Stock Photo - Phone call stress, angry conversation and black woman talking with insurance on mobile, communication about solution to problem and fight on technology. Frustrated African girl in conflict on tech

Phone call stress, angry conversation and black woman talking with insurance on mobile, communication about solution to problem and fight on technology. Frustrated African girl in conflict on tech - Stock Photo

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    Series: A Day of Doing Alot (39)

    Lifestyle, Fitness

    Woman texting on phone and watching laptop movie, relax on a sofa in living room, happy and cheerful. Social media, communication and internet chat, laughing at a funny meme, enjoy streaming service
    Black woman do meditation yoga, with exercise mat on floor to relax in morning while home or on holiday. African lady in lounge, do zen stretch and breathe, physical wellness and peace of mind
    Black woman, home tutorial workout and push up on knee exercise, training and online laptop challenge on floor. Fitness, wellness and healthy female balance body for pressup, strong abs and core
    Black woman hands, laptop and phone for social media break from college education, university study and elearning in a house. Zoom on scholarship student with communication technology for school work
    Girl streaming pilates video on laptop for fitness, exercise and training workout on home living room floor. Motivation, online wellness education and black woman working on health and body goal
    Yoga, fitness and laptop with a woman following an online workout class for exercise, health and wellness. Training, healthy and water with a young female athlete exercising on the living room floor
    Black woman, afro and laughing on house living room sofa as new homeowner with mortgage loan, real estate finance and property investment. Portrait, smile or comic person with happy mindset in rental
    Black student in green park happy for eco friendly environment future with bokeh sunshine. African woman at university or college for sustainability in carbon footprint scholarship education in city
    Laptop, home and black woman working and writing business ideas and a marketing strategy in notebook. Freelancer, girl and inspired entrepreneur busy planning a smart startup mission in apartment
    Portrait of young relax black woman with afro outdoors on a sunny day. An African American influencer or student being joyful, happy and confident outside showing smile, laugh and black girl magic.
    Yoga, meditation and mat roll to start pilates, exercise and fitness on floor in house. Health, female and woman ready, prepare and begin to relax, workout and do training indoors for sports
    Freelance woman, stress and frustrated with phone call while working on laptop explaining and talking about error, glitch or internet problem. Unhappy black female remote worker working from home
    Laptop, typing on keyboard and student or business woman hands typing email, copywriting or editing. Productivity, fast and journalist working on digital article, report or internet research above
    Hands, writing and laptop research by female write notes in a book at a table in her home. Goal, planning and creative process closeup of female brainstorming ideas and internet tips for inspiration
    Black woman, walking and living room to work on laptop sitting by sofa at home with technology. African female afro freelancer or student working remote in South Africa on computer checking email
    Black woman reading funny social media phone typing, online dating profile and notification at home. Laughing, young and happy african person relax with mobile app technology, meme and 5g connection
    Phone call stress, angry conversation and black woman talking with insurance on mobile, communication about solution to problem and fight on technology. Frustrated African girl in conflict on tech
    Happy, smile and face portrait of a black woman relaxing on a sofa in the living room of home. Happiness, joy and laugh of a young african female with afro sitting on a couch in a lounge at a house
    Fitness, sports and breathing black woman doing breathe meditation, exercise and listening to wellness or motivation podcast or music. Woman, health and tired with headphones after workout in house
    Fitness exercise, tired breathing and black woman doing workout in living room, training for health and body goals in lounge of house. African girl with commitment doing cardio pushup for wellness
    Black woman, laptop or phone in living room for communication, search or social media networking in house. Smile, happy or remote worker in house with kpi technology and smartphone or computer.
    Black woman, home workout and crunch exercise, training and stretching in living room floor. Fitness, wellness and healthy young african female twisting body for situps, strong abs and core
    Black woman, phone call or laptop in living room for digital marketing collaboration, brand strategy or startup finance budget. Smile, happy or remote worker in house with kpi technology and notebook
    Laptop, smartphone and student on sofa with multimedia technology for productivity, studying and remote work, relax at home. Black woman person hands typing on keyboard and networking on social media
    Black woman, laptop or relax in house living room after busy work day with movie streaming app, social media or internet blog. Smile, happy or afro blogger with ebook communication technology in home
    Meditation, fitness and yoga video laptop for home wellness practice with online coaching webinar. Black woman enjoying a mindfulness exercise training class with internet technology.
    Notification, laptop and relax girl with phone alert for incoming email, social media text or sms message. happiness, communication and smile for black woman on sofa happy and surprise mobile contact
    Glitch, laptop and business woman feeling frustrated in a home office, annoyed with slow internet and bad connection. Cyber security, software and 404 error with black female fail password login
    Phone call networking, laptop work and black woman planning on technology, communication on the web and talking on mobile in home kitchen. Remote African entrepreneur working on computer for internet
    Typing on laptop, woman hands and writing notebook, student online course and elearning class, planning ideas and research while work from home. Computer study, internet and agenda for blog schedule
    African woman working on laptop on living room couch, noticing smartphone and laughing at phone text. Business communication from home thanks to digital innovation, 5g online internet and mobile tech
    Black woman, laptop and wow face for news, stock market or email. Woman, computer and disappointed expression on floor in living room, surprise for lady trading stock online or forex on internet
    Phone call, laptop and sofa, a black woman working from home in living room. Communication, internet and freelance work online, talking on smartphone and writing email, multitasking with a smile.
    Hands typing laptop, writing notebook and online course research, planning ideas and elearning work from home. Working woman, student schedule and journalist writer on computer, internet and project
    Black woman afro, smile and face portrait in happiness for success against blurred background. Closeup of a happy and confident African female student smiling and laughing for freedom in the outdoors

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    Stressed, tired and frustrated student typing on a laptop, finishing and completing university homework on technology. Burnout, bored and irritated distance learning woman covering face with a pillow
    Tired, stressed and overworked call center agent suffering from a headache or migraine while working online on a laptop. Frustrated and irritated black female suffering from burnout after a meeting
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    Anxiety, stress and worry business man waiting for email, results or feedback on laptop while working remote at home. African American freelance male feeling nervous about a proposal or deadline
    Man with headache pain working on laptop in house, burnout from work stress and anxiety working freelance remote from home. Tired, depressed and fatigue African entrepreneur with depression from job
    Tired, headache and burnout student studying on laptop for elearning, education or university exam in living room home. Mental health, migraine or stress black man reading digital work or online test
    Woman brushing teeth, talking and on the phone in the morning, getting ready for work. Black woman and business woman multitasking in morning routine in a rush on call. Oral, dental and hygiene
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    Depression, anxiety and mental health couple talking about stress, headache from burnout and sad about mistake in home. Black woman with support, love and care during conversation with depressed man