Stock Photo - Comfortable woman relax, sofa stretching and nap in living room at home for peaceful, thinking and calm. Sleepy female, lounge break and happy person in apartment to rest quiet, daydreaming and smile

Comfortable woman relax, sofa stretching and nap in living room at home for peaceful, thinking and calm. Sleepy female, lounge break and happy person in apartment to rest quiet, daydreaming and smile - Stock Photo

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    Baby, walking and mom help, support and teaching life skill to kid on home living room floor. Mother's love, trust and family woman with girl learning how to walk during child development or growth
    Credit card, woman on phone and banking on mobile app in house, online shopping with technology and finance payment on smartphone in home. Happy, rich and relax girl on retail website for luxury sale
    Friendly call center agent, customer service and telemarketing consultant wearing headphones and looking happy while talking. Mature woman in contact us and crm support taking calls with a smile
    Phone call, voice memo or talking woman in house living room, home interior or networking with people on technology. Zoom on hand, smile or happy person with glasses on social media communication app
    Love, family and a mother gives her baby a kiss while lying on a sofa. Smile, play and laugh, a happy woman playing with a child in the living room. Motherhood, happiness and hugs and kisses at home
    Phone in hand, loud speaker and communication woman therapist, contact us and consulting on smartphone. Businesswoman, mobile microphone recording message or speaking to business client
    Mother, baby and bonding while reading a book in the living room with a smile, laughing and happiness. Learning, education and happy family in communication of a story in living room, home or house
    Woman writing notes, reading document and budget with paperwork, folder and file with accounting, reports and finance investment. Hands planning business proposal, tax and bills with savings strategy
    Laptop, feedback and hands typing and writing in notebook a professional business advertising report at her office desk. Busy woman, employee or manager working on a proposal via a computer keyboard
    Hands, person and holding baby in the air for play time together with happy and excited toddler. Love, care and support of caregiver or mother for cute and adorable bond with child pov.
    Serious woman, thinking and working on a laptop as a freelancer, blogger and remote worker doing online research, writing email or blog content. Mature journalist planning and busy with work article
    Mother help and support baby to walk in house or family home living room for child development, growth and progress. love, smile and happy mom teaching kid first steps and learning walking life skill
    Happy mother, family and baby love of a parent in playful joy with child kissing feet and laughing with smile at home. Woman in motherhood or mothers day with cute little girl playing in happiness
    Happy mother and baby on a video call via the internet at home using a tablet with mom waving her hand at webcam. Kid, child and single parent having fun and greeting on social network application
    Mother, baby and storytelling on the sofa for family time together for bonding and learning. Loving woman parent reading children entertainment and education book in living room with kid.
    Hands, laptop or phone networking woman in home office, home room or house for entrepreneur or creative worker. Zoom on Brazilian designer with customer startup innovation vision or customer strategy
    Happy, baby and mother playing while crawling on the floor in the living room with a smile, laughing and happiness. Learning, bonding and family fun together with energy in the lounge, home or house
    Video call, webinar and chatting online with a business woman using wireless bluetooth headphones for communication in an internet meeting. Teamwork, strategy and planning during a remote conference
    Payment, banking and online shopping with ecommerce by a excited and happy woman with a credit card and phone at home. Paying for product on the internet, fintech mobile app or website with discount
    Family, mother and baby being funny at home, happiness and relax together in the living room at home. Happy, love and comic child and parent laughing at joke and smile with hug for care in house
    Stress, headache and woman with laptop in home office looking confused, worried and with anxiety after mistake on project. Creative startup entrepreneur frustrated with technology 404 glitch on email
    Happy, family and a mother kiss her baby while sitting on a sofa in the living room. Smile, play and laugh, woman playing with a child in the lounge. Motherhood, happiness and hugs and fun at home
    Face, phone and smile of a happy woman on a home living room lounge couch. Portrait of a person relax looking at mobile web, digital and funny social media app or internet content on a house sofa
    Mother care, sleeping baby and love of family on the sofa in the living room in home. Happy, relax and smile mom with sleep young and newborn child on couch in house and calm together in apartment
    Laptop webinar, woman and communication workshop on training zoom call meeting in home office or house interior. Learning employee with headphones listening to video conference or mentor presentation
    Love, play and care with baby and mother in living room of happy family home together. Trust, kiss and smile with mom and child enjoying happiness, joy and motherhood with woman parenting her infant
    Flu, sick and cold woman sneezing, blowing and wiping runny nose with tissues while ill with covid, sinus and allergy symptoms at home. Miserable female in isolation, corona virus and health problems
    Phone call, agreement and business woman consulting and working on laptop in corporate office building company. Administration, communication and employee talking while typing at her desktop
    Woman, working and streaming podcast, internet radio or music app at a computer. University student with headphones doing web phd research using technology to listen and study with a focus mindset
    Happy baby and mother playful, smile and hug on the living room floor while learning to walk. Family fun with woman and cute, adorable and little kid laughing with love and happiness at home
    Love, mother and baby kiss and bonding at home, playing and loving indoors together. Loving mama holding and lifting her newborn, enjoying time and sweet moments of parenthood and child development
    Cell center, customer service and support with a woman operator consulting with wireless bluetooth headphones in her office. Telemarketing, crm and contact us with a female consultant at work
    Thinking woman drinking coffee, tea and peaceful break for home comfort, relax and carefree rest. Daydreaming, beautiful and thoughtful mature person sipping on warm cup, fresh mug and hot beverage
    Mother playing with baby, bonding and funny laughing together at home for happy, healthy and cute childhood development. Parent holding cute young kid to fly for love, smile family and joyful care
    Technology, communication and a woman on a phone typing a message or email. Conversation with work, friends or family on smartphone. Social media, networking and surfing the web, connection online.