Stock Photo - Business people, tablet and digital marketing teamwork talking, planning brand strategy and creative web design collaboration. Happy, man and creative woman with kpi and target audience research tech

Business people, tablet and digital marketing teamwork talking, planning brand strategy and creative web design collaboration. Happy, man and creative woman with kpi and target audience research tech - Stock Photo

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    Marketing manager or business people with portfolio, computer collaboration working on brand development, website strategy or target in internship. Corporate office administration and workflow leader
    Business people shaking hands, welcome and meeting for planning, teamwork and startup collaboration in office. Consulting employees, company management and handshake in b2b, partnership and interview
    Call center, contact us and customer service by woman operator happy, working with online client in office. Communication, help desk and crm questions by friendly female with support and good advice
    Woman handshake with man at table, happy for business meeting or job interview. Manager lady smile at desk give congratulations to male on getting contract, partnership or promotion in his career
    Finance report, planning meeting and business people in communication about corporate strategy, talking about brand management and marketing collaboration. Team of workers with advertising plan
    Paperwork signature, deal and hands of business man signing legal documents with corporate woman. Partnership, merger and agreement with businessman writing or sign contract paper for partnership
    Business people, hands or infographic meeting documents for strategy planning, marketing collaboration or data analysis. Zoom, man or woman with target audience paper research for teamwork innovation
    Marketing, hands and worker with digital tablet reading research, analytics and graph in an office. Chart and strategy with employee working on planning a strategy for profit growth in the company
    Business hands, typing email and computer keyboard on office desk with woman working on a report or proposal. Online planning, web search and mouse click with female internet user and programmer
    Reading, email and report with a business woman working on a computer alone in her office at work. Compliance, audit and proposal with a young female employee typing on a desktop in her company
    Woman and man brainstorming in a meeting in the office with businesswoman presenting ideas. Business people working together on project with a tablet. Teamwork, strategy and leadership in workplace
    Collaboration, planning and vision with business people and presentation working on tablet and board on marketing, strategy and goals. Partnership, teamwork and support with employees in meeting
    Business people, tablet and digital marketing teamwork talking, planning brand strategy and creative web design collaboration. Happy, man and creative woman with kpi and target audience research tech
    Welcome shaking hands, business meeting and consulting deal, agreement and partnership collaboration in office. Handshake for hr opportunity, promotion and support in b2b sales, networking and trust
    Businesswoman in serious talk, argument and fight with staff about poor work performance problem, error and criticism. Angry HR manager giving discipline warning, bad review and complaint to employee
    Marketing planning with graphs on laptop, paper and business meeting with office team. Closeup of computer data, analytics and research infographic for company strategy, advertising idea and finance
    Tablet, finance and planning with a business woman working on a strategy, idea or plan in her office on a glass wall. Documents, report and research with a female employee at work online with tech

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    Closeup of the hands of a business woman typing on computer keyboard in an office using bluetooth. Entrepreneur working on a computer, researching, compiling reports and planning in a startup company
    Businessman on a digital tablet in an office for social media market research. Black man or corporate expert reading work email with app on the internet and planning creative online idea or strategy
    Closeup of a businesswoman browsing on a computer keyboard against a wood background. Hands of a productive entrepreneur typing emails and compiling online reports while doing research and planning
    Creative advertising, planning website and web design on laptop in an office, working on research for marketing and writing proposal on computer. SEO employee on the internet typing strategy email
    Young woman scheduling work strategy. Business female brainstorming, planning work showing corporate leadership, management skills. Lady taking detail information on tasks for company objectives.
    Professional man brainstorming and planning, thinking of marketing ideas while writing on sticky notes at work. Focused male making a visual board while researching a strategy and managing his tasks

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    Couple, travel and planning vacation on laptop browsing website for ideas, research and reviews at home. Hands of man and woman on computer for holiday traveling plan with technology on the internet
    Marketing, research and travel couple planning on laptop with internet, online and website search in living room of house. Hands of man and woman with advertising vacation, contact us and adventure.
    Happy couple with laptop on sofa for real estate inspiration, home ideas and planning for future together. Young interracial people on couch with pc and internet surfing website with house discussion
    4k video footage of a young couple bonding with her newly adopted dog at the animal shelter
    Laughing man, social media and winning mobile phone games on sofa lounge at home. Happy guy watching funny internet meme, reading online success notification and deal celebration, discount and bonus
    Man watch television and celebrate goal, winner or sports team victory, winning or achievement. Celebration from excited sport club fan live streaming world, global or international competition on tv

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    Drinking fresh fruit juice with vitamins and nutrients to cleanse and provide energy. One cheerful fit woman tasting a healthy fruit shake while wearing wireless headphones in the kitchen at home.
    Smartphone photography of bride with champagne glass for wedding celebration to post on social media app. Smile portrait photos or picture taken of woman on digital cellphone and celebrate with wine
    Wedding, phone and women on social media app reading notification, chat app and happy with digital gallery. Asian girl or bride friends on internet with smartphone to scroll and review online post
    Girl, talk and friends, brush hair for grooming in moment of bonding together. Woman do hair care for Asian friend speaking about life, relax and smile together while telling story in room at home
    Happy bride in wedding dress, friends helping with knot on luxury corset back string and young women together in home. Asian woman hug supporting friend, marriage ready and bridesmaid happiness
    Happy and affectionate couple using a phone to text message, online chat or browse social media. In love boyfriend and girlfriend laughing and relaxing together on sofa. Husband and wife at home