Stock Photo - Portrait of diverse group of businesspeople. Cheerful creative designers at work. Group of engineers working together in an office. Happy entrepreneurs standing in a modern office.

Portrait of diverse group of businesspeople. Cheerful creative designers at work. Group of engineers working together in an office. Happy entrepreneurs standing in a modern office. - Stock Photo

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Portrait of diverse group of businesspeople. Cheerful creative designers at work. Group of engineers working together in an office. Happy entrepreneurs standing in a modern office.

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    Mature boss asking staff a question in a meeting. Businesswoman collaborating in a meeting. Senior architect using a report during a meeting.Diverse staff brainstorming together
    Group of engineers looking at a blueprint. Architects in a business meeting. Businesspeople collaborate together.Diverse corporate creatives plan engineering project. Coworkers brainstorm together
    Businesspeople collaborating. Group of diverse architects in a meeting. Businesswoman speaking to a colleague. Coworkers brainstorming, planning in a meeting. Corporate creatives in a meeting
    Businesspeople collaborate on a building project. Colleagues talking about building blueprint. Diverse businesspeople working together. Businesspeople planning in a modern office
    Portrait of diverse group of businesspeople. Cheerful creative designers at work. Group of engineers working together in an office. Happy entrepreneurs standing in a modern office.
    African american architect using ai headset.businesswoman playing a game on a VR headset. Designer using game gadget to watch architecture videos. Businesswoman watching a simulation in VR goggles
    Cheerful businessman giving a presentation. Smiling architect using a report in a meeting. Colleagues collaborating in meeting. Corporate professional talking to coworkers,holding a document
    Group of businesspeople working in an office. Diverse group of businesspeople in a office. Diverse architects working together. Businesswomen talking and working together
    Businesspeople waving during a video call. Businesspeople during a video call on a laptop. group of architects during a video conference. Businessperson using a computer for a video call
    Portrait of happy businesspeople. Diverse group of architects in a meeting. Group of engineers planning, collaborating in a meeting. Smiling businesspeople together in a meeting
    Portrait of happy businesspeople together. Diverse businesspeople planning a building together. Colleagues working on a blueprint. Corporate designers using a tablet in a meeting.
    Portrait of a happy businessman using a tablet. Young designer using a wireless online device. Creative entrepreneur working on a digital tablet. Architect in his design agency.
    Businesspeople hands stacked from below.Diverse businesspeople motivating each other. Architects united together. Businesspeople celebrate with hands stacked from below. Businesspeople in a circle
    Portrait of diverse businesspeople. Group of colleagues smiling in an office. Coworkers working together. Professional entrepreneurs working in an architecture agency. Happy businesspeople in meeting
    Businesswoman reading a report with her colleague. Businesswomen in an agency collaborate to plan building project. Mature businesswoman working on a blueprint with a coworker. Team planning together
    Young designers holding a 3d model. Two colleagues planning a building together. Coworkers collaborate on building architectural project. Creative designers working in an office
    Various businesspeople working together in an office. Diverse colleagues collaborate in a design agency. Group of architects working in an office. Colleagues working on a building blueprint
    Mature businesswoman talking to a coworker. Two colleagues planning together. Businesspeople collaborate in an office. Professional designers talking about report. Happy colleagues working together
    Diverse businesspeople brainstorm during a meeting. Architects planning their strategy. Businesspeople collaborate in an agency. African american businesswoman talking to colleagues
    Team of designers working together. Happy colleagues collaborate in a meeting. Team of designers brainstorm on building blueprint. Smiling coworkers working together in an agency.
    Young architect looking at 3D model. Professional architect planning a building project. Focused designer holding a building model. Corporate creative working in his office.
    Businesspeople brainstorm together. Group of businesspeople planning a blueprint together. Engineers collaborate about building plan. Architects planning a strategy together.
    Happy businesspeople collaborate in a meeting. Young businesspeople working together in an agency. Group of architects brainstorm in a meeting. Businesspeople working architecture agency
    Two businesswomen greeting with a handshake. Leading businesswoman shaking hands with a staff member. African american businesswoman handshake with colleague.Staff members in an interview
    Portrait of businesspeople together. Diverse, smiling businesspeople together. Boss posing with her staff. Group of happy architects together. Happy group of engineers together in their office
    Team of architects in a meeting together. African american engineer in a staff meeting. Colleagues collaborating. Coworkers talking during a meeting. Businesswomen planning strategy together
    Group of designers giving each other a high five. Businesspeople with their hands together. Businesspeople giving each other support and motivation. Architects united together
    Cheerful businessman talking during a meeting. caucasian businessman reading a report. Colleagues working together in an office. Diverse businesspeople collaborating, planning.
    Coworkers talking about building blueprint. Young designers planning a building project. Two colleagues collaborate on a project. Businesspeople working on a digital tablet.
    Mature businesswoman using a digital tablet. Senior boss sitting on her desk. Creative entrepreneur using an online wireless device in her agency. Professional architect in her agency
    Mature businesswoman working with a colleague. Coworkers working on a building project. Team of architects brainstorm and collaborate. Boss working on a blueprint with her staff member.
    Businesswoman talking during a meeting. Smiling businesswoman talking to staff. Staff working in architecture collaborating. Architects brainstorming during a meeting.
    Engineers looking at a blueprint. Diverse businesspeople looking at a building plan. Mature businesswoman collaborating with staff. Architects brainstorm about blueprint in an office
    Two architectural coworkers planning a building project. Young designers working on a blueprint. Businesspeople collaborate on a building project. Professional designers working together on a 3D model
    Closeup of a businessman using a digital tablet. Hands of architect working online on a wireless device. Hands of businessman scrolling online apps on a tablet. Startup designer using his device
    Business architect team diversity, collaboration and teamwork planning a project strategy. Architecture or engineering group working together with level on engineer logistics and builder office data
    Architecture, construction and engineering team using technology for innovation and development planning. Group collaboration and communication with men and women for building contractor meeting
    Manager on a digital tablet with her construction team in her modern office on the work site. Happy, professional and industry workers reading and consulting on engineering documents on mobile device
    Architecture, collaboration and planning with an architect, engineer and builder meeting and discussing 3d building design or model. Teamwork and design by men and woman planning construction project
    Architecture business teamwork in office construction. Engineering industrial building development, town planning, blueprints of warehouse infrastructure, interior or exterior design strategy.
    Architecture, civil and architect engineers busy with a floor plan or blueprint strategy on paper inside a office building. Designers working, planning and analyzing a construction project together

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    Office team selfie, Christmas party and celebration with a smile. Diversity, hard workers and happy business people celebrating together after success, good finance or financial year at the company.
    Laptop, work and a business man at a startup working at a desk in an open office with documents. Teamwork, planning and internet research, a manager at a company with a team talking in background.
    Happy, motivation and selfie with office friends together for seminar or team building workshop. Business people with friendly, joyful and positive relationship for healthy workforce culture.
    Team hands in support and unity with diversity group of businesspeople in meeting in office. Motivation, trust and teamwork with business professionals success and target or goal together at work
    Online consult, remote appointment and waving with a female doctor discussing treatment and care with a laptop in her office. Healthcare, medicine and advice with a friendly medical practitioner
    Team laptop and partnership celebration success at corporate company meeting online in office. Business deal achievement and employees excited for professional merger together at diverse enterprise.

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    Architect hands working on architecture design, blueprint or floor plan engineering with paper, pencil and planning in office. Business teamwork industry workers collaboration on project development
    Architecture hands, 3d blueprint project and construction development for building renovation, contractor strategy and industrial designer. Creative meeting for engineering, sketch proposal and plan
    Architect teamwork, building engineer or designer on laptop talking, meeting or planning 3d model architecture design. Working developer or diversity people with property pitch for real estate vision
    Hands of architecture blueprint design, 3d property construction building and engineering model planning. Creative team collaboration on floor plan sketch, drawing development and industrial project
    Architecture tools, construction stationery and building planning for industrial engineering, 3d property development and industry design in a creative studio. Drawing equipment to sketch and measure
    Mockup of architect laptop and planning blueprint, helmet and tools on desk overlay for future architecture building design. Double exposure engineer or construction worker office workplace workspace

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    Thumbs up, team success and diversity of office employee team happy and motivation of teamwork. Thank you, winner and yes hand sign of business workers smile doing a collaboration and corporate goal
    Business people working in an office together, doing interview and talking in meeting at work. Group of professional colleagues, workers and employees in common area, hiring and planning with laptop
    Diversity work selfie of team with a smile happy about teamwork collaboration and office support. Job friends and digital marketing employee business group posing with a peace hand sign and community
    Portrait, relax and happy business people waiting on break reading books or magazines. Resting, relaxing and team of workers in recruitment room or lobby together at company, office or workplace.
    Selfie, diversity and teamwork with happy business people showing peace sign in startup office. Positive workplace and employee engagement for motivation with healthy staff in a fun work environment
    Post it, marketing schedule and teamwork collaboration in creative office with target audience research, kpi data and information. Black woman and man planning business growth with brand vision idea

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    Sexual harassment or inappropriate touch by a businessman on a female employee by putting his hand on her. Unhappy and awkward female coworker feeling uncomfortable due to behavior in the office
    Funny, silly and goofy business woman being playful, joking and having fun with laughing colleagues in an office. Crazy, cheerful and amusing female with humor entertaining happy coworkers at work
    Selfie with fun friends in the office, working together as a team of business people and professional colleagues. Closeup portrait of a diverse corporate group with a mindset and mission of growth
    Laughing, funny and happy creatives browsing digital tablet while relaxing on beanbag in trendy startup office. Colleagues enjoying fun break, watching hilarious video and joke on social media online
    Happy, smiling and excited businesspeople clapping hands, celebrating success and showing motivation in a meeting in an office at work. Colleagues enjoying, expressing agreement and congratulating
    Covid vaccine, safety and health colleagues with plaster after vaccination for business office protocol or policy and protection against the virus. Smiling workers standing together, showing support

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    Professional, disabled business woman in wheelchair reading documents, writing or making notes on office desk sitting by laptop. Female entrepreneur with disability doing contract paperwork with pen.
    Creative intern browsing online with a tablet, listening to music on wireless headphones. Female on a break sitting on bean bags in a casual office space to improve creativity, work and mindfulness
    Serious, young design student relaxing and reading or listening to music in break room in startup office, with colleagues. Modern creative designer working on tablet in casual informal business
    Happy, motivation and smiling for selfie on phone while having fun and sitting together as a team during break. Diverse and carefree group of female office colleagues posing for social media post
    Working on tablet in meeting, holding phone and networking with colleagues in an office at work. Closeup of hands of business people checking emails, planning online and browsing the internet
    Happy business woman on mobile phone, online communication with smile and typing email on 5g smartphone at an office outside at work. Manager and corporate worker on website and internet app

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    Team, architect engineer and planning building 3d model in meeting with logistics, diversity and teamwork for real estate. Business people working with architecture, construction and house design.
    Hands, blueprint and engineering team working on a design plan for a building in the site office. Industry workers, teamwork and architecture paperwork illustration for planning a industrial project.
    Talking architects, building engineers or designers meeting, talking and planning residential 3D model structure design. Diverse group or team of professionals sharing vision innovation in boardroom
    Building blueprint, architecture and engineering team planning a real estate development project. Teamwork, collaboration and diversity of engineer group working together on interior house logistics
    Architects, designers and engineers working together as a team on construction plans and blueprints while using laptop in creative office. Planning and design while discussing our vision for project
    Creative engineering designer discuss building plans in a corporate business. Measure tape on a table or desk in an architecture company office with engineer employee consulting in the background