Stock Photo - Nature, summer and natural beauty, a black woman in a garden or park with a smile on her face. Youth, happiness and freedom, a happy outdoor lifestyle. Success, life and confidence, a girl laughing.

Nature, summer and natural beauty, a black woman in a garden or park with a smile on her face. Youth, happiness and freedom, a happy outdoor lifestyle. Success, life and confidence, a girl laughing. - Stock Photo

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    Nature, deep breath and woman portrait in calm and stress free environment mental awareness. Meditation, motivation and breathing exercise practice for girl with anxiety while outdoors.
    Green plants, garden and leaf texture of hand touching fern plant leaves in nature. Relax spring day with a woman in the sun with environmental growth and eco textures in a zen grass lawn park
    Woman with pain and medical shoulder injury after a fitness, health and sports run outdoor in nature. Healthy girl athlete giving a muscle a massage after a cardio running exercise during summer.
    Nature, fitness and woman with wrist exercise warm up for pain prevention with physical action. Sports girl doing muscle and joint inflammation check for outdoor activity training safety.
    Exercise, fitness and woman using asthma pump in workout, training and wellness while running in nature or park. Asma attack, inhaler and medical product for anxiety, stress and breathe health.
    Woman with music on wireless earphones in nature, audio podcast for fitness training motivation and streaming radio before exercise for health. Face of African athlete listening to track in workout
    Nature, hands and touching fern plant while on outdoor landscape walk in green woods environment. Sustainable, natural and organic plant leaves growing in peaceful forest scenery habitat.
    Pain, injury and physiotherapy with a woman athlete rubbing her knee after workout, fitness and exercise. Health, body and legs with a female running massaging her injured joint after a sports run
    Smartwatch for fitness training in nature, reading heart speed and sports workout progress on digital watch and typing on clock for motivation during exercise in garden. Cardio health and data check
    Fitness runner back pain, sport injury stress and hands massage body in outdoor wellness park. Female athlete hurt backache, arthritis spine support and medical first aid training help muscle joint
    Sports injury, neck massage and pain with woman athlete in pain after fitness training, running or workout. Physiotherapy, sore muscle and injured shoulder with female runner after exercise
    Sports injury, shoulder and runner muscle pain from workout problem, woman muscle inflammation and training risk. Tired, sore and uncomfortable athlete with arm, body and joint tension from exercise
    Woman massage neck pain, athlete sport injury and exercise muscle body fitness. Outdoor summer workout, medical emergency and healthy person wellness. Relax spine in nature and training accident
    Nature, flowers and spring garden with hands of woman with zen and calm hibiscus plant. Beautiful and sustainable bush with green leaves and conservation for anxiety, stress and a peaceful mind
    Hands, lavender flowers and nature garden for zen and calm aromatherapy plants medicine landscape. Beautiful and sustainable bush with herbal aroma for anxiety, stress and a peaceful mind.
    Wellness, happy and nature and fitness woman portrait enjoying the outdoor green, fresh and clean environment. Happy smile of a young active girl in a park with trees for health, exercise or workout
    Fitness, hair tie and nature runner in park, garden or environment background with trees for wellness health. Zoom on black woman head ready for running workout, training or sports exercise in forest
    Woman with music on wireless earphones for workout in nature, listening to radio during exercise in garden and streaming audio for fitness training in park. Happy athlete thinking with podcast
    Ears, earbuds and woman listening to music, audio or podcast on a bokeh mockup background. Streaming, earphone or headphones girl out in nature catching up on her favorite songs, radio or sound.
    Runner training with smartwatch in nature, check heart on app and reading motivation on digital clock during fitness workout in garden. Athlete running in park for exercise with technology for health
    Natural beauty, hair and environment with a beautiful woman fixing her bun while standing outside in nature surrounded by green trees and fresh air. Portrait of Brazilian female outside for wellness
    Hands, sports bra and fitness with a woman adjusting her top before a workout, exercise or training outside on a green background. Sport, health and ready with a female athlete moving her clothes
    Beauty, nature and vision, a black woman in a park with trees in the background. Feminism, strength and empowerment, a confident lady with outdoor lifestyle. Leadership, a strong and a proud woman.
    Nature, summer and natural beauty, a black woman in a garden or park with a smile on her face. Youth, happiness and freedom, a happy outdoor lifestyle. Success, life and confidence, a girl laughing.
    Natural beauty, face and environment with a beautiful woman with confidence outside in calm nature with green trees and peace. Portrait of a serious Brazilian female outside for mental wellness
    Black woman, smile and laughing in summer nature with natural beauty in happiness for the outdoors. Portrait of a happy female smiling face in joyful laugh of freedom, life and health success outside
    Massage, arm muscle and woman in pain with sports inflammation injury technique for relief. Self care and body wellness rehabilitation exercise treatment for muscular problem when active.
    Closeup of a woman on a phone typing a text message to her friends while standing outdoors. Girl networking or doing research on the internet, a mobile app or social media with a smartphone outside.
    Sports injury, arm muscle pain and massage for pain with woman athlete after fitness training, running or workout. Physiotherapy, sore and injured female runner closeup after outdoor exercise
    Hands, communication and 5g phone network of business, advertising and social media SEO networking on smartphone. Fingers of black woman or employee working on technology or mobile app
    Hands, typing and mobile connection in nature park with wireless connection for social media. Smartphone communication with 5g and secure internet when texting with digital device on commute.
    Happy woman on a health run outdoor in nature for wellness, exercise and happiness. Portrait of a beautiful lady taking a break while on a morning fitness walk in the garden for fun and fresh workout
    Woman, nature and turn around portrait with smile in park for exercise or recreation activity. Healthy, happy and positive girl outdoors for fitness walk or fresh air in garden landscape.
    Green fern, tropical and natural forest with trees, plants and shrubs for a nature background. Landscape of wilderness, environment and ecosystem outdoors. Rainforest, woods or greenery and tranquil
    Yellow daisy flower plant in woman hand for outdoor spring season gardening with growth or garden landscaping. Person touching flowers in a park or nature green environment for calm, relax and beauty

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    Woman checking her pulse with a smart watch while on a health, fitness and wellness run in nature. Active girl on a jog for a cardio exercise in an outdoor park with an activity tracker and towel.
    Brazilian woman, earphones and music in fitness workout, forest background training and nature park exercise. Face zoom, happy smile or runner with wellness sports goals, motivation and radio podcast
    Portrait of a woman on a fitness run in nature by a park for health, fresh air and exercise. Happy, healthy and athlete girl taking a break while on a outdoor jog or cardio training in summer.
    Meditation podcast, happy and breathing with woman for peace, calm and quiet spiritual wellness. Portrait breathe, fitness or yoga with young female and zen exercise practice outdoor nature park
    Podcast, fitness and a happy sport woman exercise in a park or forest, streaming music or radio and feeling proud. Portrait of athletic female smiling before a run in nature, enjoying online playlist
    Running pain, injury and woman runner with fitness muscle inflammation on a training run in a park. Workout, exercise and sport health joint injured on a sports cardio walk of a athlete in nature