Stock Photo - Retirement, investment and man happy with house loan being approved. Senior feeling relaxed and cheerful after paying his debt. Aged person excited about his freedom and his new life of leisure.

Retirement, investment and man happy with house loan being approved. Senior feeling relaxed and cheerful after paying his debt. Aged person excited about his freedom and his new life of leisure. - Stock Photo

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    Happy, smiling and mature couple in retirement, bonding and enjoying the outdoors and relaxing together in nature. Romantic, loving and mature husband and wife in love and hugging in summer outside
    Happy, smiling and beautiful senior woman showing off her perfect teeth with bokeh. Closeup, casual and aged lady with lovely skin and cosmetics. Candid elderly caucasian laughing as she takes a walk
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    Senior hands browsing finance on tablet, retirement plan or insurance policy on digital technology. Closeup hands of old, elderly and retired woman or pensioner searching and scrolling budget outside
    Senior man standing, smiling and texting his friends or family outside. Happy old guy using technology, connected and independent on social media. Finding companionship and staying connected online.
    Young girl learning to ride a bicycle in the neighborhood. Loving, caring and proud grandparent helping grandchild to cycle on her own, motivated and determined child cycling in the outdoor nature.