Stock Photo - Stress, anxiety and burnout Indian woman working at night in office computer with headache, tired or depression. Business woman, employee or worker with tech, sad about pc glitch or 404 error problem

Stress, anxiety and burnout Indian woman working at night in office computer with headache, tired or depression. Business woman, employee or worker with tech, sad about pc glitch or 404 error problem - Stock Photo

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    Night video call and business woman in virtual conference meeting listening to discussion on earphones. Corporate manager talking in creative marketing webinar, workshop or seminar at global company
    Woman on video call, with phone and headphones has bad audio connection. Latino girl in video conference or watching video on social media has network glitch, try to adjust headset for better sound
    Girl with tablet confused by email, social media post or notification, thinking of future in home at night. Young latino woman with mobile device, question text on app or web think of idea in house
    Computer, typing and overtime, a woman at work in concentration. Late at the office, a businesswoman working in evening to complete deal or project. Reading and writing email at night to ease backlog
    Wow, confused face and fake news on a phone of a Indian woman with technology at home. Online, digital and mobile of a person reading internet, work email or social media post on a screen at a house
    Happy business woman, phone and wow expression working late and reading message, email or good news notification, reviews or bonus. Female entrepreneur using investment or trading app with 5g network
    Phone, social media and Indian woman confused reading text, email or 5g internet web fake news video app in earphones at night. Surprise, shock or wtf of female watching mobile digital streaming tv.
    Success, computer and business woman with wow face in office while reading positive news. Digital corporate girl happy with achievement, victory and win notification online in workplace.
    Business woman, research or tablet with employee working, thinking and planning digital, seo or online website. Social media, marketing or search internet for innovation, creative or company strategy
    Headache, stress and burnout business Indian woman in office with depression, mental health and work anxiety at night. Corporate employee or worker sad or frustrated with PC glitch, tech or 404 error
    Business woman at night, computer video call and zoom meeting for planning, consulting and webinar. Indian female, earphones and dark work from home office for late virtual seminar and online talking
    Sore throat, cough and sick woman in pain with symptoms of a flu, cold and covid. Young Indian girl suffering with sickness, virus and infection. Coughing, respiratory problem and inflammation
    Serious, thinking and desktop computer with woman planning ideas, reading information online and working late in office. Thoughtful female intern looking for solution or inspiration to solve problem
    Web design, planning business and woman thinking of creative marketing idea, working on strategy on web and on the internet with work computer. Indian employee and designer at an advertising company
    Work anxiety, corporate stress and woman with burnout while reading email on computer, sad about pc glitch and working with problem in office. Corporate Indian intern frustrated and tired at startup
    Business woman at night, computer video call and zoom meeting for planning, consulting and webinar. Indian female, earphones and dark work from home office for late virtual seminar and online talking
    Music, dance and streaming with a young woman listening with earphones or earpods alone in her home. Radio, freedom and audio with an attractive young female enjoying an online playlist or track
    Corporate woman hands on tablet social media scroll or reading online fintech, accountant and business finance news. Financial agency girl on 5g digital device profit internet research data at office
    Credit card, payment and online shopping with business woman on tablet with investing, trading or online sale with smile. Fintech, ecommerce and black woman with internet banking on mobile app or web
    Phone call, business networking and woman talking about strategy on mobile, communication about startup marketing and advertising company on smartphone. Indian employee on conversation with tech
    Business woman, eating takeout food and night office while working late on computer with Chinese noodles at desk. Indian web developer reading feedback, waiting on email reply or internet connection
    Working late, eating takeout food and data analysis woman or web development eating Chinese noodles working at a desk at night. Indian entrepreneur reading email and agree with information
    Tablet planning, business and woman thinking of seo idea, web design strategy and idea for email on the internet at work. Face of confused Indian worker working in analytics on tech at startup
    Hand, music and dance with a business woman tapping her hands on a desk while working in her office. Freedom, success and motivation with a female employee at work with a carefree attitude inside
    Business planning, web designer and woman working on computer in office, vision for marketing project and reading website online at work. Indian worker on the internet for advertising strategy
    Stress, burnout and deadline with business woman working late on a computer in a corporate office, looking frustrated and tired. Annoyed, anxiety and worry by young professional rushing online task
    Stress, anxiety and overtime, a woman at working late at computer in office. Frustration, bad time management and planning and a businesswoman busy on project, report or deal at night in a dark room.
    Indian woman, earphones and listening to music in home at night singing to popular radio song, track and audio app. Happy, smile and working girl streaming online fun radio track at house for relax
    Research, tablet and corporate woman thinking with focus and concentration in office at night. Business career girl working on logistics for company with digital device and typing on screen.
    Business woman working on a computer and book for market research in an advertising and marketing company. Indian female corporate employee working online with a pc and reading a report or document
    Indian woman working at night, home desk with computer technology and scroll digital tablet for business deadline. Study corporate research online, girl notes email internet and focus on pc screen
    Cough, sick and unhealthy black woman touching and feeling sore, itchy and painful throat. A young lady in pain, discomfort and sick with asthma or allergy symptoms uses her hand to cover mouth.
    Woman, phone and music earphones for dance break and rest from working on creative deadline in home office at night. Smile, happy or comic business employee watching radio video on mobile technology
    Phone, dancing and music, a woman with earphones watching video in office. Streaming, dance and listening to radio online at night. Smartphone, internet and fun at work with favorite new party song.
    Music, video and woman with airpods on her phone, moving and dancing. Young, happy and Indian woman streaming song, listening and watching on her smartphone in her home with earphones and doing dance

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    4k video of a young businesswoman working late on a computer in an office
    Laptop or computer screen career search on job website online or contact us for unemployed job seeker searching for vacancy. Internet employment or search engine on the web with tech on desktop pc
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    4k video footage of two businesswomen working together on a computer in an office
    Information Technology software engineer analyzing data management system. Thoughtful analyst looking for a solution. Thinking IT manager working on a desktop computer and laptop in a modern office.
    Woman doing stretch from online work on computer, taking a break from working. Businesswoman stretching for posture, fitness and health in home office for balance and stress relief
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    Night business, laptop email and woman working on computer in dark office, smile for innovation and happy with project strategy late at work. Indian employee reading the web on pc during overtime
    Woman, glasses reflection and online at night for computer planning, website search and technology. Face young female student eyes working laptop in dark, reading internet pc screen and blog vision
    Call center agent talking online, woman consulting for sales at telemarketing company and working as consultant in office at work. Happy customer service worker giving support and corporate service
    A call center telemarketing agent using a headset while consulting for customer service and sales support. Confident young businesswoman smiling while operating a helpdesk and looking confident
    Creative thinking, reading email and businessman on a laptop in an office, typing proposal on the internet and working on research on the web at work. Pc programmer with innovation idea at startup

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    Woman working on computer, has neck pain in office or home while doing online job with bad ergonomics. Young lady has stress, muscle fatigue or nerve injury while doing work on the internet with pc
    Busy businesswoman working with a wireless mouse and keyboard computer for modern office desk job. Efficient and productive administrator hands closeup typing and doing scrolling motion on desktop PC
    Web design India woman with glasses working at night on computer website, creative office strategy and online documents. Corporate graphic designer girl of startup company search on pc business news
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    Woman use laptop for research on climate change, find information and education online to stop danger. Person at table with computer, on website learning to help environment and end global warming