Stock Photo - Woman cleaning strawberry fruit in kitchen with water for cooking healthy food, breakfast smoothie and vegan salad at home. Hands washing red berries at tap for nutrition diet, wellness and dessert

Woman cleaning strawberry fruit in kitchen with water for cooking healthy food, breakfast smoothie and vegan salad at home. Hands washing red berries at tap for nutrition diet, wellness and dessert - Stock Photo

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    Vegan woman, fruits smoothie and blender for healthy diet, weight loss and natural detox in kitchen at home. Happy young person cooking nutrition breakfast drink in protein, energy and wellness juice
    Health, smoothie and healthy food of a woman in a kitchen eating a blueberry. Happy nutritionist with fruit for weight loss, energy and vitamins from fruit to diet and detox at home
    Woman in kitchen eating strawberry, listen to music with headphones and dancing. Girl with healthy fruit play radio, with earphones and dance, while cooking smoothie or salad while relax in home
    Woman cleaning strawberry, with water and hands to take dust, dirt or bacteria off for energy in diet. Lady in home kitchen, washing red fruit in bowl for healthy snack, salad or smoothie
    Woman makes healthy salad in the kitchen with apple, strawberry and banana for breakfast. People who live an active lifestyle eat organic fruit, vegetables and natural food for good nutrition or diet
    Smoothie fruit and woman with health blender for vitamin lifestyle diet meal in home kitchen. Young nutrition food girl and drink blend machine with fresh wellness breakfast ingredients.
    Healthy smoothie, vegan diet and woman with blender fruits for detox drink in kitchen at home. Young nutritionist female with juice milkshake for weight loss, protein energy and gut health wellness
    Health, kitchen and woman with smoothie drink for healthy lifestyle, nutrition or wellness while relax at home. Young nutritionist vegan girl stir fruit, strawberry or apple milkshake for weight loss
    Breakfast, fruit and a woman drinking a smoothie in a kitchen. Health, wellness and weight loss diet of healthy and fresh vegetable and fruits in the morning. Quick meal in blender for lady at home.
    Nutrition diet and woman with smoothie fruit blender for a healthy breakfast drink in kitchen. Lifestyle nutritionist girl preparation for vitamin shake beverage with fresh ingredients.
    Vegan woman, healthy smoothie and milkshake for fruits detox, weight loss and natural diet in kitchen at home. Nutritionist cooking breakfast protein, energy and juice drink in blender for wellness
    Hands of woman cleaning strawberry with water for body health, nutrition and wellness. Food, fruit and nutritionist girl washing healthy and organic strawberries for clean eating and diet in kitchen
    Health, smoothie and milkshake of woman hands stir diet beverage in the kitchen at home. Hand of a female stirring drink for nutrition, weight loss and vitamins in healthy fruit, living and lifestyle
    Smoothie, health and weight loss with a woman on a diet in her home and tasting food or yogurt in the kitchen. Fruit, nutritionist and vitality with a young female eating healthy for wellness
    Breakfast yoghurt, healthy smoothie and black woman eating diet for weight loss, happy with fruit cocktail and smile for detox cooking in kitchen. Nutritionist with smile for protein drink in home
    Woman with smoothie drink blender for healthy, clean diet lifestyle in her kitchen. Happy nutritionist making a strawberry fruits milkshake for energy, detox or breakfast food in her home
    Smoothie, breakfast and a woman cutting fruit in the kitchen at home. Health, energy and nutrition, cutting banana for healthy start to day. Weight loss, wellness and a morning drink of fresh fruits.
    Cooking, singing and headphones with woman in kitchen listening to music for dance, relax and happy. Salad, health and food with young girl dancing at home for freedom, energy and wellness lifestyle
    Healthy woman in kitchen, social media phone and smoothie recipe search of detox fruits for weight loss, energy and nutrition. Happy vegan influencer reading mobile online wellness diet blog at home
    Fruit smoothie, vegan woman and healthy diet food while preparing a detox drink with cream in the kitchen at home. Happy nutritionist female making shake with fruit for health, energy and wellness
    Nutritionist, fruit and woman with a healthy smoothie and vegan drink for weight loss, wellness and detox at home. Blender, strawberry and young girl drinking juice with banana, apple and orange
    Blender, kitchen and woman waiting for smoothie to drink for health, wellness and body detox. Patient, nutrition and organic fruit juice or milkshake for vegan nutritionist girl on weight loss diet
    Woman with strawberry smoothie blender drink on kitchen counter finger taste for wellness detox or healthy diet. Nutritionist person with nutrition fruits cocktail or protein milkshake breakfast
    Health smoothie, vegan diet and woman with healthy food making a detox drink in kitchen with organic ingredients and fruit. Happy nutritionist female with shake for weight loss, energy and wellness
    Healthy woman kitchen, typing phone and smoothie with diet fruits, detox breakfast and juice for weight loss, energy and nutrition. Social media vegan influencer reading mobile online wellness blog
    Health, fruit and diet of a woman eating a strawberry for healthy wellness and lifestyle in the kitchen at home. Female in fruity nutrition, eat and strawberries for fiber, vitamins and weight loss
    Health, diet and wellness with a healthy woman eating strawberry fruit while preparing a shake or smoothie in the kitchen at home. Young vegan female eating clean and organic for nutrition and energy
    Health, nutrition and drink smoothie with woman in kitchen for wellness, diet or weight loss. Detox, healthy and young female drinking a glass of protein fruit shake for breakfast, organic or vegan
    Woman tasting healthy smoothie in blender for fruits detox, weight loss and gut health diet in home kitchen. Happy young vegan female lick fingers of breakfast drink for protein, energy and wellness
    Hands, fruit and diet with a knife in the hand of a woman cutting a strawberry in the kitchen of her home. Food, health and nutrition with a female slicing strawberries on a chopping board in a house
    Breakfast smoothie, healthy woman and health fruit food at home placing yogurt in a kitchen blender. Nutritionist smile make a weight loss, nutrition and protein energy drink for a wellness lifestyle
    Woman in kitchen happy while eating strawberry, fruit or healthy food for nutrition, wellness or energy. Health, weight loss diet and happiness for nutritionist girl living organic or vegan lifestyle
    Blender, fruit and woman on a health diet making a healthy and organic vegan smoothie for weight loss and wellness. Nutrition, kitchen and nutritionist girl prepare vitamin milkshake for body detox
    Woman cleaning strawberry fruit in kitchen with water for cooking healthy food, breakfast smoothie and vegan salad at home. Hands washing red berries at tap for nutrition diet, wellness and dessert
    Milkshake, strawberry and woman healthy smoothie in a blender to make a vegan fruit juice with vitamins at home. Girl using an electric mixer to detox with a protein diet, fiber and healthy nutrition