Stock Photo - Hands of a business woman, working at from home and looking at corporate ideas or marketing proposal. Dealing with company files, office documents and paperwork alone can cause job stress or burnout

Business woman, working on company documents and looking at a corporate project strategy or marketing proposal. Professional job success means dealing with paperwork from home, alone and independent - Stock Photo

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    Businesswoman, laptop and online shopping with credit card in home office on fintech app, investment software and finance website. Remote worker, entrepreneur and employee with e commerce technology
    Business woman with hands typing on her laptop at the office, working and sending emails. Write, type and send documents online using a computer. Close up of businesswoman using keyboard in workplace
    Laptop, computer and business woman hand typing, writing on notebook for planning, schedule and meeting review. Zoom, hands and strategy analytics for collaboration, research and KPI growth
    Online shopping, laptop and woman with credit card in office, payment or online web bank investment. Fintech, paying bills and female with happy purchase, banking or discount sale on internet website
    Business woman hands reading portfolio for marketing research, KPI review or crm analysis. Productivity and strategy planning with fast corporate manager working with paper analytics report summary
    Hands, reading documents and laptop typing woman on office desk, with online or internet web research. Business, paperwork and female writing marketing proposal, brand advertising and computer report
    Business woman, working on company documents and looking at a corporate project strategy or marketing proposal. Professional job success means dealing with paperwork from home, alone and independent
    Headache, stress and burnout for woman with laptop and anxiety over writers block for social media content writing. Mental health, pain and brain fatigue for digital online news home remote worker
    Video call, laptop and business woman brainstorm and writing notes in a book during a training seminar. Thinking, goal and planning corporate employee listening to speaker in a conference or meeting
    Productivity business woman on a phone call, laptop and paperwork at office desk for time management or schedule planner. Busy corporate marketing agency worker in HR Human Resources with online job
    Headache, laptop and woman with stress due to mental health problems while working from home as a freelancer. Burnout, tired and young person in pain due to migraine while busy with startup business
    Woman laptop banking, online shopping and budget payment for bills, money and credit card cash with ecommerce in work from home office. Happy freelancer, fintech finance and digital internet trading
    Business woman, typing on laptop and doing marketing research while writing an email or article online while sitting in a modern office. Creative entrepreneur using technology for communication
    Burnout, tired and depression with a business woman working on a laptop in her home office and feeling bored or sad. Mental health, report and overtime with a young female employee at work alone
    Work, tired and office stress headache of a woman working on a computer. Business tech employee with anxiety burnout using technology to work on a deadline, job project or IT internet strategy
    Tired business woman yawn while working on a laptop in an home office. Overworked entrepreneur feeling sleepy and sleepy while struggling with burnout, strain and fatigue from overtime and low energy
    Office, laptop and business woman portrait happy for career in digital marketing, digital copywriting and online web management. Gen z corporate worker for internship opportunity, contact us or faq
    Video call, business meeting and presentation with woman in home office for marketing, digital and communication. Webinar, internet and networking with employee talking in virtual video conference
    Happy, business woman and smile on laptop in success for company startup at work with crossed arms. Confident female employee worker smiling in happiness for job or career on computer at the office
    Business woman and video call welcome on laptop in administration file office workplace. Video conference greeting for friendly, happy and positive professional company communication.
    Business woman, phone call and laptop in home office for customer networking, sales consulting or digital marketing strategy. Smile, happy or remote lockdown worker with paper documents or technology
    Thinking, planning and strategy by business woman working on a laptop in a corporate office. creative, learning and change by black entrepreneur writing notes and searching for online upskill course
    Anxiety, headache and stress by business woman working on a laptop in a corporate office. Mental health, burnout and migraine by female looking exhausted, overwhelmed with workload and deadline
    Smile, happy or positive business woman with innovation vision, motivation or creative startup goal in home office. Portrait, face or proud employee, worker or entrepreneur with marketing target idea