Stock Photo - Headset, woman employee and computer working at desk in office or work online from home. Smile, female consultant and happy lady worker use digital device for telemarketing, in meeting and make notes

Headset, call center and black woman use computer working at desk in office or work online from home. Smile, female consultant or happy worker in telemarketing and make meeting notes - Stock Photo

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Headset, woman employee and computer working at desk in office or work online from home. Smile, female consultant and happy lady worker use digital device for telemarketing, in meeting and make notes

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    Burnout, sad and anxiety call center telemarketing worker with problem, bad mental health or depression. Female sales representative or advisor feeling fail, tired and thinking on break in office
    Call center manager, crm or customer service worker consulting, contact us and telemarketing with client in office. Happy working, support consultant or employee writing and planning with headset
    Customer support, telemarketing and writing with a man consultant doing remote work from his home office. Consulting, notebook and retail with an asian virtual assistant at work on a computer
    Black man, customer support with a smile and working at call center or telemarketing communication company. Professional digital consultant job, help people with faq and respond to contact us message
    Women, business and document at with paper at desk for plan, design and research in startup office. Woman, manager and report coworking at web design company with paperwork, strategy or planning
    Telemarketing employee, customer service consulting and writing notes in notebook for CRM contact us notifications. Office call center, consultant gives service and advice with a smile to clients faq
    Employees, coworkers and training with computer doing research, speaking about project outcome and analysis at office desk. Smile, Asian man and black woman planning an online company strategy
    Consulting, call center and help with businessman at computer talking on phone call for customer support, telemarketing and sales. Communication, contact and inbound marketing with employee at desk
    Black woman with business documents, small business entrepreneur working on strategy and planning online marketing. Learning startup industry vision, laptop for advertising company and technology job
    Office, news and black woman typing on laptop with positive smile for career email response online. Professional, optimistic and excited USA business worker satisfied with job update on internet app.
    Black business woman on smartphone, reading social media online and working in restaurant cafe with wifi. Intern studying with laptop in coffee shop, learning mobile communication and career success
    Businessman with back pain, muscle injury and burnout at office desk. Young frustrated man suffering from spinal inflammation, body discomfort or strain and healthcare stress emergency
    Man, burnout and tired at work in call center, communication or customer support job in Shanghai. Asian, worker and crm sleeping in office at customer service, consulting or telemarketing in China
    Business women, laptop or strategy planning in modern office, company or digital marketing startup. Mature worker, employee or designer on technology in teamwork collaboration for advertising website
    CRM business, person in customer service support and black man working from office home online computer. Telemarketing with internet, call center agent at help desk or receptionist on video call
    Credit card, online payment and businessman shopping on mobile app on a phone in an office at work. Asian employee banking with debit card on smartphone, happy with retail and finance on the web
    Black woman, office and report at desk reading with laptop for research, education or learning at work. Woman, training and paper with computer for development, growth and study at business in Paris
    Coffee, computer and commitment with a businessman working in a corporate office for online project. Asian male professional at work on a pc at his desk planning for a global or international project
    Credit card, online shopping and business woman reading information for payment of product on the web. Indian worker happy about sale on the internet with computer at a desk in an office at work
    Credit card, smartphone and business black woman with fintech for online easy payment, loan application or digital banking. Ecommerce, online shopping website and corporate worker check credit score
    Asian businessman, computer data and writing in office working on marketing or social media advertising growth. Statistics, graphs and employee from Japan, planning or notebook strategy for project.
    Call center, business and black man consulting, giving support and help to people online at work. Face of an African customer service employee working as a consultant for a telemarketing company
    Call center, contact us and black woman in insurance telemarketing helping, consulting and in communication. Smile, conversation and sales agent working in a customer support business office speaking
    Black man, crm or call center work with computer in office use hands for communication, consulting or help client on web. Support, customer service and video call on pc in business in Cape Town
    Accountant doing budget planning, money and finance management and bookkeeping or tax. Black woman using calculator, laptop and financial accounting at her desk in a corporate office closeup.
    Telemarketing, computer video call and black woman consulting, give sales pitch or doing work from home. Happy, headset and remote call center consultant in communication for online help desk support
    Startup company training, working people at desk and asian manager coaching employee in Singapore office. Indian woman learning finance advice, business collaboration and leadership strategy
    Call center worker, contact us and telemarketing employee listening to a client giving them their payment data. Ecommerce professional with customer support services on crm while consulting in sales
    Call center, customer service and worker with computer talking, helping and answer office with crm system. Happy man, happy and friendly telemarketing operator, secretary or contact us client support
    Happy employee, working on computer at desk online and writing business email on keyboard. Team communication, staff productivity at office and workplace are important for marketing business success
    Black woman, on business phone call and communication networking while working on laptop at desk in office. Corporate, professional and do research on internet for planning and strategy.
    Accountant black woman, phone and office on social media in financial sales consulting company work break. African finance consultant business girl text on internet social network mobile app online
    Hands, black woman and typing on laptop at office, planning financial business strategy email for tech company. African sales accountant, pc keyboard and working on finance online internet documents
    Call center manager coaching sales consultant, telemarketing employee and crm customer service worker with computer software in office agency. Business woman mentor help training man pc tech solution
    Paperwork, office and black business woman reading corporate company documents at her desk in the workplace. Professional, young and african leader or manager working on a management strategy report.