Stock Photo - Tired, frustrated and bored businessman working on a laptop and checking his phone in an office. Professional manager reading company staff documents on a computer at his corporate job.

Tired, frustrated and bored businessman working on a laptop and checking his phone in an office. Professional manager reading company staff documents on a computer at his corporate job. - Stock Photo

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    Phone, communication and networking with the hands of a business man texting or typing at work. Contact us, social media and email with 5g mobile technology and a male employee working in the office
    Networking, communication and business man hand with 5g network, social and typing on smartphone app. Man with technology planning schedule, writing email or using contact us page on website.
    Hand or fist of angry, frustrated and stress businessman in a work office. Corporate employee upset, furious and conflict while feeling violence, anger or fight at a workplace after conflict at work
    Phone, communication and networking with a business man talking on a call and laughing in his office at work. Smile, happy and positive male employee in funny conversation on a mobile with a laugh
    Business, technology and working hands on laptop and phone multitasking at work in a corporate office. Professional worker typing email or tasks on a computer keyboard at a desk at the workplace.
    Angry, frustrated and stress businessman talking on phone call, confused about corporate problem and depressed about debt in conversation. Employee speaking about mmanagement mistake in work office
    Shoes, fashion and hands with a business man getting ready and dressed for work in the living room of his home. Motivation, success and confident with a male employee tying his laces in the house
    Tired, frustrated and bored businessman working on a laptop and checking his phone in an office. Professional manager reading company staff documents on a computer at his corporate job.
    Hands, business person and leather shoes for formal corporate career man with expensive style. Designer footwear for stylish, elegant and professional person with classy fashion choice.
    Networking, management and phone call by happy business man talking in corporate office, smiling and planning with a client. Handsome professional discussing a goal and strategy, enjoying his career
    Cardio, pain and heart attack by business man in health crisis, state of emergency, holding chest in an office. Entrepreneur suffering an extreme, painful pressure from stress and unhealthy lifestyle
    Stock market, anxiety and stress business man trading on laptop in a corporate office, reading result of financial crisis. Worried employee suffering depression, mistake and regret with investment
    Business hands, phone and laptop for typing keyboard, internet management and planning ideas, email and online report in office. Closeup corporate executive, boss and man working technology at desk
    Fashion, man or luxury suit for wedding, office interview or retail shopping. Zoom on hands, buttons or fabric style of businessman in finish tailor clothes, cleaning dust or dressing on home morning
    Stress, anxiety and frustration for angry businessman on the phone. Mental health, debt and investment loss, frustrated man shouting at smartphone after bad news about crypto or stock market crash.
    Happy, smile and laugh with the face of a business man laughing in his office at work. Success, funny and laughing with a corporate professional male employee in a suit with a positive mindset
    Business man, hands and phone for networking, office worker schedule and company team management. Zoom on manager, corporate ceo or businessman leader writing email on mobile communication technology
    Hand, nervous tick and stress with the fingers of a man twitching nervously in an office closeup. Fear, scared or nerves with a male feeling uncomfortable, uneasy or anxious while standing at work

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    Stress, work pressure and black man with boss on laptop typing, overwork or tired at office. Documents, exhausted and unhappy employee with workload from female leader, ceo or manager at company.
    Financial advisor reading a checklist and taking notes in a diary while working in an office alone. One serious male Asian finance manager organizing papers and documents for a client at work
    Working, collaboration and business workers with planning communication about a office strategy. Corporate black woman manager explain company agenda, data and marketing project documents to employee
    Planning business woman entrepreneur with phone call, laptop and document talking about marketing quote, FAQ or contact us information. Manager startup company in home office on cellphone and laptop
    Construction manager working on budget, planning business strategy and making finance calculations at work. Closeup of hands of engineer or architect calculating and doing paperwork
    Happy, confident and successful businesswoman holding files while doing admin in an office. Female executive and entrepreneur ready to work with a positive attitude. HR manager ready to do interview

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    Serious business man working alone in a modern office. Frustrated corporate manager looking through finance papers and worker documents. Stressed professional reading management information.
    Marketing agent thinking of global business branding ideas and creative solutions on visual aid board inside an office. Smiling, confident and ambitious manager, ceo or boss planning success strategy
    Male computer systems analyst working on a new software upgrade for reliable data management. Information Technology expert or specialist analyzing a document for a tech hardware project
    Two business people discussing paperwork and looking at a laptop screen together. Male manager mentor helping woman giving advice while working on project together while colleagues work in background
    Data analyst reading paperwork sitting marketing statistics reports. Serious businessman looking thoughtful while analyzing information and thinking of idea to be innovative for his next project
    Stressed financial manager talking on phone and irritated with staff underperformance while frantically searching for finance reports. Finance boss feeling angry while thinking of solution to problem