Stock Photo - Writing, notes and paper for finance business strategy, planning and making calculations with calculator in office at work. Closeup of hands of an accountant calculating a budget and doing paperwork

Construction manager working on budget, planning business strategy and making finance calculations at work. Closeup of hands of engineer or architect calculating and doing paperwork - Stock Photo

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    Construction manager working on budget, planning business strategy and making finance calculations at work. Closeup of hands of engineer or architect calculating and doing paperwork
    Stress, anxiety and worry with an architect, builder or contractor suffering from a headache or migraine. Engineer working on his laptop, design planning and struggling to make a deadline
    Closeup of the hands of an engineer or architect on a phone typing, reading email or on social media. Focused African guy using apps on a mobile, web surfing online, and searching for information.
    Thinking, serious and bald African American businessman or entrepreneur planning business strategy budget. Modern man with finance issues or financial problems doing taxes, loan and debt payments.
    Busy professional and creative design architect engineer, drawing on building planning blueprints and working on laptop. Employee working on architecture construction site plans at modern office
    Hands typing, web search and working business man on a work computer busy with architecture data. Online planning, digital research and internet browsing of a male architect writing a project indoors
    Architect, engineer and designer drawing, drafting and measuring blueprint plans for a building project. Closeup on hands of planner developing layout, sketch and plan for a construction development
    Engineer designing a blueprint on a laptop, typing design ideas and layout plan online. Architecture, building model and construction project for industrial workers who are innovative.
    Busy engineer talking and working on project management while looking at design plan for contract work inside a building. Communication, planning and organizing work of a modern construction worker
    Planning, designing and drawing architect talking on a phone call and working in a modern office building. African American male engineer doing a construction plan project on a blueprint
    Architect, engineer, construction manager typing at desk while checking his phone. Worker checking site update or progress on project team. Multitasking professional engineering management.
    Planning, paperwork and talking architect on phone call, networking and discussing building plan at work alone. Logistics worker, employee or handyman designing a blueprint and working on a project
    A male engineer talking on the phone, happy and smiling in an office, at a desk with blueprints and equipment. A successful African architect on a call confirming designs for a construction project.
    Engineer, technician and contractor talking on phone while busy multitasking on a construction site. Building manager, architect or foreman on a call with his client about renovations and deadline
    Architect, building engineer or construction worker looking at plans and blueprints and talking on a radio. Male contractor planning, instructing and giving orders while working on a build site
    Professional male engineer doing a drawing for a project at his desk in his modern office. Construction manager working on architect blueprint plans. Industry worker working on a sketch design.
    Architect or engineer hands drawing design plans or blueprint for a home or business architecture close up. Professional African American busy planning for future building project at an office desk
    Architect, building planner or construction worker typing on a laptop, planning and drawing blueprints for a building or construction project. Replying, reading and sending email of new development.
    Hands of professional design, architect engineer drawing with graphic tools, construction plans blueprint. Closeup of an industrial designer working on illustration for new modern building project
    Architect hands typing on a laptop, planning and drawing blueprints for a building or construction project. Reading, sending or replying to an email while renovating or remodelling a new development
    Builder, contractor and technician talking on radio transmitter walkie talkie while managing construction project. Engineer with communication for building plan, industrial logistics and maintenance
    Construction worker, building contractor or engineer talking on a phone while working on a build site. Young male builder answering a call while planning a renovation, remodel or new development
    Architect, building planner or construction worker writing and drawing on plans or blueprints. Architecture and planning with a design professional at work on schematics for remodelling or renovation
    Notes, writing and construction work ideas at the desk in the office. Architect, model and engineering plan for estate owner. Closeup of hands building designs and innovative structure on paper.
    Phone, hands and communication with an architect, construction worker or building planner working in his office. Closeup of a business man reading or sending a text message while sitting at his desk
    Organized, serious and professional engineer, architect and designer thinking of ideas while planning solution in an office. Drawing, drafting and measuring blueprint plans for construction project
    Work, files and documents of building or architectural plans on an office table with contractor. Architect, building planner or construction worker reading an engineering document to analyze plans
    Architect, technician and civil engineer putting on his hardhat for safety and getting ready to start a project. Male construction site worker planning and organizing with wireless technology
    Young construction manager working on a laptop at his desk while speaking on a communication radio.Professional industry worker planning projects in his office. Contractor putting on his hardhat.
    Stressed, tired businessman with headache pain looking exhausted and anxious. Corporate worker with anxiety feeling burnout and overworked during work crisis or failing to reach deadline closeup