Stock Photo - Wow face, phone communication and black woman reading happy email on internet on technology, business networking online and surprise on mobile app chat. Creative designer person excited on web

Wow face, phone communication and black woman reading happy email on internet on technology, business networking online and surprise on mobile app chat. Creative female designer excited on web - Stock Photo

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    Series: It Girl (31)

    Black woman, online shopping and ecommerce mobile phone payment on credit card, mobile money and internet finance at home. Happy, young and smile african person for easy fintech smartphone technology
    Relax, freedom and black woman on living room sofa to sleeping, happy break and apartment rest. Young, smile and content african american person in lounge for comfortable weekend, day off and leisure
    Laughing black woman, talking phone call and funny conversation, communication and speaking at home mobile technology. Happy, face and young person, smile and contact discussion on house smartphone
    Confused black woman, angry reading email on laptop and stress with entrepreneur work problem while working from home. Upset, frustrated and mistake African person with fail results from exam
    Happy black woman, video call and laptop on sofa in the living room in conversation, meeting and smile at home. African female alone in happiness explaining, talking and presentation on a computer
    Black woman, phone or digital marketing for social media company, startup or creative office. Confused, thinking and working employee learning internet strategy, brand growth data and survey research
    Anxiety, breathing and stress business woman with laptop reading email for fail, job loss or bad report online in living room home. Depressed and shocked entrepreneur with sad news or mistake review
    Coffee drink, relax and black woman in house, happy with tea and motivation in the morning. Face of African girl smelling latte, smile with vision and happiness thinking with cappuccino in home
    Happy black woman, relax and coffee at cafe in calm, joy and aroma drinking a warm beverage. African female relaxing with hot drink, tea or caffeine in joyful happiness and smile in comfort indoors
    Black woman on a phone call getting good news or gossip in the living room at her home. Happy, excited and African girl having a cheerful mobile conversation with her friends on a smartphone.
    Relax, black woman drink coffee or tea in creative business, design company or corporate worker with smile and zen. Happy face, success or motivation with leader enjoying cafe, latte or espresso
    Social media, confused black woman with phone or reading shocking text, email or message. Confusion, problem or disappointed African female on smartphone, cellphone or mobile receiving bad news.
    Happy african woman talking on a phone call while relaxing on her cozy sofa at home. Cheerful black female with smile laugh while communication and funny conversation with a contact on 5g mobile
    Sleep, relax and black woman on a sofa, couch or in lounge, living room or at house. Comfort, rest and relaxation with an African lady in her home enjoying new comfortable, comfy and cozy furniture.
    Black woman, coffee or relax in house living room or home interior with innovation vision ideas. Zoom on smile, happy face or zen person in traditional scarf thinking or smelling tea drink in lounge
    Communication, typing and hands of girl in phone social media text conversation about global news, politics or celebrity gossip. Black woman writing email, internet or web search on mobile smartphone
    Online shopping, credit card and phone of a woman from Kenya happy about ecommerce purchase. Internet, mobile and web app scroll of a African female typing banking details lying on a home sofa
    Idea, laptop and girl thinking of social media content writing article for story on digital marketing growth. Black woman, worker or employee working for startup online newspaper business or company
    African black woman reading stress online technology bad news on laptop sitting on living room couch. Unhappy Nigeria girl with 404 risk problem email on notebook and fear of internet glitch virus
    Black woman, phone call and communication in house living room and relax home interior in technology. Zoom on happy smile, networking person with fashion turban or cool clothes and mobile
    Relax, rest and stretching with black woman on sofa in living room comfortable, sitting and lifestyle. Stress free, peace and lounge with happy young female lying on couch for break or weekend
    Coffee break, relax and black woman in creative business or design agency enjoying her free time with a cup of tea or espresso. Happy african professional worker with a mug drinking a beverage
    Freelance woman, video call and laptop with a happy African woman talking during a zoom conference at home. Long distance female enjoying communication, connection and virtual contact on the internet
    Wow face, phone communication and black woman reading happy email on internet on technology, business networking online and surprise on mobile app chat. Creative female designer excited on web
    Stress, anxiety and confused with a woman doing tax, an audit or struggling with debt in a financial crisis. Worry, mental health and problems with a young female working on a laptop in her home
    Black woman drinking coffee, tea and happy thinking for home comfort, relax and carefree rest. Living room, smile and laughing young african person sipping on warm cup, fresh mug and hot beverage
    Laptop webinar, black woman or waving for workshop, video conference or zoom meeting in house living room. Happy student on education presentation training in house interior distance learning study
    Black woman, laptop and online shopping work from home, technology and internet website. Young african freelancer, happy blog and apartment living room planning, email reading and virtual learning
    Black woman drinking coffee, tea and happy smell for home comfort, relax and carefree rest. Living room, smile and satisfaction young african person sipping on warm cup, fresh mug and hot beverage
    Startup, phone call and happy black woman in business talking to a client on a phone, smile while discussing goal. Young corporate employee sharing vision or mission for strategy, feeling positive
    Confused face black woman, reading phone and social media, online and notification. African, question and angry young female thinking why, fake news mobile media and frustrated internet web gossip
    4k video footage of a young businessman delivering a presentation at a conference
    Fashion call center agent or sales business woman with headset, computer and office desk. Happy, young telemarketing ecommerce advisor or website manager communication for contact us website agency
    Email hands, laptop work and woman working on research on the internet, planning online website and communication on the web in house. Remote entrepreneur doing telework on pc for job in home
    4k video footage of a young businesswoman talking on a cellphone while working on a laptop in an office
    4k video footage of an attractive young businesswoman suffering from a headache while using her laptop in her office
    4k video footage of two businesswomen shaking hands in a modern office

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    Conference, presentation or workshop with an audience of business people learning new growth strategy. Hands of a speaker talking at a trade show or leadership event giving a speech
    Sticky note, communication and teamwork collaboration from women marketing team planning social media advertising strategy. Business partnership working on idea for girl empowerment campaign
    Phone call, business networking and black woman with online communication, discussion or talking logistics, b2b marketing or negotiation. Corporate office worker or client with cellphone conversation
    E commerce, laptop and girl on video call communication talking about product design, shipping or packaging. Ecommerce, business and black woman consulting or explain online shopping sale delivery
    Phone call time, business networking and black woman reading on watch, planning meeting on mobile and communication on tech at work. Company manager happy with contact schedule during conversation
    Communication, training and question from worker to manager about company advertising project. Learning student girl working at startup marketing business consulting leader, management or coach