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Travel, adventure and woman in nature for freedom, celebration and energy at river with snow mountain background. Hiking, water and holiday in Norway with female on trekking journey for air outdoor - Stock Photo

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    Series: Walking Through Nature (170)


    Boat travel, nature and back of a woman with freedom for vacation, transport and adventure. Free, happy and a female tourist on the water on the lake with mountains for holiday, happiness and a break
    Nature, freedom and woman at lake with mountain view, a holiday adventure hiking in Switzerland. Travel, wellness and fresh air and water in snow capped mountains, achievement of mental health goals
    4k video footage of an unrecognisable woman enjoying the mountain views during her hike in Møre og Romsdal
    Adventure, fun and freedom with a female hiker enjoying the view while hiking outdoors in nature. Rearview of a woman feeling happy, free and taking a hike while exploring on a journey of discovery
    4k video footage of an unrecognisable woman enjoying the mountain views during her hike of Sogn og Fjordane
    Travel, adventure and woman rowing a boat while on a summer vacation or journey in Hawaii. Freedom, water and girl kayaking at a lake for exercise, fun or to explore nature on outdoor trip on holiday
    Portrait of a social media influencer pointing to scenic views while vlogging or on a video call, hiking and streaming with online followers. Tourist recording content for her blog, enjoying outdoors
    4k video footage of an attractive young woman standing alone during a hike in Møre og Romsdal
    Serious, beautiful and travel woman face in nature with a mountain landscape background during her holiday in Norway. Portrait of content and positive lady in a natural environment with blue sky
    A nature tourist recording a video on her phone of the mountain or beautiful snow green hills outdoors. Trendy, young activist or environmentalist showing eco friendly environment in Stryn Norway
    Woman, photographer and camping in tent by mountain, lake and relax in nature for wellness hiking holiday. Travel freedom, outdoor Norway getaway and camper taking photograph of landscape with camera
    Calm, satisfied nature activist outdoors by a mountain and green trees in a beautiful landscape. Portrait of a young Norwegian blonde woman or tourists relaxing outside by a lake or river
    Female travel researcher taking phone photos of green mountain views, sitting alone in a row boat. Back view of woman doing ecology research outside. Traveler takes a picture for online content
    Adventure, travel and fun, woman in a beautiful mountain view in nature. Carefree, joyful female hiking tourist enjoying the sunshine and sun in a natural environment while backpacking outdoors.
    Global warming activist, tourist or hiker exploring a mountain on a windy day enjoying a getaway. Young caucasian female relaxing outdoors in nature while hiking during a travel holiday or vacation
    Boat freedom, nature and back of a woman in nature for vacation, tourism and adventure. Travel, happy and a female tourist on the water on the lake with mountains for holiday, happiness and a break
    POV of a hiker or tourist camping on a field with nature view landscape on a beautiful sunny day with a lake, mountain in background. Hiking, adventure seeking person relaxing in Romsdalen, Norway
    Happy, free and fun tourist celebrating freedom, jumping, fooling around and being playful at the top of a mountain. Female expressing joy while joking and being goofy with a silly victory dance
    A carefree, excited and traveling woman recording a video in a beautiful adventure location near a bright lake. Playful, happy and joyful female vlogging at a breathtaking vacation destination
    Young hiking woman recording video when traveling, smiling and looking happy portrait. Caucasian female student in nature, posting updates of summer break enjoying a getaway trip to Norway mountains
    Outdoors, travel and fun woman hiking takes in the beauty of the glacier and mountain pass and celebrates. Young, alone and carefree tourist out enjoying nature with a relaxing landscape
    Carefree, freedom and relax living of female outdoor traveler enjoying a beautiful mountain view. Back of a woman enjoying the blue and green lake reflection after hiking or walking alone outdoors
    Adventure and traveling woman taking a photo of mountains on a phone while sitting and enjoying scenic views. A relaxed female tourist or vlogger recording a video of beautiful green nature
    Traveling woman taking photos on phone, looking at view on a boat ride and enjoying the scenery on the sea. Female taking pictures for social media, riding on the ocean water and exploring a lake
    Mountain hiking, travel view and woman on nature holiday, freedom adventure and trekking in peace in Norway. Vacation walk, natural water and back of a girl walking in the mountains for exercise
    Camping, travel and nature trip of a female waking up to a beautiful winter morning in nature. Back view of a young woman drinking camp coffee outside by mountains with snow, green grass and water
    Freedom, travel and hiking while cheerful, excited and happy woman celebrate her victory while exploring by a lake in the mountains. Young tourist enjoying and having fun on a hike in nature
    Carefree and excited tourist enjoying a beautiful lake surrounded by a mountain and green nature. Happy, relaxed and young woman having fun outdoors on holiday by a pond in a forest
    Camping, mountain and hands with coffee in tent in Norway enjoying snow on holiday, vacation and adventure. Travel, hiking and person with freedom, drinking coffee and scenic view of nature landscape
    POV of a hiker or tourist sitting on mountain with nature view landscape on a beautiful sunny day while recording on a handheld camera. Hiking, adventure seeking person relaxing in Romsdalen, Norway
    Active, beautiful and happy woman enjoying the mountain landscape views during her hike in Møre og Romsdal. Smiling, carefree and positive looking at nature environment with blue sky and clouds
    Adventure, travel and fun, woman taking a photo on a phone while enjoying scenic views from a mountain. Hiking tourist excited about beauty in nature while backpacking and exploring the outdoors
    Lake, mountains and stretching woman hiking in nature for peace, freedom and fresh air while on adventure journey. Rain, river and back of girl trekking for health, wellness or Norway travel tour
    Travel, relax or woman by a river in nature for peace walking, hiking or trekking in mountain forest in Norway. Calm, gratitude or zen girl breathing in natural lake adventure with hands up in air
    Mountain landscape, travel and woman dancing to celebrate while hiking outdoor with water, blue sky and nature view outdoor. Tourist woman excited with backpack in Norway at the river for adventure