Stock Photo - Phone call, communication and man on sofa talking, explaining or serious consulting discussion with client at home. Male freelancer chatting to customer on mobile smartphone to explain business deal

Angry phone call, communication and man agro, irritated while explaining in discussion at home. Assertive male freelancer talking and rude feedback, unhappy on smartphone to explain work deal - Stock Photo

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    Man, phone and headphones on sofa with dog listening to music, podcast or online social media. Living room, relax and happy owner bonding with pet on couch, audio or radio streaming on mobile at home
    Laptop working, dog couch and man typing an email on the internet, doing research for small business and search for information on the web in home. Pet animal with remote worker on technology on sofa
    Young man with dog pet on sofa in his living room apartment for support, love and care. Happy guy relax on couch and smoke, kiss and play with his loyal puppy, animal or jack Russell terrier
    Angry phone call, communication and man agro, irritated while explaining in discussion at home. Assertive male freelancer talking and rude feedback, unhappy on smartphone to explain work deal
    Angry client talking on a phone call while on sofa in his home for communication feedback, internet user review or house problem. Frustrated entrepreneur with cellphone conversation for b2b conflict
    Video call, laptop and documents with a man at work on finance, savings and investment from a sofa in his home. Money, growth and communication with a freelance male planning while remote working
    Man, glasses and laptop working on sofa in the living room typing email for business idea at home. Smart male freelancer or typist focused at work on computer sitting on couch planning design ideas
    Hands, phone and man texting and relax, rest on a sofa at home on the weekend. Social media, streaming and zoom in of hand typing, internet search for online entertainment or fun dating social app
    Happy, relax and business man on a sofa, done with online project while working remote from living room. Smile, success and satisfaction by asian business owner feeling positive about startup plan
    Video call, talking and computer communication of a man using technology on a home living room sofa. Remote worker on a work online conversation with earphones working on the internet and web
    Tablet planning, reading email and man on funny internet website, search for idea on the web and networking on mobile app on the sofa in house. Asian entrepreneur laughing at notification on tech
    Tablet planning, phone call and Asian businessman talking about creative strategy, communication about small business and working on website. Freelance web design worker speaking on mobile on sofa
    Man, sofa and phone call in living room talking, listening and smile speaking on 5g mobile idea agreement at home. Mobile smartphone contact discussion, conversation and communication happy male
    Man with a digital tablet watching funny video or movie on a sofa at home. Happy guy smile and laugh scrolling on social media and streaming movies online to enjoy over the weekend on the couch
    Happy man stroke with dog on sofa in home living room relax and bonding together for fun, care and happiness. Young asian male smile and love his loyal animal, puppy or pet on couch in house lounge
    Happy, man and dog on sofa with tablet laughing in playful happiness and love for pet relaxing at home. Male freelancer smile and playing with loving animal on couch while reading news on touchscreen
    Communication, phone call and relax man on sofa talking on mobile smartphone while at peace on home living room couch. Conversation, discussion and young social person speaking on 5g cellphone call
    Business, laptop and man with dog on a sofa, working remote while bonding with his pet in a living room. Management, email and online task with asian guy freelancer enjoy comfort of work from home
    Writer, man or student hands typing email, business plan and proposal on laptop in home on couch. An entrepreneur browsing internet on device, application for startup company and work schedule.
    Happy man, laptop and online shopping work from home, technology and internet website. Young freelancer, blogger and apartment living room planning, reading email and typing for virtual elearning
    Phone, tablet and communication with a man talking on a call and browsing the internet on a sofa in the living room of his home. Social media, networking and laugh with a male having a conversation
    Asian man, digital tablet and software code for creative startup, programming business and social media app. Face, smile or happy designer with networking technology on house or home living room sofa
    Happy, relax and man bonding with dog on a sofa, playing and showing affection for his puppy in a living room. Cheerful, loving and asian male enjoying time with his pet on a couch, playful together