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4k footage of a doctor checking his patient's blood pressure - Stock Photo

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    Male physiotherapy professional taking care and stretching a senior patient to help with a leg injury. An old man doing a physical therapy exercise. Healthcare worker helping a elderly male stretch
    Male physical therapist helping old patient to stretch at the hospital. A happy physiotherapist in elderly care doing stretching exercises for a healthy body lifestyle, over copy space.
    Thinking, serious and stressed business man working at an office computer praying. Male web and tech designer with bad stress about a work deadline. Tired worker worried about online research
    Learning to ride a bike with a father teaching his son to cycle at the beach by the sea. Young boy child on his bicycle with his dad, having fun and bonding together as a family at sunset in summer
    Playful boy playing with his father while pretending to fly like a plane or superhero at home. Loving, fun and happy dad bonding and having fun with his kid while laughing and smiling in the lounge
    Thinking, calm and at peace man looking at the ocean or sea view on sunset beach with copy space background. Mature guy taking a break while enjoying fresh air outdoors in nature or on the promenade
    4k video footage of a handsome young businessman writing in a notebook while using a laptop in his office
    Learning, bicycle and proud dad teaching his young son to ride while wearing a helmet for safety along a seaside promenade. Active father helping and supporting his child while cycling at sunset
    Senior man doing physical therapy with a trainer, lifting a dumbbell in physiotherapy and recovering from an injury with a physiotherapist. Retired patient training with a coach at a sports center
    Physiotherapist, arm rehabilitation and doctor consulting patient. Medical support, exercise and healthcare treatment for diagnosis. Physical therapy and vitality for seniors at clinic or hospital.
    4k video footage of an affectionate young father tickling his son while he's using a digital tablet in their living room at home
    Father walking with his child by the beach enjoying the sunset on a summer day. Dad bonding with his son by the ocean or sea water teaching him about nature and enjoying the weekend together
    4k video footage of a man using his cellphone while watching the sunset
    Relax, thinking man by the sea with a fond memory while watching the sunset by the ocean waves with a stress free mindset. Freedom, nature and summer sunrise by the beach travel to calm mental health
    Father teaching young son how to ride skateboard during a sunset by the beach. Proud, smiling and happy dad holding his little boy hands to help him balance on a longboard. Parent bonding with child
    Father and son bonding, playing and having fun on the beach as a family by the sea in summer. Dad carrying his boy child on his shoulders, walking and enjoying a day out by the ocean on vacation
    Father bonding with his son while walking by the beach on a fun summer day. Dad playing and spending quality time with his child outdoors during sunset giving him a piggyback ride by the ocean or sea
    Man filming and taking photos of beach after sunset on phone while on vacation. Taking pictures of holiday by the ocean in the evening. Happy male tourist making a video on the coast with smartphone.
    Father and son bonding and spending time together while admiring the calm ocean. Little boy pointing and showing view while standing with his single dad on a seaside promenade on overcast family day
    Physiotherapy, osteoporosis and chiropractor for pain, wellness support and physical therapy of patient injury in clinic. Man consulting healthcare doctor for medical service and hospital surgery
    Healthcare, wellness and X ray with physiotherapist showing digital result in consulting room with a patient. Mature man suffering from back pain or injury discussing treatment plan with chiropractor
    4k video footage of a handsome young male physiotherapist helping an elderly man use a walker in a fitness centre
    A cute young child learning and playing on a tablet app, while sitting with father in family home living room together. Proud smiling man teaching via a game with his son on a touchscreen
    Thinking, relaxed and young male looking at a beautiful sunset view, sea water and ocean. Relaxing man standing alone at a promenade rail in early evening. Back of a guy outdoors enjoying nature
    4k footage of a father teaching his child to ride a bicycle
    Depression, anxiety or sad man by sea, ocean or beach thinking of memory at sunset or summer sunrise. Silhouette person, stress or burnout from divorce, cancer or mental health by nature water waves
    Father and son bonding, walking and watching the sunset at the beach in summer. Playful and happy mature man carrying his son while smiling, laughing and having fun together on a seaside promenade
    Relaxed man on a phone call at the sea while watching the relaxing, beautiful and natural sunset alone outdoors in summer. Rear view of a casual and calm male at the beach enjoying dawn sunrise
    Father and son bonding, playing and having fun while sitting on the couch together at home. Loving, caring and happy parent being playful, relaxing and enjoying a day with his carefree boy on sofa
    4k footage of a man and his son playing video games at home
    Father and son watching the sunset view while standing on the pier at the beach. Child sitting on dad's shoulders while spending quality time together. Relaxed man and boy enjoying the calm ocean.
    Father and son, bond and stream series or movies and watch tv with a remote in a living room. Family watching together, having fun and smiling. Child watching a funny comedy movie with his dad
    Father and son throwing popcorn and being playful while sitting on a couch at home. Happy, smiling and young boy celebrating a victory. Dad and child having fun while spending quality time together.
    4k footage of a man and his young son eating popcorn and watching television at home
    4k footage of a little boy riding his bike