Stock Photo - Planning, teamwork and business women collaboration on digital tablet, discuss growth statistics of green business startup. Strategy, target and charts by professional team compare profit and results

Planning, teamwork and business women collaboration on digital tablet, discuss growth statistics of green business startup. Strategy, target and charts by professional team compare profit and results - Stock Photo

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    Series: Working Out Great Ideas (143)


    Creative workshop meeting, team and manager presentation with graph analysis on whiteboard for project planning development. Startup business people with kpi strategy analytics for women empowerment
    Women, birthday cake and office success celebration for Brazilian woman in digital marketing startup. Smile, happy or party business people with dessert for employee promotion or teamwork sales goals
    Business training, marketing data and woman talking in presentation about sales with women in a meeting. Advertising manager speaking to employees about analytics planning during workshop at work
    Reading, woman and coffee shop of a person looking at a paper or magazine article. Person from Orlando in a cafe read while thinking with morning coffee and breakfast food with a relax mindset
    Girl, friends and study in library at college, school or university. Black woman, learning and reading with pencil in hand for notes while at education institute with student for knowledge in Atlanta
    Laptop, coffee shop and student studying, working and doing online digital research while brainstorming ideas or writing in notebook. Gen z workspace or Internet cafe with woman working on a schedule
    Pregnant woman, business people and tablet pen for web design, social media blog and photography brand choice. Teamwork, collaboration and inclusive office diversity with strategy planning technology
    Woman, hands and phone in cafe, social media scrolling and zoom or browsing on wooden table. Closeup of female hand on smartphone, browse feed or checking news and searching internet at coffee shop
    Planning, presentation and analytics with business people and management coaching for marketing, data analysis and strategy. Leadership, workshop and leadership with employees and whiteboard training
    Leader, startup meeting and business women on laptop planning, strategy or brainstorming project. Leadership, teamwork and female ceo or manager with employees working on goal, discussion or ideas.
    Creative, planning and pregnant woman in a business meeting brainstorming with a digital marketing team of women. Pregnancy, global and mother to be coworking with a group on startup strategy ideas
    Woman, face and business meeting with documents for marketing strategy in teamwork, collaboration and innovation workshop in Italy. Zoom, designer and employee worker with paper for brand growth kpi
    Digital marketing planning, tablet and employee working on website in office, meeting on advertising online and writing strategy in notebook. Business worker at desk in a creative startup company
    Women in marketing company, presentation applause success and whiteboard for marketing strategy plan. Advertising business startup leader with data, statistics and chart to show brand growth
    Creative planning, team collaboration and women talking about marketing strategy in an office at work. Diversity in team discussion about vision and mission for communication company with technology
    Business woman, tablet presentation and erp, Infographic or ppt digital information for company profit, marketing strategy and seo analytics summary. Manager, leader or b2b marketing boss with screen
    Table tennis, office and people playing a game in the break room while on lunch for fun. Team building, friendly competition and video recording on a phone of the match between employees for exercise
    Business women, digital marketing and strategy planning with documents in office lunch time for female startup. Talking people, teamwork or global collaboration with paper research for German company
    Meeting report, employee document and black woman planning marketing strategy with team in an office at work. Creative African business leader laughing in happy collaboration with workers at startup
    Happy woman, coffee break and looking out window at work with smile. Businesswoman from Sweden thinking, smiling and sitting in modern office. Relax, inspiration and creative girl employee at startup
    Presentation, business meeting and strategy analysis on a whiteboard with a creative team. Teamwork, collaboration and project planning discussion with graphs, data and illustration in the office.
    Woman, phone and analytics for business while at breakfast at table working in home. Girl, smartphone and finance reading data, information and app, for planning, strategy and fintech at desk
    Women friends, study and talking in library happy, school or university together do assignment. Students, girl and smile while share gossip, conversation or talking, fun and speaking at college
    Woman, tablet or startup planning in coffee shop, restaurant or cafe in Canada. Entrepreneur, remote worker or employee on digital technology for creative company schedule or education student course
    Woman, marketing leader and drawing on whiteboard, teaching graphs in workshop training or meeting. Creative business female presenter showing chart data or analytics to team in boardroom discussion
    Marketing team look at sales analytics on laptop, seo stats and data to create digital advertising strategy. A creative business meeting, increase online traffic and ecommerce shopping customer sale
    Creative workspace with woman planning, writing and working on digital marketing project in productivity workplace. Gen z creativity people with career at women empowerment company in modern office
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    Phone communication, web social media and woman reading email on the internet with smartphone at work. Face of corporate employee, worker or business person in communication on mobile app in office
    Business woman, laptop and online research writing notes for data analyst online course with student planning schedule in a notebook. Female writer using information technology for article in office
    High five, teamwork and business women collaboration in an office, success celebration with happy team. Marketing, advertising and success with group applause, celebrating growth and development
    Social media tablet, coffee morning and woman on the Internet for communication, networking on the web and reading the news online. Person at table with tea drink while on a digital app in house
    Credit card, cafe customer and payment password at cashier, waiter service and point of sale machine. Women hands process finance, money and retail shopping cash register at pos in coffee shop store
    Project management, planning and presentation with business people in meeting for data analysis, startup and strategy. Marketing, growth and analytics with employees talking for goals or vision
    Birthday, cake and party with a business woman getting applause from her team during a surprise celebration. Wow, happy and teamwork with friends clapping, laughing and celebrating in an office