Stock Photo - Stress, work pressure and black man with boss on laptop typing, overwork or tired at office. Documents, exhausted and unhappy employee with workload from female leader, ceo or manager at company.

Stress, work pressure and black man with boss on laptop typing, overwork or tired at office. Documents, exhausted and unhappy employee with workload from female leader, ceo or manager at company. - Stock Photo

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    Stress, burnout and headache by business woman working on a design in an office, looking tired and uncomfortable. Anxiety, migraine and exhausted female feeling overwhelmed and anxious about deadline
    Wow, good news and omg face of a black woman on a computer reading at work with glasses. Female facial expression with shock and surprise from online announcement using pc technology while working
    Business woman thinking, idea and working on computer in a startup company office. Young african american professional planning, strategy and vision with a online report or email in a corporate job
    Working, black woman and worker with paper files busy with work and team collaboration. Teamwork of employee group talking and planning a marketing strategy together for company growth on a project
    Stress, laptop and web design black woman of SEO, software and South Africa website company reading data problem report. Corporate cybersecurity developer girl focus on 404 coding error on computer
    Work, stress and black woman at computer confused by email, glitch or 404 error. Deadline, mistake or burnout, a frustrated businesswoman at startup working problem online with reflection in glasses.
    Smile, black woman and working with happiness and glasses on a computer. Happy person worker face using pc technology to do internet, digital email and online staff work on a laptop with a smile
    Packing order, business owner and couple startup wrapping package for shipment or delivery for online shop and small business. African man and woman entrepreneur packaging products for shipping
    Power couple, startup business and kissing at office, listening to music and feeling happy while working together as partners at company. Kiss, entrepreneurs and black man and woman being creative
    Woman, tablet and music in headphones, dance and working online in home or office. Black woman, mobile device and dancing while streaming song at work, happy and smile while doing job on the internet
    E commerce, shipping and hands of girl with box packing safety material for fragile product distribution. Ecommerce, delivery and hand of supply chain black woman packaging products for distribution
    Black woman with glasses in office drink tea at computer, smile while reading email or feedback report. Businesswoman relax with coffee, watch video or drama on the internet with pc in lunch break
    Work success, happy email and black woman working of winning proposal on laptop, smile for online website and corporate achievement in office. African employee excited about startup online growth
    Tired girl working on computer reading online information or research paper for new business project. Fatigue, burnout and black woman, employee or worker exhausted after review of corporate data
    Tired, depression and burnout business woman with computer working with sad face and glasses. Bored, yawn or insomnia office or corporate employee with pc internet search for online inspiration
    Stress, work pressure and black man with boss on laptop typing, overwork or tired at office. Documents, exhausted and unhappy employee with workload from female leader, ceo or manager at company.
    Stress business woman, frustrated and laptop 404 glitch in startup company. Anxiety, angry and headache black female worker with internet problem, office burnout crisis and online technology mistake
    Remember, thinking and black woman on computer typing remembering thought, idea or inspiration in office. Focus, thoughtful and female writing marketing report and finger click for innovative ideas.
    Black woman planning paperwork, tablet and music in startup agency with motivation, happiness and dancing. Happy designer, creative and african employee with headphones reading digital report notes
    Stress, black woman and multitasking in hurry working for financial accounting, finance and investment company. Corporate African girl accountant worry, problem and deadline for fintech audit report
    Tablet planning, report music and businessman reading paper, listening to radio and planning company schedule on technology at work. African worker with audio podcast working with agenda in an office
    Music work, tablet planning and black woman with headphones, listening to audio and working on the internet at desk in office. African marketing employee streaming radio and search for idea on tech
    Black woman on computer thinking of ideas, goal and vision planning, working and inspiration. Designer with focus glasses, mindset strategy and remember solution for opportunity, idea and decision
    Glasses, business woman and desk office work for clear vision and focus on digital tech computer. Eyeglasses, pc spectacles and African lady planning online internet web email for startup company job
    Headphones, music streaming and black man listening and hearing a song and dance. Web radio listen of a worker to relax while dancing in the office to take a mind break to feel free and calm
    Teamwork, love and work couple or business people kissing at office for support while working, planning and search on computer. Kiss, entrepreneur and black woman and man happy, laughing and bonding.
    Stress, writing or black woman with paper documents, reports or research schedule in busy office. Anxiety, mental health burnout or creative sticky notes in ecommerce business with delivery analytics
    Business woman hands typing an email on her computer keyboard with her sitting her office desk. Employee and professional worker writing an online proposal or report for a corporate startup company
    Work problem, office stress and black woman thinking of solution to crisis, headache for corporate burnout and tired of working at startup. African employee with anxiety from professional career
    Business, happy black woman and glasses for computer vision, eyes and online planning in office. Creative african designer, trendy spectacles and working on pc desktop in startup agency in motivation
    Logistics business black woman on laptop with glasses reading email, website seo analysis or invoice check for startup company. Digital marketing agency manager focus on internet research in office
    Work couple, business partners and kissing at office, listening to music and feeling happy while working with girlfriend boss at company. Love, entrepreneur and black man and woman working as team

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    Stress, burnout and bullying in corporate office with woman suffering from pressure and toxic boss. Overworked, late and threat with bad employer hand extra paperwork to stressed, frustrated employee
    Planning documents, busy woman and call center worker consulting with paper, insurance for healthcare and working on strategy with documents. Customer service employee in telemarketing at work office
    Stress, burnout busy business woman with laptop, documents and paper with planning, review or digital marketing. Company vision information working on startup strategy or innovation corporate goals
    Stress, annoyed or frustrated business woman with laptop or paper for creative startup idea or innovation strategy. Burnout, anxiety or mental health marketing worker with tech and proposal documents
    Black business man writing notes while working remotely on laptop, analyzing documents in a home office. African American financial analyst checking documents while making a list for a finance report
    Woman writing small business proposal, sticky note reminder in documents and planning digital project. Company vision information, female working on corporate strategy and brainstorm solution goals

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    Frustrated, stressed and angry businessman throwing documents. Executive acting out and slamming his laptop after failing to complete a task. Tension and distress in a high pressure workplace
    Medical researcher checking, fixing and correcting his work after a mistake with research or data. Frustrated, stressed and angry scientist reading papers, documents and notes for facts in a lab.
    Sad, depression or woman on laptop for education, college elearning or university school study in house room or home. Stress, anxiety or mental health burnout for student with tech or paper documents
    4k video footage of two businesswomen sitting together in the office and going through paperwork during a discussion
    Business woman with hands typing on her laptop at the office, working and sending emails. Write, type and send documents online using a computer. Close up of businesswoman using keyboard in workplace
    Confused corporate finance accountant looking frustrated while analyzing financial reports, company expenses, and taxes. One tired business man working with difficult documents at the office
    Hand signing documents, closeup of lawyer, banker and financial advisor advising where a client should sign. Woman signing a car insurance contract after checking terms and conditions.
    4k video footage of two businesswomen sitting in the office together and having a discussion while looking at a computer
    Financial advisor reading a checklist and taking notes in a diary while working in an office alone. One serious male Asian finance manager organizing papers and documents for a client at work
    Business woman, working on company documents and looking at a corporate project strategy or marketing proposal. Professional job success means dealing with paperwork from home, alone and independent
    Paperwork signature, deal and hands of business man signing legal documents with corporate woman. Partnership, merger and agreement with businessman writing or sign contract paper for partnership
    Business people, hands or infographic meeting documents for strategy planning, marketing collaboration or data analysis. Zoom, man or woman with target audience paper research for teamwork innovation

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    Documents, hands and laptop at an office typing data, records or audit information at work. Focused, hand moving on paperwork for computer record database for business efficiency and productivity.
    Confident design manager approving ideas, signing documents and finishing work in her office. Young trendy designer singing off on a creative project, looking happy and pleased with a completed task
    Couple fight about finance documents, reading financial statement and money debt. Young woman frustrated, bills payment and cash argument. Review taxes together, paperwork and audit report stress
    Adult woman working at home with laptop on sofa. Independent lady typing, engaging and creating documents adding online content. Girl laying on couch busy with work in a comfortable environment.
    Stress, anxiety or frustrated business woman with laptop, paper or documents in startup office. Brazilian worker or employee with burnout, headache or mental health after digital marketing pitch fail
    Documents, handshake and delivery with a business woman signing for a package with a female courier in her office. Thank you, contract and partnership with a female employee ready to sign on a form

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    Working, collaboration and business workers with planning communication about a office strategy. Corporate black woman manager explain company agenda, data and marketing project documents to employee
    Black couple, tablet and social media browsing with a happy man and woman on the internet doing online shopping or enjoying streaming service. Lovers enjoying mobile app with 5g home wifi network
    Happy African couple excited to go to bed at night, jump on bedroom furniture for sleeping and time to relax. Energy, happiness and smile man and woman getting good sleep on mattress in apartment
    Happy young couple dance to music together at home, they joke as they smile and laugh in love at room new house. A black couple enjoy a playful moment in their relationship, dancing playfully and hug
    Love, support and breakfast in bed with couple eating fruit for healthy lifestyle, wellness or birthday celebration. Mothers day, hotel hospitality or nutritionist people together with tray of food
    Phone, hands and internet with a man using mobile technology to search for a trip idea in his home. Bucket list, travel and wifi with a male looking online and reading a news article for ideas

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    Couple selfie on smartphone, black woman kiss african man playful love and relax in home bedroom. Mobile technology internet, fun morning smiles online camera and new happy family marriage connection
    Black couple, home workout and fitness stretching legs, exercise and yoga in lounge together. Happy, young and healthy african woman training with partner for pilates, wellness and on apartment floor
    Black couple, anniversary and breakfast in bed with a romantic man spoiling a happy woman with love and food on her birthday or honeymoon. Lovers, bedroom and hotel stay in a healthy relationship
    Vr, future virtual reality and black couple in home exploring a virtual world, ai game or watching movie. 3d technology app, metaverse and tech cyber gaming man and woman playing software video games
    Love, happy and a couple kiss in bed in the morning at home. Sleep, wake up and smile together, black woman and man relax in bright bedroom. Romance, happiness and passion in marriage and lifestyle.
    Wake up in bed, happy black woman beauty and bedroom home smile. Young girlfriend face in morning, relax on vacation and influencer rest. Love greeting person, online dating and video call pov