Stock Photo - Accident, insurance and clumsy man dropping down a laptop while working in outdoors in a park. Surprised and shocked male with misfortune breaking his computer while sitting on a bench outside

Accident, insurance and clumsy man dropping a laptop while working in outdoors in a park. Surprised, shocked and upset man breaking his computer while sitting on a bench outside - Stock Photo

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    Busy, clumsy and stressed business man losing his paperwork outdoors in a rush to get to work. A careless employee walking in the city and talking on a phone call is running late in the morning
    Casual travel or a man carrying a suitcase and slowly walking to a hotel or airport in the city of London. Back view of a male with bags or luggage in an urban town traveling for a holiday
    Fun businessman enjoying listening to music and walking in modern corporate business area. Young African American male enjoying motivation audio in urban city downtown after successful day at work
    Traveling businessman carrying suitcase and phone on business travel, walking or commuting to airport in modern city street. Texting corporate professional with luggage, suitcase or baggage overseas
    Happy, laughing and reading on tablet after receiving an email about good news or new job opportunity in city. Business man satisfied and grateful for success on growing investment using mobile app
    Serious, corporate and reading business man looking at text on phone, commuting to work with bicycle and searching for location in the city. Young, professional and black employee looking at gps
    Casual man reading text on phone, typing a message and checking social media while standing in the city alone. Serious black male browsing internet, chatting online and looking for location downtown
    Talking, walking and casual man on a phone call looking and checking his watch for the time outdoors. Male walk and talk in a urban town having a conversation and discussing his morning and day
    Accident, insurance and clumsy man dropping a laptop while working in outdoors in a park. Surprised, shocked and upset man breaking his computer while sitting on a bench outside
    Hands typing on phone sending business email, text message or playing online games close up. Corporate businessman on social media or browsing internet for fake news on digital mobile device.
    Serious, casual and relaxed man typing text on phone, browsing social media and checking notifications while sitting on a bench in a park. Male entrepreneur and guy reading and replying to emails
    Cool, trendy businessman texting on phone, typing message or sending location on social media while walking to work in the city. Corporate man using text communication app with background copy space
    Man reading the news on a phone, drinking coffee while walking to work. Professional worker smiling while texting, browsing social media and chatting online. Guy starting his day with online updates
    Businessman texting on phone, typing email message or business communication and using modern online chat app. Corporate professional sending important text on cellphone closeup and bokeh background
    Closeup of feet walking over a public crossing, zebra cross and urban street in a city or town. A casual male walk on white lines during a green light and follow road rules and safety outside
    Businessman spilling coffee, dropping phone and paperwork while rushing, walking and talking on a call in the city. Troubled, embarrassed, and busy young guy accidentally badly tripping in the street
    Happy, carefree and freedom feeling of a city business man enjoying the morning sun outside. Corporate worker with a positive mindset and open arms ready to start the day with happiness and success
    Excited, happy and celebrating while on phone, receiving a message about good news or work promotion. Business man feeling cheerful after victory winning the lottery or growing investment in the city
    Excited, happy black man on phone, celebrating success receiving positive, good news or work promotion. Business man making yes hand gesture after victory or winning lottery, standing in the city.
    Businessman with suitcase or luggage, walking to destination while on a business trip in a modern, urban city street. Low angle legs of a professional formal man with travel baggage arriving overseas
    Distracted businessman dropping laptop while on a phone call, checking for damage while working in the park. Male entrepreneur making conversation and having an accident with pc
    Clumsy business man talking on phone call, spilling coffee on laptop and working in park. Distracted male entrepreneur making a mess, having an accident with technology and calling insurance for pc
    Happy, winning and excited businessman on phone call with yes expression or gesture receiving good news, promotion or job opportunity. Male entrepreneur cheering, celebrating great business success
    Young professional texting on a phone, eating and walking in a city, reading social media news on his daily commute to work. Hungry worker enjoying an easy breakfast while having an online chat
    Trendy, stylish businessman on a phone call checking time, schedule or making business appointment and looking busy outdoors on a bench. A corporate professional man talking on a cellphone in a park
    Handsome, man or businessman on headphones walking in town while texting on his phone. Successful, entrepreneur and professional worker walks through the street with his mobile after a long days work
    Trendy businessman texting on phone smiling, looking happy, successful after receiving good news while outside in urban city. A stylish corporate professional with a cellphone checking email message
    Closeup of formal, serious and confident African businessman with arms crossed outdoors. Successful male corporate businessperson standing against urban background of modern office building
    Running late, talking on phone and eating lunch while checking watch, feeling stressed or in hurry to get back to work. Rushing and anxious entrepreneur in a city missing a morning office appointment
    Handsome businessman browsing a tablet outside on a park bench. Serious male scrolling on a social media app while relaxing alone in a park. Trendy young professional guy checking emails online
    Talking on phone, walking or commuting to work on a morning while networking, negotiating deal and discussing with clients. Business man, entrepreneur or leader traveling in city and checking watch
    Happy man texting and celebrating good news while walking in the city. Cheering man showing winning gesture after reading an email about a new job or promotion. Guy excited about positive feedback
    Business man, entrepreneur and boss walking and traveling in an empty street in an urban city on a sunny morning outdoors. Closeup on legs and feet of a professional, corporate and formal manager
    Closeup of male corporate executive pulling suitcase, walking to the city airport terminal to travel for a business trip. Formal entrepreneur crossing the street with luggage headed to hotel or home.
    Corporate business man typing text on phone, reading a message and thinking while standing in the city before work. Professional employee smiling, scrolling on social media and updating status online