Stock Photo - Business woman planning a project with technology in her corporate modern office. Indian girl with a professional career doing research on the internet or working on a web design on a computer.

Business woman planning a project with technology in her corporate modern office. Indian girl with a professional career doing research on the internet or working on a web design on a computer. - Stock Photo

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    Woman at a computer, writing an email or blog at a desk in the office. Technology, communication and success, girl at startup networking online. Worker doing an internet search for ecommerce company.
    Home video call, manager meeting team online and virtual interview. Business woman at home, conversation end and people working. Coach speaking, happy staff member and internet communication
    Woman doing stretch from online work on computer, taking a break from working. Businesswoman stretching for posture, fitness and health in home office for balance and stress relief
    Phone, search and woman on social media via the internet to chat online and look at viral content and trends. Post it, happy and young Indian girl browsing and scrolling on a fun network app or web
    Meditation, peace and zen woman in house living room yoga for reiki energy, mental health wellness or mind training in lockdown. Indian person in holistic, calm or morning spiritual breathing in home
    Woman typing on social media with phone, reading chat on mobile app online and communication with people on the internet with smartphone in house. Smile, happy and relax Indian girl on technology
    Business woman influencer on video call in office for social media content creation talking on internet of happy career job. Digital marketing gen z entrepreneur live streaming her company workplace
    Business woman planning a project with technology in her corporate modern office. Indian girl with a professional career doing research on the internet or working on a web design on a computer.
    Working, happy and smile of a business woman from India at home doing online work. Portrait of a corporate worker feeling happiness, success and proud of career and job growth in her home office
    Face, smile and education with a female student studying online from home for a university or college exam. Portrait of a young pupil doing homework or research on the internet for a school project
    Portrait, smile and happy Indian student typing an email proposal for a university application online. Girl, smiling and young woman busy working on a college scholarship letter to study on campus
    Happy Indian woman on her phone, social media or online search looking at viral videos at home. Young girl on mobile, smartphone or cellphone on an app, reading chat or internet web scrolling.
    Social media, meme and phone in the hands of a happy woman laughing and browsing online with wifi and technology. Contact us, web and email with a young female surfing the internet in a living room
    Happy girl with phone relax on sofa or living room couch while laughing or smile at a meme. Young woman with mobile at home, house or apartment doing a internet or web search for funny comedy videos
    Happy woman, smile and portrait of Indian girl feeling content and showing a positive attitude at home. Young female smiling and showing her beautiful face and enjoying her free time in her apartment
    Stretching, office desk and woman with computer for website design, seo marketing or copywriting planning, working hard. Tired, burnout and creative graphic designer with overtime on ux ui web design
    Social media phone, relax woman and reading chat on mobile app on the sofa in home, communication on internet and connection online with smartphone on couch. Young Indian girl on web with tech
    Video call meeting, computer screen and business people communication online at international, global company in marketing IT tech. Virtual zoom webinar collaboration conversation of woman and man
    Fashion, design and computer with a woman designer writing creative notes in her notebook at work. Internet, technology and website with a young female employee working at her desk in a modern office
    Creative website designer woman at computer or desktop pc working on internet SEO for digital marketing agency. Remote, work from home girl or freelance copywriter employee of online tech company
    Woman talking on phone call in house, communication on smartphone and relax with conversation on cellphone on sofa in home. Happy, smile and Indian girl relax speaking on technology
    Videocall, social media and flirty business influencer live streaming in new office space, happy kiss. Excited indian entrepreneur sharing good news of success with career goal for online followers
    Business woman typing on computer keyboard for copywriting, email newsletter in public relations, digital marketing or project management. Corporate girl on PC working on social media website report
    Woman team manager, online video call meeting with business man and working together. Virtual communication app, CEO leader coaching job, professional conversation and computer screen technology
    Zen woman, calm meditation and breathing sitting alone on floor in living room. Tranquil, bliss, young girl daily spiritual detox for stress relief, peace and chakra. Yoga, relax and unwind.
    Phone, communication and call with a woman talking on her mobile while sitting on a sofa in the living room of her house. Speaking, conversation and discussion with an attractive young female at home
    Meditation, chakra and peace woman in house living room for zen energy, mental health wellness or mind yoga training. Indian person in namaste, calm or holistic spiritual breathing on a home morning
    Girl on sofa, smiling and typing on a phone in living room. Social media, technology and communication, a happy young woman lying on a couch and chatting to friends online or watching a funny video.
    Yoga, fitness and exercise with a woman training with a workout in her home for health and wellness. Healthy, zen and meditation with a young female athlete sitting on a mat in the living room
    A woman hand open showing mockup space in the room of a modern building. Closeup of a girl stretching out her palm with a taking or holding gesture with copy space for advertising, design or sign.