Stock Photo - Business woman, city and phone call in street while talking, happy smile and in conversation on smartphone. Senior female, communication and happiness with communication, speaking or laugh in Austria

Business woman, city and phone call in street while talking, happy smile and in conversation on smartphone. Senior female, communication and happiness with communication, speaking or laugh in Austria - Stock Photo

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Business woman, city and phone call in street while talking, happy smile and in conversation on smartphone. Senior female, communication and happiness with communication, speaking or laugh in Austria

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    Office woman, headphones and coffee break at her desk for business inspiration, creative planning and brainstorming at a marketing company. Boss thinking of ideas with coffee, and listening to music
    Tablet communication, email and business woman reading notification, digital networking and corporate app for work. Office contact, internet research and senior worker with tech for connection
    Business woman, thinking and brainstorming idea for starting marketing project in office at desk. Planning with a senior female employee working with a mindset of problem solving or strategy at work
    Phone call, business paper and senior woman reading report, finance note and agenda for corporate strategy. Office accounting, mobile communication and worker with insurance documents for company
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    Happy senior, executive woman and computer at office desk, smile and reading on social media, email or meme. Elderly manager, receptionist or communication expert with happiness, comic or funny laugh
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    Senior, business woman and tablet in office for social media, internet browsing or research. Happy, elderly and female employee from Canada with digital touchscreen for networking or web scrolling.
    Business woman, credit card and computer with banking, online shopping and payment for bills on internet in a office. Senior woman, ecommerce and transfer money on pc at desk at her job and web app
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    Woman, relax or senior manager on a phone call talking, communication or networking for a development project. Smile, ceo or old woman in conversation, discussion or speaking of success or our vision
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    Finance report, data and business woman planning company budget, economy growth on paper and thinking of investment analytics. Corporate accounting, financial strategy and accountant with research
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    Office, coffee break and portrait of woman boss happy with business career success, company management and workspace. Relax corporate employee, coffee cup drink and computer for workplace inspiration
    Phone, app and hands of retirement woman typing on screen for email, ecommerce or social media. Communication, internet and mobile application of senior person online with 5g connectivity.
    Writing, notebook and schedule with a woman ceo, manager or boss checking her diary for an appointment. Calendar, coffee and notes with a senior female employee using a pen to write in her planner
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    Senior business woman, ceo with smartphone for company communication, technology and email check. Mature executive with cellphone, smile at social media post and manager online with 5g network.