Stock Photo - Relax, thinking and a woman with a phone on a coffee break while sitting on sofa in office. Young creative typing a message, reading an email or surfing social media for inspiration or idea for work

Relax, thinking and a woman with a phone on a coffee break while sitting on sofa in office. Young creative typing a message, reading an email or surfing social media for inspiration or idea for work - Stock Photo

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    Series: Creative Millennials (78)


    Creative, data analysis and business people collaboration in internship coaching presentation at gen z startup global, international company. Diversity mentor with analytics presentation or planning
    Happy birthday cake, office and staff surprise celebration for fun work culture, hug and love of creative gen z business teamwork, women or people. Diversity, inclusion group celebrate in a workplace
    Phone, seo woman drink coffee and designer or marketing employee with social media, communication and web design research. Communication, contact us and digital worker enjoying her lunch or break.
    Creative team in a meeting with a digital tablet discussing graphs, charts and data with technology. Group of corporate employees working on a web design project while sitting in company lounge.
    Business woman working with digital tablet on break for research, strategy or innovation creative web design. Corporate manager reading company analytics, tech data or Wordpress on internet website
    Hijab, Muslim woman and thinking with coffee or Islamic tea at home with peace and calm mindset. Young female from Israel relax looking out a window with a idea and glasses taking a break at a house
    Diversity, woman in a hijab and a team in meeting at marketing startup. Teamwork, coaching and advertising, man with digital report on tablet. Technology, leadership and a web designer in the office.
    Ceo, woman walking and training employees with tablet while checking, helping or performance review. Boss, manager or management coaching workers making sure they reach goal, target or finish project
    Diversity, creative marketing workshop or advertising team in meeting. Teamwork, brainstorming or idea exchange with young men and women. Coaching, collaboration or planning online startup campaign.
    Thinking, focus and serious black man working in a office with headphones with a determined mindset. Career idea, business tech employee from Kenya work on professional corporate career in workplace
    Success, presentation celebration and corporate woman manager with clapping audience for leadership. Business team, support and management announce company growth and target goal completion
    Digital tablet, analytics and muslim woman working on social media management for online project, seo marketing or tech website data. Business hijab or Arab manager reading email update with smile
    Muslim islamic woman with phone on social media app or 5g smartphone reading online communication internet news. Arab girl or young person in hijab with mobile technology cellphone typing message
    Planning book, busy office and Islamic woman working in graphic design, creative company and strategy in notebook from internet on computer. Muslim web designer in fast business career at agency
    Meeting planning, marketing business people and diversity in office team collaboration for strategy, data for company growth in workshop. Corporate employees talking about web design in seminar
    Collaboration, web design and high five by inclusive business people celebrate goal or vision, Happy, diverse and excited partner cheerful about success, positive problem solving in corporate office
    B2B handshake, client review of tablet ux or ui web design and creative digital marketing meeting with graphic designer or project management presentation. Business people shaking hands in discussion
    Global teamwork, graphic designer people and digital marketing collaboration with laptop, interactive tablet or brand equipment. Website, logo or creative ux media by diversity innovation for startup
    Information technology, programming and an Indian man coding on a computer with glasses. Software developer, web designer or programmer working on online project for cybersecurity for a data company.
    Sticky note planning strategy, brainstorming and writing person hand for a creative project idea, inspiration or working on startup business. Worker schedule date reminder on post it note moodboard
    Business meeting presentation, high five for success and employee in workshop, company training or teamwork project. Happy, diversity and partnership with business people for b2b sales deal.
    Muslim woman, digital marketing and infographic chart on tablet in target audience research, kpi data analysis or teamwork collaboration. Creative islamic in inclusive office with brand strategy idea
    Music, design and marketing with a busy office and creative business man working on a computer. Coffee, creativity and advertising with a young male designer at work in a modern and trendy workplace
    Marketing employee working in a busy office while writing notes and doing research on the computer. Business, creative and professional worker planning a project with paper and a desktop at his desk.
    Creative agency, team and help with office project from smart coworkers in efficient workplace. Support, teamwork and collaboration in diverse ux and digital designer company with expert advice.
    Help, computer and office teamwork in a creative agency with young colleagues who care. Design glitch advice, feedback and knowledge for solution from coworker with experience in issue.
    Planning, communication and collaboration meeting with tablet analytics of online shopping data from research team. Strategy, presentation and global sales for startup company on tech
    Meeting, communication and collaboration with tablet analytics of customer online shopping trends from market research team. Strategy, presentation and global fashion sales data for startup company
    Relax, thinking and a woman with a phone on a coffee break while sitting on sofa in office. Young creative typing a message, reading an email or surfing social media for inspiration or idea for work
    Business man, tech and team speaker from India in a teamwork, collaboration and strategy meeting. Corporate global digital marketing manager with phone and staff with technology for b2b web planning
    PPT digital tablet presentation and woman with business statistics data report, seo marketing analytics or company finance analysis in meeting closeup. Corporate website presenter, speaker or manager
    Teamwork, planning and presentation with a business woman talking to her team in a meeting for strategy and development. Collaboration, mission and vision with a group of businesspeople in the office
    Social media, smartphone and woman internet search for online content idea, inspiration or thinking of mobile app marketing strategy. Gen z browsing website review for ux ui software update feedback
    University, college and hands of student with pen to work on research paper, take notes or write idea. Hand of thinking education school girl or woman with notebook for writing study information
    Team workshop, lunch with coffee and internet with phone, tablet or laptop. Business, breakfast and men and women in cafe eating, drinking and surfing online. Food and work at startup