Stock Photo - Creative woman working remote with laptop, writing notes or planning business meeting schedule, agenda or research data. Worker, employee or freelancer with innovation strategy for KPI or SEO report

Creative woman working remote with laptop, writing notes or planning business meeting schedule, agenda or research data. Worker or employee with innovation strategy for KPI or SEO report at home. - Stock Photo

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    Woman, paper and laptop in living room on sofa working on project, assignment or task for college or business. Student, girl and home to study, for test or exam at university with handheld movement
    Relax, headphones and happy woman listening to music, radio or podcast while resting on sofa. Happiness, smile and calm girl from singapore streaming zen audio online on couch in living room at home.
    Girl, phone and call on sofa happy talking, headphones and smile, with laptop for online job in house. Woman, smartphone and conversation on couch, communication and computer for remote work in home
    Woman, closet and fashion listening to music dance while looking at clothes in home bedroom. Girl, happy and outfit dancing in shop, store or boutique for shopping, streaming and song on headphones
    Credit card payment, phone and woman on sofa online shopping in living room buy e-commerce on sale fashion. Asian Singapore girl customer, mobile smartphone and internet banking app happy in lounge
    A woman customer shopping for luxury, fashion clothing and looking at designer clothes. Women love a boutique retail store, with a modern shopping mall and an expensive cotton shirt on the sales rack
    Sofa, home and hands typing on smartphone chat, social media or networking connection on mobile app, internet or house wifi. Teenager girl or woman with cellphone technology texting message in lounge
    Social media, online and asian woman on her smartphone on the sofa at home. Young woman from China using internet, online shopping and texting on her phone. Girl taking a break from working on laptop
    Relax, music and phone with woman in living room and headphones listening to radio, podcast or podcast. Happy, freedom and internet with girl on sofa, streaming for audio, social media or online
    Woman, credit card and phone for e commerce, online shopping and fintech bank app on house or home living room sofa. Smile, happy and relax customer on technology Vietnamese ecommerce retail website
    Coffee break and woman on home sofa with espresso, cappuccino or hot chocolate drink. Calm, self love and relax person with tea beverage in living room lounge for free time or winter weekend alone
    Serious woman, relax and home with a beautiful asian female feeling calm, peaceful and enjoying her free time on the sofa at home. Portrait and face of a young female sitting in her singapore house
    Entrepreneur, professional and startup worker on her laptop inside home office. Woman thinking, idea and planning digital marketing employee online. Remote, communication and email in house lounge.
    Ecommerce shopping, credit card payment and woman typing on mobile app on the living room sofa in home. Happy Asian girl banking on the internet and communication about digital finance on technology
    Woman headphones, listening to relax music, podcast and smile with a calm, zen and peaceful day at home. Happy Asian female and relaxed woman sitting on a living room sofa and meditation with audio
    Phone, laptop and call with a woman talking on a mobile while working on the internet with her computer at home. Email, technology and conversation with a young female in the living room of her house
    Girl, phone and music on sofa to relax with headphones with smile, typing and happy on social media. Woman, smartphone and streaming song on internet while reading communication, blog post or email
    Creative woman working remote with laptop, writing notes or planning business meeting schedule, agenda or research data. Worker or employee with innovation strategy for KPI or SEO report at home.
    Happy, smile and face of woman on sofa laughing and cosy in living room at home. Portrait of young asian female enjoying peaceful and cheerful morning and free time to relax alone in apartment house
    Woman, hands and laptop typing business email on living room table sitting on sofa at home. Hand of creative female employee in remote work on computer sending online message or research idea indoors
    Laptop, phone call and woman remote working from home office as freelancer on sofa. Business discussion or digital collaboration on smartphone, in house living room and plan marketing strategy
    Phone, social media and happy woman texting on a dating app and smiling on the weekend at home on the couch. Smile, chatting and young girl loves typing a message on a social networking website
    Online work, internet music and woman listening to an audio podcast while typing an email on the living room sofa of house. Remote entrepreneur working on laptop with radio on the web on the couch
    Phone, dancing and woman streaming music via headphones to relax with freedom on the weekend at home. Dance, excited and happy girl enjoys listening to a radio song or audio on an online subscription
    Retail clothes, happy shopping and woman in luxury designer store for fashion choice on railing in boutique. Rich Asian customer with wealth looking for clothing on discount during sale in mall
    Freelance woman, phone call and laptop while headphones and talking on phone to contact for small business or online order sitting on sofa at home. Female working remote with technology in Singapore
    Fashion, shopping and customer with a woman in a store for retail while looking at clothes to buy or purchase. Buying, sale and choice with a female shopper in a mall, clothing boutique or shop
    Woman, phone or music headphones on relax sofa in house or Singapore home living room. Smile, enjoy or happy student on mobile technology for podcast, dance radio or audio playlist app in lockdown
    Woman, phone or credit card for ecommerce, online shopping or bank app in Colombian house living room or home sofa. Smile, happy and relax customer on fintech technology or e commerce retail software
    Young woman, music and choosing fashion for day outside, listen to podcast and streaming with headphones in bedroom. Happy, calm and relax female dressing up with stylish dress for casual outing.
    Happy, relax and face of woman on sofa, laughing and cosy at home in living room. Portrait, smile and content young female enjoying a peaceful morning alone in house, confident, cheerful and carefree