Stock Photo - Video call, phone and sign language with woman and grandmother on sofa in living room for communication, connection and digital. Online, waving hands to daughter for conversation on screen at home

Video call, phone and sign language with woman and grandmother on sofa in living room for communication, connection and digital. Online, waving hands to daughter for conversation on screen at home - Stock Photo

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    Series: Our Perfect Retirement House (112)


    Couple, ring and engagement video call announcement with happy man and woman sharing good news with senior mother. Love, romance and message of exciting event during lockdown, talking and celebrating
    Senior couple sign property insurance contract or deal. Claim pension for retirement and live their life together. Financial advisor from law firm makes best offer, feeling happy and smiling
    Morning, man working and computer work of a senior male in a home kitchen. Elderly pension person with technology, internet and web email drinking orange juice thinking and reading online information
    Depression, support and elderly couple hug, comfort and hope after cancer diagnosis or bad news in home. Empathy, help and love with senior man and woman embracing, hope, unity and relationship care
    Married couple, holding hands or support in marriage therapy, mental health counseling or love bond trust. Zoom on wedding ring, man or woman in security, empathy or help for husband with depression
    Phone, communication and video call of a senior woman talking to a man at a family home. Mobile, digital and web online conversation of a mother and son using technology to blow a kiss at a house
    Video call of senior woman talking to young lady with smartphone, in love with social media or modern tech and saying wow. 5G technology connect friends with global streaming, video and communication
    Face, retirement and beauty of senior woman touching skin, aging beautiful or facial massage. Fountain of youth, skincare secret and retired elderly female moisturizing or touching hair at home.
    Wow, surprise and woman on a phone video call at home on a social network app on the internet to gossip on good news. Communication, omg and senior person shocked at talking to an old retired friend
    Happy senior couple, retirement and dancing together in love, care and bonding time in happiness at home. Elderly retired man and woman sharing a dance in sweet joyful romance for relationship
    Video call, mother, and daughter wave and kiss on phone at college or university. Technology, communication and family on smartphone. Internet, wifi and happy woman calling mom in living room at home
    Senior couple doing a heart shape with their hands while relaxing together in a modern home. Portrait, smile and happy elderly man and woman in retirement showing the love sign while sitting on sofa.
    Senior woman and makeup powder for face beauty with facial brush for pink cheek skin tint. Beautiful and mature elderly lady with wrinkles and cosmetic tool for skincare fashion routine.
    Video call, senior couple and phone communication on a mobile web conversation with wow reaction. Happy marriage of elderly people together talking using technology in a home living room lounge sofa
    Elderly couple drink champagne or wine on a sofa in their living room at their modern house. Happy, positive and laughing senior people in retirement with luxury alcohol relaxing on a couch in home.
    Dance, music and senior couple dancing in the living room space together in celebration of a happy marriage. House, healthy and elderly woman enjoy being active with her retired and mature husband
    Happy senior woman, face and smile at home in joyful happiness for success. Portrait of a elderly white female in retirement smiling with positive look on life in healthy wellbeing in a house
    Senior couple, vision and relaxing in conversation looking at home together for retirement. Happy elderly retired man and woman talking, speaking or discussing future plans smiling in commitment
    Senior, man and smile of a person in a house laughing with happiness. Portrait of a happy man face wrinkles smiling in a home feeling life gratitude, peace and calm mindset with a blur background
    Retirement and senior couple dance to music to celebrate trust, romantic love and care in home living room together. Retired elderly dancer man and woman happy dancing with joy, smile and happiness
    Real estate handshake, agreement and contract of senior couple with property realtor or financial advisor. Happy people in a new home with a smile ready to sign insurance or pension paperwork
    Social distance, vacation and video call with family, grandmother with smartphone on call with girls on holiday. Senior woman waving, talking and smiling with grandchildren having fun
    Wave, phone and woman on video call communication with grand children swimming in ocean, sea or lake water. Talk, discussion and happy senior or elderly lady on digital smartphone video conversation
    Video call, family and happy couple with engagement and proposal announcement for senior mother on the phone. Senior woman, zoom video conference screen and distance communication with 5g network
    Senior woman use sign language, for communication on video call or chat with black woman. Deaf lady in retirement express love with hand signal, in video conference on phone with friend or family
    Woman talking video call phone screen at home, mobile communication and virtual social media network with apps. Senior grandma speaking to black girl, family and friends online while wave hello
    Grandma talking to baby on video call phone screen, mobile communication and virtual network app at home. Senior woman speaking to young grandchild, kid and cute happy newborn online with hello wave
    Senior, video call and mother talking to a daughter on vacation with phone communication at home. Family mobile conversation of a woman on a beach while a mom wave on technology on a house couch
    Senior couple, peace and sleep while lying in bed to relax, nap and rest during free time in retirement at home. Old insomnia woman struggling to fall asleep next to her man in their bedroom
    Love, couple and face with a senior woman hugging a man in their home and feeling excited together. Joy, retirement and romance with an elderly wife and husband embracing in their house with a smile
    Retirement, marriage couple and a sad hug for support and comfort with emotional news in house. Elderly man holding depressed wife to express love and care for her grief in nursing home.
    Sad senior couple hug, gives support and love after hearing bad news leaving them depressed. Elderly caucasian woman providing comfort, care and empathy after cancer diagnosis as they stick together
    Mature couple dancing at home together for love, relax and intimate calm day. Retirement people, smile married partners and happy marriage with romantic slow dance, special bond and care relationship
    Smile, video call and senior couple on a phone while relaxing on a sofa in the library in their home. Happy, marriage and calm elderly man and woman on a mobile conversation while sitting on a couch.
    Mature couple, dance and love bond in house living or home interior for fun, playful or celebration. Smile, happy or comic man and senior woman in waltz for marriage anniversary, retirement and trust