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    All images of Stephanie Sc are model released, she has done 2 shoots with us and is available for booking

    Health, exercise and yoga stretching during a workout in a studio or gym from above. Meditation, balance and posture with young, flexible athletic women practice zen and inner peace training together
    Meditation, exercise and yoga class overhead with women meditating at in a studio or fitness center. Relax, zen and workout by athletic female training and exercising, practice balance and position
    Yoga class, women group exercise and pilates training, calm workout and stretching in wellness gym studio. Above, warrior pose balance and healthy body performance, zen energy and fitness motivation
    Top view, yoga and women in fitness class, workout and training in wellness gym or pilates studio. Diversity, exercise health or zen sports with people and global friends in relax mind room for peace
    Class of women doing yoga or pilates exercise, stretching or workout for health, positive mindset and wellness above view. Relax group of people or fitness community training for body or inner peace
    Fitness, exercise and zen yoga women meditation in a workout pilates class at a wellness studio. Above training a group of calm, relax and healthy. Practice cardio for a peace and healthy lifestyle