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Older male bookstore owner using a phone inside. Senior latino man browsing online to search for a novel in a community library or shop near shelves. Mature smiling librarian taking a break at work - Stock Photo

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    Series: Human Nature (307)


    Closeup of the face of a happy male with hope in his eye. Portrait of a man's eyeball staring into the distance and thinking about a positive memory. Zoom in detail of a joyful mature person
    Portrait of a beautiful smiling woman looking happy outside. Face closeup of a young trendy female enjoying exploring and laughing in the city street. Headshot of a cheerful tourist with blonde hair
    The face of a woke black woman thinking about social injustices. Portrait of half of an African female volunteers head with copyspace. A confident and stylish lady with clear skin
    Excited exchange student ready for new adventures. Alluring young girl keeping warm in a stylish jacket on a winter day in the city. Happy young traveler explores a new destination on a windy day.
    Closeup portrait of stylish retro male with grey hair and stern expression, with a calm and collected attitude about life. Face portrait of a serious mature man with a full beard standing in a room
    A young confident businessman smiling with copy space. Portrait of a proud and happy man’s one half face with copyspace. A successful male entrepreneur satisfied with his business
    A senior woman with dental issues and yellow teeth due to unhealthy habits. Closeup of an old female with bad oral hygiene in need of a dentist checkup. A mature person with a decaying smile
    Closeup of mature hipster man with stylish, elegant and classy beard showing a cheerful, friendly expression and standing in a city. Headshot, face and portrait of a smiling and fashionable gentleman
    A happy and successful business man or real estate agent standing in a building. Portrait of male or realtor selling homes and houses smiling and laughing delighted with his success
    Fit man looking positive and ready to exercise or workout. Feeling good and living an active healthy lifestyle. Portrait of a sporty young man wearing a cap, smiling and working out in an urban city
    Portrait of a woman with an intense stare blinking while looking focused and thinking of ideas with a copy space background. Face and eyes of a serious female feeling awake and aware with perception
    Closeup of a woman testing her vision and eyesight at the optometrist. Zoom in on a female blinking during an optometry appointment to check her eyes and get prescription glasses or contact lenses
    Group of cheerful friends taking a selfie with a phone in the city. Happy and joyful women being carefree, making faces and taking a photo on the weekend in town. Girls having fun and making memories
    A group of friends on holiday making a selfie with a phone outside in a city. Trendy and stylish females taking pictures together while on summer vacation to post on social media
    Closeup of the eyes of a senior man smiling while enjoying retirement. A happy mature man looking back on fond memories with a joyful facial expression. Male pensioner expressing joy with a smile
    Closeup face of fashionable woman showing cheerful facial expression in city. Portrait of young, trendy or shy lady blushing while enjoying a day downtown. Sequence of trendy, cool and stylish woman
    A stylish man browsing social media news using his phone outdoors in the city. Trendy male hipster with a beard searching the internet and laughing at clickbait on his cellphone outside an urban town
    Portrait of a young university student standing in front of a library bookshelf. Caucasian female ready to do academic research for a thesis report and read literature for a successful education
    Closeup eyes of a man staring and blinking while looking focused, thinking of ideas. Man with blurry vision trying to see clearly and feel awake. Blue eyed man doing test during optometry appointment
    A happy and successful businessman or real estate agent against a beige background. Portrait of male or realtor selling homes and houses smiling and laughing delighted with his success
    Closeup portrait of a woman eyes with a stare of focus and drive. Young calm female with beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes. Face of a caucasian lady testing her vision at the optometrist for eyecare
    Closeup of a woman staring with hope for humanity. Face and blue eyes of happy young female blinking and smiling while thinking of ideas and daydreaming of a happy memory. Awake and aware to observe
    Portrait of a woman laughing and smiling with copy space. Closeup of face of a beautiful young female with a carefree expression, looking happy and joyful. Loving her life and the freedom of youth
    Portrait of businesswoman smiling, showing friendly facial expression while standing alone in an office. Headshot and face of a young, confident and happy university or college student and graduate
    Closeup of blue eye on medical paramedic looking forward with an intense and serious stare while thinking about a past trauma. Stressed man suffering from ptsd from healthcare experiences or the past
    Closeup of man with blue eyes gazing, blinking and daydreaming of ideas. Face of a serious and anxious guy looking worried while perceiving the world, pondering decisions and thinking of the future
    Portrait of a confident business man and real estate agent standing in an empty house on show. Face of a happy and friendly entrepreneur smiling and laughing. Realtor selling property with success
    Portrait of a senior woman staring with hope for humanity. Closeup of a grandma with reading glasses for vision correction. Face and eyes of a wise lady thinking of a happy memory while daydreaming
    Closeup face of a senior woman wearing glasses and laughing while out in the city. Portrait of a playful elderly lady feeling cheerful and joyful while out traveling against an urban background.
    Serious old woman with glasses outside. Portrait of grey haired female with grumpy and skeptical look on face. A conservative and judgemental republican that is disapproving and unhappy
    A stylish senior woman that enjoys fashion standing outside in a city. Portrait of an edgy old female with a bright smile on a sunny day. A happy and youthful retired pensioner with a vibrant style
    A stylish senior woman staring into the distance and thinking of her retirement. Portrait of a trendy old female standing outside in a city. A mature lady serious about her fashion and style
    Group of cheerful friends taking a selfie with a phone in the city. Happy and joyful women being carefree, making faces and taking a photo on the weekend in town. Girls having fun and making memories
    A trendy senior woman browsing social media on her phone smiling and laughing at the viral content. Old female searching the internet for funny memes on her cellphone outside a city
    A young stylish black female student using her phone to read social media news outdoors in the city. A happy African woman browsing the internet on her cellphone standing on campus

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