Stock Photo - Call center, CRM and customer service woman working with headset, telemarketing and customer support in office.Consultant, contact us or help desk agent consulting, support and advice with questions

Call center, CRM and customer service woman working with headset, telemarketing and customer support in office.Consultant, contact us or help desk agent consulting, support and advice with questions - Stock Photo

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    Surprise, confused and women with smartphone reading fake news online, social media content or website ecommerce sale. Announcement, newsletter and gen z black people friends with mobile information
    Stress, burnout and bullying in corporate office with woman suffering from pressure and toxic boss. Overworked, late and threat with bad employer hand extra paperwork to stressed, frustrated employee
    Fashion designers planning fabric, creative sketch and drawing for sewing clothes in studio workshop. Young women, textile tailor and manufacturing startup company team talking project color decision
    Woman uses smartphone for customer review of online service, to help UX and UI design team at a digital marketing company. Customer information data, contact us and review to create CRM relationship
    Headache, burnout and consultant in a telemarketing call center job working at night on deadline with mental health problems. Confused, stress and tired insurance agent is frustrated and overwhelmed
    Phone, teamwork and communication with a woman designer and colleague checking an email or networking in their office. Creative, design and collaboration with a young female employee and coworker
    Frustrated consultant working from home, in call center or crm business, annoyed with client or manager. Black woman stress on work call with headphones, fidget with pen in hand at table or desk
    Stress, anxiety and work headache of a fashion designer woman working on a computer. Technology glitch and 404 fear of a seamstress suffering from burnout and mental health issues typing on a laptop
    Ecommerce woman and retail website on smartphone screen for store brand business internet research. Responsive online shopping ui design technology app for curious digital customer closeup.
    Hands typing at night, keyboard and black woman working overtime, web search work on pc or writing computer email. Online planning, digital online internet research and business female with project.
    Designer box, opening fashion and women happy about package with clothes, excited for material at boutique and working at creative studio. Seamstress or tailor employees happy at shipping parcel
    Thinking customer service, telemarketing or call center agent with headset working overtime at a helpdesk at night. Young woman online support worker focused and thoughtful working crm from home
    Creative fashion, planning team and women in collaboration with fabric design, working on idea at studio and partnership with drawing in boutique. Tailor and seamstress helping with sewing of clothes
    Working, computer and woman fashion designer typing a work email in a design studio. Web, technology and internet research for creative inspiration for a seamstress or tailor at her designing job
    Fashion, design and planning with woman and phone call in small business while typing on laptop for service, sewing and sale. Creative, entrepreneur and digital with designer talking in startup
    Fashion, designer team and black women sewing clothes, fabric or cloth in collaboration at studio. Teamwork, seamstress and tailor helping with planning embroidery design stitching with pin cushion.
    Business, phone and corporate women with social media, communication and creative innovation idea research on internet, web or online. Team strategy working on a mobile app or 5g content to employee
    Digital marketing, phone and business growth strategy with woman sharing seo ideas on website homepage to a client. B2b, advertising and people reading creative sales content online on the internet
    Call center agent woman on video call, getting frustrated, upset and sad in a work meeting. Female worker shocked, confused and unhappy while working online and remote in her home with laptop
    Crm, customer support and headache of woman web help worker in a office stay calm to solve stress. Contact us, internet call center employee working on a digital consultation frustrated from burnout
    Call center, telemarketing consultant and late night working on computer for customer service with headset and typing on computer keyboard in office. Contact us and CRM woman do research on database
    Ecommerce, fashion and design, a woman in home studio with client unboxing fabric. Stylist, tailor and creative black women at textile small business. Designer and assistant working on new creation.
    Fashion, designer and employee Talking, planning and teamwork with fabric, color and texture in a design studio. Leader, boss and tailor women discuss stitching with texture and sewing of clothes
    Fashion, teamwork and women designers with a delivery of fabric or material in workshop. Startup business entrepreneurs in collaboration talking, planning and looking at textile color for clothes.
    Laptop, fashion and design with a woman designer or tailor doing research on a computer in her office with an idea. Creative, studio and clothes with a young female processing an online order at work
    Call center, headset and employee communication with people on the web, consulting on the internet and happy to help in a work office. African customer service worker working in telemarketing support
    Call center, CRM and customer service woman working with headset, telemarketing and customer support in office.Consultant, contact us or help desk agent consulting, support and advice with questions
    Fashion, designer and entrepreneur on a phone call and laptop talking with a supplier about online fabric order. African american tailor or professional clothing design expert frustrated and angry
    Fashion, designer and laptop update her business website and reading internet order in a startup company. Black woman, entrepreneur and design expert check fabric, texture and material online
    Creative advertising, planning website and web design on laptop in an office, working on research for marketing and writing proposal on computer. SEO employee on the internet typing strategy email
    Fashion designer, clothes maker team and fabric for design of clothing with collaboration, teamwork and workshop with women. Creative and busy tailor, seamstress or dressmaker employees with an idea
    Call center, planning support and black woman thinking while consulting on the internet in office, doubt about work strategy and online email. Customer service worker with idea for startup business
    Customer service, call center and telemarketing worker angry, frustrated and upset while working at night in a office. Black woman in a helpdesk, contact us or support job consulting a client online
    Fashion planning, designer team and fabric for design of clothes, working on creative idea with drawing and collaboration at boutique. Hands of busy tailor or seamstress helping with clothing at shop
    Hand, phone and contact us with a mobile in the hands of a woman online looking at a website or homepage. Searching, fingers and browsing with a smartphone being used for business research or an idea
    Fashion call center agent or sales business woman with headset, computer and office desk. Happy, young telemarketing ecommerce advisor or website manager communication for contact us website agency
    A call center telemarketing agent consulting for customer service and sales support while wearing a headset. Confident young businesswoman smiling while operating a helpdesk and looking confident
    A call center telemarketing agent using a headset while consulting for customer service and sales support. Confident young businesswoman smiling while operating a helpdesk and looking confident
    Crm, contact us and call center consultant and web help worker on a computer online consultation. Telemarketing, service and internet sales agent consulting client for digital pc tech support advice
    4k video footage of a beautiful young female call centre agent working at her desk inside an office
    Woman in telemarketing business, call center agent and customer service working at desk. Home office, technology communication, success consulting, online conversation and professional advice.

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    Call center, customer service or contact us support worker with computer in office working on crm consulting. Smile, face or happy latino receptionist, telemarketing woman or communication consultant
    Young female center agent talking and giving advice to customers while working late in an office alone. One black female helpline worker having a conversation with a client and doing overtime
    Young business woman checking and sending emails online on a desktop computer while working late in an office alone. One serious female corporate designer searching internet for new ideas at night
    Corporate businesswoman talking to and training a new employee at work. Two business people discussing and brainstorming while working on a desktop computer together late in the evening at an office
    Business woman giving employee training in the evening at the office on his computer. Corporate female leader gives male worker professional work advice during overtime to help him in the workplace
    Businesswoman, laptop and online shopping with credit card in home office on fintech app, investment software and finance website. Remote worker, entrepreneur and employee with e commerce technology

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    Call center agent female consulting via a virtual meeting in her modern office and is happy to help. Woman customer service or helpdesk employee talking on a call using a computer in her workplace
    Female web designer typing on a computer and comparing graphic notes to a screen. Website creative planner planning an app development template design for good user experience working in an office
    Woman doing stretch from online work on computer, taking a break from working. Businesswoman stretching for posture, fitness and health in home office for balance and stress relief
    Woman working on computer, has neck pain in office or home while doing online job with bad ergonomics. Young lady has stress, muscle fatigue or nerve injury while doing work on the internet with pc
    Web or graphic designer typing on a computer and designing a website in her office. Female doing digital creative planning and editing an app layout for better user experience
    Digital marketing, thinking woman or night office with seo website planning, timeline schedule or brand growth strategy. Happy, smile or motivation employee working late overtime on creative startup

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    Closeup of the hands of a woman typing and texting on a phone while working as a web developer in an office at work. One designer browsing the internet and using social media while sitting at a desk
    Laptop displaying green screen copyspace with a group of diverse business people planning and brainstorming on a glass wall in the office with in the background. Advertise and market your company
    Colleagues having a discussion at the workplace. Woman typing on a laptop in an office and talking to business man. Senior employee advising an intern inside a tech company. Two professionals at work
    One business woman writing notes and working on her laptop in the office. Closeup of the hands of a corporate professional completing tasks and marking them as done or finished on her checklist
    Successful female entrepreneur researching new ideas and marketing strategies for startup company. Portrait of an African American woman using a desktop while doing freelance work from a home office.
    Business woman answering her phone, smiling, laughing and chatting in the office. Happy female designer making a phonecall to a customer, client or colleague to discuss and brainstorm creative ideas

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    Online shopping, laptop and woman with credit card in office, payment or online web bank investment. Fintech, paying bills and female with happy purchase, banking or discount sale on internet website
    Hands, reading documents and laptop typing woman on office desk, with online or internet web research. Business, paperwork and female writing marketing proposal, brand advertising and computer report
    Business woman typing on her laptop at the office, working and sending emails. Write, type and send documents online using computer at work. Close up of hands, keyboard and businesswoman in workplace
    Woman laptop banking, online shopping and budget payment for bills, money and credit card cash with ecommerce in work from home office. Happy freelancer, fintech finance and digital internet trading
    Business woman, typing on laptop and doing marketing research while writing an email or article online while sitting in a modern office. Creative entrepreneur using technology for communication
    Work, tired and office stress headache of a woman working on a computer. Business tech employee with anxiety burnout using technology to work on a deadline, job project or IT internet strategy