends and selfie in city with smile, peace sign and funny face with kiss, tongue and outdoor. Girl, women and street in metro for social media, photography or profile picture in street
    Angry, phone call and woman in the city late for work with stress and frustrated communication. Mobile conversation, young female and urban street of a person feeling anger from discussion outdoor
    Women friends, phone and laugh on city stairs with meme on urban adventure, comic chat or dating app. Black woman, metro and social network video on steps with fashion, funny conversation or reading