Stock Photo - Phone, stress and anxiety with a woman thinking after reading a message or bad news on her mobile. Face, head and idea with a young female sitting on a bed in the bedroom of her home with worry

Phone, stress and anxiety with a woman thinking after reading a message or bad news on her mobile. Depression, fear and online with a young female sitting on a bed in the bedroom at home with worry - Stock Photo

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    Woman, drinking coffee in bed and phone of a black woman in a home bedroom. Female with mobile technology relax with tea online looking at internet, web and social media app content in a house
    Woman angry argue with phone in hand, stop call and put cellphone down after talk to partner. Upset latino lady, annoyed by fight conversation on smartphone while in bedroom at home or in hotel
    Stress, anxiety and hands of woman on a bed, suffering from mental health problem, addiction and fear. Abuse, afraid and closeup phobia with female feeling nervous and worried, fear danger in bedroom
    Coffee, laptop and design with a woman designer remote working from home in her small business. Creative, research and website with a young female employee or entrepreneur at work on a project
    Headphones, music and woman dance on bed in bedroom home, streaming audio or radio. Smile, relax and happy female from Indonesia on headset dancing, singing and listen to song, sound or web playlist.
    Stress, anxiety and picking skin off hands of woman suffering from mental health at home for frustrated, worry and scared. Fear, nervous and insecure girl scratching her nails for help or depression
    Sad woman on a phone call conversation with feedback on university results, job application or career rejection online. Gen z girl in bedroom with cellphone discussion bad news about her internship
    Eating popcorn, watching tv and black woman on sofa in the living room, happy with comedy tv show and streaming movie in lounge of home. Girl smile for film on the television with food on the couch
    Stress, anxiety and fear of a young woman on a home bedroom bed worried. A female from Mexico in a house picking her lips anxious and nervous about student debt, work burnout or university report
    Worry, anxiety and stress of woman in a bedroom biting her nails and thinking of college results. Fear, thoughtful and girl sitting and feeling anxious about project deadline, student debt and work.
    Music, radio and dance with woman relaxing on a bed, having fun and streaming in her bedroom. Energy, freedom and black female feeling happy, celebrating the weekend with an online playlist
    Podcast, radio and woman listen to music in her bed, dancing and having fun in her bedroom. Streaming, freedom and energy by black girl feeling happy and relaxed, enjoy dance music on playlist
    Woman with phone angry, annoyed or disappointed in chic bedroom after reading message. Girl on couch in room, upset after text, social media or story on the internet with her smartphone while home
    Hands, anxiety and stress with a nervous woman suffering with mental health and worry on a sofa in a living room of a home. Fingers, psychology and depression with an anxious female scratching inside
    Popcorn eating, watching tv and woman on living room sofa with comedy movie, relax with comic film and happy with subscription service on the couch. Girl with food and funny television show in house
    Influencer woman in bedroom interior live streaming video POV for social media excited for her apartment, home or real estate. Gen z student recording dorm room design and furniture for online app
    Call complaint, angry and upset woman on a phone yelling at customer support consultant online. Female in a home bedroom feeling anger and frustrated complaining to a person on mobile technology
    Bedroom, bed and woman change sheets, cleaning her room and packing pillows on morning routine. Laundry, comfort and housework by black girl start her day with fresh bedding, happy clean living space
    Stress, anxiety and fear of a woman in her bedroom or home. Angry, confused or scared gen z person biting nails nervous about mistake, fail or waiting for feedback on results with bad mental health
    Woman, music and bed listening with headphones enjoying audio track and relaxing at home. Female singing and chilling with wireless headset lying in bedroom happiness for songs or streaming playlist
    Woman with sad face in home, thinking of mental health and depression thoughts in poor depressed person frustrated. Disappointed young girl, fear anxiety stress and tired of worry in debt concern
    Woman face thinking, anxiety and sad in the living room while feeling worried, stress and fear. Young female thoughts, depression and worry about mistake, mental health and depressed with bad idea
    Happy and relax woman with phone on internet, streaming and texting on bed with coffee while laughing. Smile, female chatting, using social media and communicating with smartphone holding beverage.
    Sad woman, phone call and depression on bed in bedroom after break up, bad news or university results feedback. Anxiety, stress and unhappy depressed girl, career or job hiring rejection on 5g mobile
    Cosmetic, lip gloss and portrait of black woman with beauty or self care routine ready for work. Happy girl with soft, natural and full lips with shiny liquid lipstick on mouth while doing makeup.
    Woman, coffee and phone in house bedroom, home or hotel with communication technology for social media, internet search or news. Smile, happy and relax person with mobile and tea for dating app chat
    Mental health, depression and sad girl on a phone call conversation about a stressful break up in her bedroom. Frustrated, upset and depressed woman listening to bad news on her relationship at home
    Woman, dance and music with clothes in bedroom closet while home. Girl, bed and headphones dancing in room, in morning and find clothing in wardrobe, streaming song or internet radio on audio device
    Relax, popcorn and woman watching tv or movie for chill self care leisure time alone in home on sofa. Television channel program decision and streaming choice with snack for weekend entertainment
    Phone, stress and anxiety with a woman thinking after reading bad news online on her mobile. Communication, idea and depression with a young woman sitting on a bed in the bedroom of her home
    Business strategy and woman with laptop screen website information for proposal planning, idea innovation and brainstorming in a notebook. Entrepreneurship girl writing notes for online ux ui design
    Headache, ice cream and woman on a sofa, suffering from brain freeze and looking uncomfortable in a living room. Black female enjoying her day off with a sweet snack on a couch, experience ache
    Office business woman on a phone call with portfolio, laptop and networking for project management, marketing agency or time management. Productivity, creative b2b worker talking online with document
    Social media, streaming and black woman text on phone, laughing and relax on sofa at home. Online dating, happy and web app by African American female watching funny video, subscription satisfaction
    Woman watching tv, eating ice cream and relax on living room sofa at home. Happy person tasting sweet icecream dessert, streaming subscription television and movies on cable channels on lounge couch
    Sad, depression and mental health with a woman thinking of an idea and feeling alone in her home with mockup. Depressed, sadness and disappointed with an attractive young female sitting in her house
    Anxiety, depression and tired businessman thinking about mistake or crisis while sitting in office. Burnout, stress and sad guy with mental health problem or headache struggling with project at work.
    Depression, anxiety and loneliness with a man feeling down, depressed and alone at home. Thinking about a painful memory, the past or loss and grieving or mourning while looking sad and negative
    Thinking man, insomnia and sleeping bed in house with anxiety, stress about mental health and anxiety in bedroom in home. Sad Asian person with depression, tired from mistake and idea for problem
    Depression, anxiety and mental health man thinking about problem, sad about crisis and tired from burnout in home living room. Face of man with stress and depressed about fail or mistake in house
    Mental health, depression and sad woman thinking alone resting head on hands at home. Young female bored, depressed and lonely face expression of sadness looking out in Brazil sitting in living room

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    Sad woman frustrated, man sleeping and couple in bedroom after argument. Girl thinking of breakup, boyfriend cheating and sex issues. Dating problems, morning together and young girlfriend angry
    Angry couple and fight with cheating woman thoughtful with regret listening to partner in grief. Frustrated, mad and sad boyfriend conflict with girl for infidelity in home handheld movement.
    Support, couple care and hug of a man with a sad and depressed woman depressed on a sofa. Depression, mental health problem and bad news anxiety of a female in a home living room with a male embrace
    Burnout, tired and depression with a business woman working on a laptop in her home office and feeling bored or sad. Mental health, report and overtime with a young female employee at work alone
    Stress, tired and anxious woman working on a laptop while sitting on a sofa in the living room at home. Female in depression and anxiety from work on a computer, headache and depressed at her house.
    Frustrated, angry and argue couple in bed fight, disagreement and unhappy while talking, shouting or screaming in bedroom at home. Man and woman stress, divorce and upset about affair or cheating

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    Mental health, depression and sad girl, alone at her home, sitting on sofa and looking out. Portrait of young, bored and lonely woman in living room. Social distance, quarantine and feeling isolated
    Crying black woman, sad or depressed while on sofa, couch or living room thinking of problems. Depression, stress and tears of African female with poor mental health, anxiety and lonely at home.
    Headache, stress and black woman thinking of depression, mental health and problem at window in house. Face of African girl with anxiety and migraine pain feeling sad and tired from burnout in home
    Headache stress, thinking sad and woman with depression, mental health problem and burnout from crisis at window of house. Face of girl with anxiety about divorce and frustrated with idea in home
    Upset, frustrated and sad young male lying, thinking and contemplating on a living room couch. Depressed man lounge on a sofa feeling unhappy, guilty and struggling with mental health indoors
    Black couple, holding hands and support in trust, love and bond in mental health therapy, marriage support and counseling. Zoom on man and empathy woman in depression, sad and anxiety psychology help

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    Couple, sad and fight with a man and woman talking about divorce, stress or a marriage problem during a conflict at home. Angry, frustrated and dating with a young male and female having an argument
    Headache, stress and burnout for woman with laptop and anxiety over writers block for social media content writing. Mental health, pain and brain fatigue for digital online news home remote worker
    An angry student talking on the phone with a classmate while working on a project with her laptop at home. Young woman feeling stressed and upset while working on her assignment deadline.
    Work, tired and office stress headache of a woman working on a computer. Business tech employee with anxiety burnout using technology to work on a deadline, job project or IT internet strategy
    Tired business woman yawn while working on a laptop in an home office. Overworked entrepreneur feeling sleepy and sleepy while struggling with burnout, strain and fatigue from overtime and low energy
    Anxiety, headache and stress by business woman working on a laptop in a corporate office. Mental health, burnout and migraine by female looking exhausted, overwhelmed with workload and deadline