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The PeopleImages Team of Photographers

The PeopleImages Team of Photographers

To shoot images that we would use ourselves

The ambition is clear: We want to shoot the most stunning, the most convincing, believable and authentic images of people in the world. Images that tell a story about a slice of life, images that make you stop, make you smile, laugh, cry or relive.

Images about what it is to be human, about the things we love, the things that matter, the moments we remember and the dreams that we aspire to achieve. We are but awed by life and the images we produce our fascination. So let's create images to our hearts content and care not for the cost, not for the hard work, but only for the images. That is who we are!

Our team just keeps on growing here at PeopleImages, and we're proud to say that we now count a full time staff of over 100 people that have come together to share a vision of perfection and dedication. Our staff of 20 full time photographers are constantly on the lookout to create new images and concepts, and they have made it their mission to take the road less traveled, go the extra mile and never shoot something they would not use themselves.

A Yuri Arcurs Creation

A Yuri Arcurs Creation

PeopleImages.com is founded and built on the ideas of Danish born Yuri Arcurs, the world's top selling stock photographer for the last four years, who was voted by PDN magazine as one of the most influential photographers of this decade. Yuri started shooting stock photography while being a psychology student in 2005 and built his business from the ground one image at the time.

He is regarded as a highly technical photographer, and a testament to this can be seen through a few industry choking sponsorship agreements such as an agreement with Hasselblad (high-end cameras) and a 300,000.00 USD Profoto (high-end lighting) sponsorship. Yuri has his own product line of photography equipment: The Yuri Arcurs SteadyPod.

His entire collection, plus an additional 20,000 images never seen before, is for sale on PeopleImages.com. Because PeopleImages.com sells Yuri’s images directly, the prices here are lower than they are on any stock agency's website selling Yuri's images. The PeopleImages.com collection has sold to clients such as Time Magazine, MTV, Sony, Microsoft, Canon, Samsung, Hewlett Packard, Tyra Banks Show, the Late Night Show, Scientific American, Der Spiegel, American Idol and many more.

Yuri's personal blog: www.arcurs.com (3,000 readers)
Yuri's personal twitter: www.twitter.com/#!/yuriarcurs (8,000 followers)
Yuri's personal Facebook: www.facebook.com/yuriarcurs (32,000 followers)
Read all Yuri' online available free interviews: Go to Interviews
Inside video from Yuri's Danish studio: www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4oVa1c67Bs

Perfection takes time

Perfection takes time

You might think: “How hard can it be to make good stock images?” Then think of how quickly you browse through a page of fresh images. It only takes you seconds. Those images took us weeks to produce, and hundreds of hours were put into them. Knowing this, one arrives at the undeniable fact that we as stock photographers must accept: Not only do we have to shoot excellent images, but we also have to produce them in great quantities.

In fact, about 5,000 new images are put online exclusive to our site every month, but it takes a series of about 15 checkpoints to get them there and an average about one hour of retouching per image. From idea to online for an average shoot of 50 images takes about one month of full time work divided among the producers, art coordinators, photographers, retouchers, keyworders, distributors and uploaders. Did you know that?

Conscious Business - our 'Ambition Team'

Conscious Business - our "Ambition Team"

At PeopleImages.com we believe in helping people reach their goals and achieve their ambitions. Every year an average of 10 new photographers and 30 new retouchers graduate from our training programs. Our South African retouching program is called the "Ambition Team". This initiative aims at empowering young people who may otherwise not have had access to the necessary equipment and education needed to succeed in this industry. They have plenty of ambition, and we respect that, so we offer them the support they need to develop.

From day one, they become part of our department and sit side by side with our staff and are given their own dedicated 27" iMac. It's quite astonishing to see them on their first day of work, and even more so to follow them while they grow and develop. The students receive a salary from their first day because we know that many people have the dream, but have too many expenses to be able to take the first steps. When passing their final exams they are offered a position in our company. Yuri enjoys teaching and mentoring this team personally. The “Ambition Team” program received a 100,000 USD grant from the Cape Town Film Commission (South African Government) in 2011.

Conscious Business - our photography academy

Our photography academy program is based in our South African branch, and is taught by Yuri himself. He believes that the current educational tradition in photography has created an unnatural gap between school and life beyond school when you have to start working as a professional.

The schools are often years behind in technology; the teachers are not professionally involved in the industry they teach about, and budgets are so low that the equipment and projects suffer as a consequence. It is our intention to change this, and by empowering the students through real projects - dealing with real clients - to prepare them for the life beyond school.

During this three year program the students obtain certificates from 9 different exams that range from basic to advanced retouching, executing shoots, creative research, photography lighting, managing production staff, planning and budgeting, public presentations and others. The academy is funded by the images the students produce, so there can be little doubt that this program is highly elite, and the earlier classes have graduated some of the highest earning photographers in the world today. Our graduates have a pretty impressive track record.

As part of the teaching, the class travels to various hot spots around the world, and in 2011 the team went to Thailand, the Maldives, Denmark and South Africa. All the students are given a low base monthly salary, a personal camera and a MacBook Pro, and have their travel expenses paid for.

If you are an intelligent and energetic young individual with creative interests (or know of such a person), this program will push you to achieve your best, while probably giving you the best time of your life. Should you not choose to become a photographer at graduation, the three years will certainly have provided you with a lot of personal growth, structure and discipline, while avoiding the study loan that often accompanies most educational programs. If you want to participate in the next bootcamp qualification send an email to: arcurs.bootcamp@gmail.com (you will get details in time of the next event)

Read our info-sheet from last bootcamp:

Video from our last bootcamp (you must pass bootcamp first to become a student):

Where is Yuri Today?

Cape Town, South Africa Yuri is currently in Cape Town

Latest Public Appearance.
2012, May, GoMorgen Danmark Live TV interview
2012, Jan, Yuri Arcurs Photography Bootcamp 2012, Cape Town
2010, March, CEPIC, Keynote

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