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License Agreements - License and restrictions here are AMAZING

License types

Standard License Agreement - see full description This is the license you automatically get when buying images at the cheapest price, and it will be sufficient for most of your projects. However, there are some limitations, so please spend 2 minutes reading the description.
Extended License Agreement - see full description This agreement should be purchased whenever you wish to use the media in any projects which will result in the images being redistributed or if the use is more extensive than usual.
99% Buy-out License Agreement - see full description This license is the top of the line! When you purchase this license, we will remove the image in question from PeopleImages.com, and we will contact all major stock agencies that might also have the image and request that it is removed within 5 days.

What each license type allows

Use on websites or in web ads.
Use of the media in advertisements in newspapers, magazines or other printed material, up to 499,999 impressions.
Use in product packaging, catalogues, brochures, promotional greeting cards, promotional postcards and promotional posters (but not for resale or license), up to 499,999 impressions.
Allowing more than 499,999 impressions.
Use of the Media within "on demand" items, electronic or otherwise.
Complete removal, to the best of our ability, from all partners, online stock agencies and distribution channels.
Use in sensitive subject matter without our permission.
Use in sensitive subject matter with our permission.

Other agreements

Terms and conditions - see full description Rules which you must agree to abide by in order to use PeopleImages.com.
Refund Policy - see full description Some vital information on our Refund Policy.
Privacy Policy - see full description This document lets you know the way we gather, use, disclose and manage data.
Membership Agreement - see full description This agreement is what all users agree to when they create a profile on PeopleImages.com.
Custom Retouching Service Agreement - see full description This agreement is what you agree to when you make use of our custom retouching service.
Artist Submission Agreement - see full description If you are an artist wishing to submit your media to peopleimages.com then this agreements is for you. For YA and in-house photographers only (we are not a stock agency that accept contributors who have not undergone YA training).
Late License Agreement - see full description So you have accidentally used our image without the appropriate license? We understand that these things do happen, but before we hand this matter over to our legal team we would like to offer you this opportunity and give you a chance to make up for any unauthorized use you have made of our image.