Stock Photo - Closeup of smiling middle aged businessman

Closeup portrait of smiling middle aged businessman in office - Stock Photo

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    Portrait of a cheerful senior business man in an office environment
    Portrait of business team going through a file and discussing with each other
    Closeup portrait of smiling middle aged businessman in office
    Happy young businesswoman discussing some work with her business colleagues
    Group of experienced business colleagues disscussing on new business strategy
    Portrait of happy mature businessman with his colleagues smiling together
    Portrait of a group of successful business people standing together smiling
    Portrait of senior business manager discussing new project at office on laptop
    Portrait of happy mature business man in office with colleagues in background discussing
    Group of joyful business people together celebrating their success with a high five
    Thoughtful young woman with her hands folded looking away at copyspace
    Closeup portrait of successful senior businesswoman smiling with her colleagues in background
    Closeup of successful senior businessman with his team in background smiling
    Portrait of succesful executives in business meeting at office
    Closeup of confident female executive with people discussing in background
    Portrait of confident mature business man with colleagues in the background
    Pile of hands - Successful business team celebrating their success with a high five
    Successful young female executive smiling with her staff in background
    Closeup portrait of confident senior business man
    Closeup portrait of cheerful mature businessman
    Closeup of senior man face looking away at copyspace
    Portrait of young businesswoman leaning on railing and looking away at copyspace
    Group of confident business colleagues standing together looking at you with attitude
    Portrait of confident mature businessman with folded hands looking away
    Portrait of young businesswoman full of ideas looking away
    Portrait of smiling senior businessman with colleagues in the background
    Closeup of happy and successful businesswoman with people in background
    Portrait of happy female executive smiling with her team in background
    Portrait of pretty young woman with nice smile
    Senior business man looking away and thing for thye future perspective
    Portrait of successful senior businessman with hands folded and colleagues discussing in backaground
    Closeup portrait of smart senior male business executive with people in background
    Beautiful young woman smiling with her business team at the background
    Closeup portrait of successful mature businessman looking away
    Happy senior business executive with colleagues in the background

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    Studio shot of a group of people representing various professions
    High-angle view of a group of businesspeople discussing paperwork in an office lobby
    Portrait of a mature businessman with colleagues standing in the background
    A mature businessman shaking hands with a younger employee
    Composite shot of a well-dressed businessman standing at a crossroads holding an upbrella - ALL design on this image is created from scratch by Yuri Arcurs' team of professionals for this particular photo shoot
    Shot of two businesspeople laughing while at work in an office