Stock Photo - Thinking black woman drinking coffee, tea and happy peace, mindset and relax at home window. Face of smile young african person sipping mug of hot beverage in morning, reflection and inspiration idea

Thinking black woman drinking coffee, tea and happy peace, mindset and relax at home window. Face of smile young african person sipping mug of hot beverage in morning, reflection and inspiration idea - Stock Photo

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    Stress, laptop and woman with a headache working on creative digital marketing project in her office. Professional african girl planning web design strategy report on computer with technology glitch.
    Black woman, coffee and smile thinking by window with glasses looking out at home or apartment. Closeup of happy African female afro face, smiling and relaxing while enjoying a warm beverage drink
    Black woman, laptop or phone call for networking with customer for digital marketing strategy deal, b2b sales or collaboration. Smile, happy or creative worker with communication technology in office
    Stress, burnout busy business woman with laptop, documents and paper with planning, review or digital marketing. Company vision information working on startup strategy or innovation corporate goals
    Woman hands, phone app or fitness class website for workout, training or exercise booking schedule in house living room. Zoom on planning health goals, wellness or personal trainer calendar on mobile
    Computer, creative black woman with laptop, glasses and headphones working with SEO data review, project management or UX schedule. Digital marketing, research or big data analytics with web software
    Black woman using phone on social media or social network app typing, scroll and conversation at home. African girl online texting message on mobile smartphone or cellphone connected to house 5g wifi
    Laptop business, idea thinking and black woman on the internet fo creative search, reading email on the web and working on web design in office. Employee with problem on online website at startup
    Thinking black woman drinking coffee, tea and happy peace, mindset and relax at home window. Face of smile young african person sipping mug of hot beverage in morning, reflection and inspiration idea
    Face of black woman, learning online and doing elearning course with laptop from home. 5g connection, the internet and digital technology lets students to go to university or college classes remotely
    Woman writing small business proposal, sticky note reminder in documents and planning digital project. Company vision information, female working on corporate strategy and brainstorm solution goals
    Happy business woman talking phone call and smile or young entrepreneur conversation with cellphone in an office. Black woman happy and laugh at a funny joke while talking on mobile smartphone
    Headache, stress and black woman thinking of depression, mental health and problem at window in house. Face of African girl with anxiety and migraine pain feeling sad and tired from burnout in home
    Creative business black woman with glasses and laptop happy with work seo data results, project progress report or ux review. Digital marketing person smile for tech software workflow management app
    Technology, phone and black woman networking on internet in an office on break. Happy, smile and girl browsing on social media, reading blog post or doing research on website with smartphone
    Black woman on her laptop in her home, happy and with a smile on her face. A woman online, working and satisfied from success with work or project. Business woman using her computer at home
    Laptop business, reading email and woman writing a proposal on the internet, thinking of idea for company and working on the web in office. Face of African receptionist typing online on computer
    Travel, woman hands or phone search with internet, mobile app or agency website for vacation, holiday or getaway at home. Media, technology or girl searching, reading or online shopping on smartphone
    Black woman studying online, thinking and playing with pen in her hand. Digital elearning course, distance learning and remote technology make education from home possible with an internet connection
    Black woman at window drink coffee and thinking in home morning pajamas daydreaming, smile and remember happy memory. African girl enjoy drinking tea in mug to relax, reflect and contemplate life
    Woman, phone and app, girl scroll to find date or read message on social media. Black woman, natural afro hair and smartphone in hand on internet for online shopping or dating website to find love
    Travel phone, website hands and woman with idea for holiday in Brazil, search for information on web and reading about international country on mobile app. Person on the internet planning vacation
    Stress, annoyed or frustrated business woman with laptop or paper for creative startup idea or innovation strategy. Burnout, anxiety or mental health marketing worker with tech and proposal documents
    Success, winner and business woman working on laptop in corporate office, excited celebration of good news or winning email. happy, wow and smile by black entrepreneur reading good news of promotion
    Coffee break, black woman and relax at home office drinking delicious caffeine, espresso or cappuccino. Happy professional female worker, face smile and enjoying tea, mug beverage and free time alone
    Laptop planning, music work and black woman typing email on internet, dancing to radio and working on the web in an office. African employee happy with audio podcast and business communication on pc
    Headache stress, thinking sad and woman with depression, mental health problem and burnout from crisis at window of house. Face of girl with anxiety about divorce and frustrated with idea in home
    Tired, stress and business woman on a computer reading a company document in her modern office. Overworked, exhausted and bored black marketing manager planning a management strategy with technology.
    Laptop, digital and typing with business woman at desk for administration, communication and marketing in office. Technology, website and search with employee working on email, vision and research
    Laughing, phone and black woman on social media, reading notification and online communication in creative agency. Young, happy and african mobile designer with afro typing, contact and funny web app
    News, website and hands search phone screen with global media, internet and digital. Media, app and technology with woman reading on smartphone for newspaper, communication and information online
    Stress, anxiety or frustrated business woman with laptop, paper or documents in startup office. Brazilian worker or employee with burnout, headache or mental health after digital marketing pitch fail
    Writing, schedule and hands of business woman on laptop for planning, management or notebook in office. Vision, agenda or research with employee typing and working in administration, search or email
    Web design and laptop screen in office for business marketing research and development. Professional ux worker checking website template for project idea and management in workspace.
    Laptop, research and blog the hands of a business woman using an internet search for information or data on advertising and marketing. Computer, website and brand with a female employee online

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    Carefree, relaxed and comfortable woman enjoying a cup of tea, coffee or warm drink in the lounge at home. One cozy, calm and satisfied female taking a break to sip on a fresh hot beverage in a mug
    Happy couple, morning coffee and hug to show love and care while looking out hotel, apartment or bedroom window on honeymoon vacation. Happy black man and woman showing commitment and romance
    Coffee, smile and a couple drinking in bed together on a lazy day at home. Love, a winter warm up and a hot beverage on a cold morning, black woman and happy man with duvet and a fresh cup in bedroom
    4k footage of a woman enjoying a hot beverage at home
    4k footage of a woman enjoying a hot beverage at home
    Curious woman reading story book, drinking coffee and enjoying relaxing day off in home living room. Young student studying or author interested in fairytale, fiction novel and sipping on mug of tea

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    Young indian woman drinking coffee, tea and happy break at home for comfort, relax and carefree rest. Smile, beautiful and female person face sipping on warm joy, fresh cup and cozy hot mug beverage
    Black woman drinking coffee, tea and happy thinking for home comfort, relax and carefree rest. Living room, smile and laughing young african person sipping on warm cup, fresh mug and hot beverage
    Black woman drinking coffee, tea and happy smell for home comfort, relax and carefree rest. Living room, smile and satisfaction young african person sipping on warm cup, fresh mug and hot beverage
    Sick with covid, flu and cold man drinking ginger tea for cure, sad about hot lemon drink for remedy of sickness and depressed about coffee fail in living room on sofa. Indian person with disease
    Black woman with cup of coffee, smile on sofa relax or take break in her home. Young African American lady, at peace to smell tea or hot chocolate with happiness on face in living room.
    Enjoying a comfortable and cozy tea break. Young woman drinking a hot cup of coffee at home. One beautiful female smelling the aroma of a fresh warm beverage while relaxing at home.

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    Coffee, comfort and a woman on a balcony, thinking and drinking a fresh brew. Peace, quiet and a calm cup of tea to relax before work. Mug in hand, girl enjoying a view and drink in the morning
    Relaxed woman drinking coffee and feeling carefree and refreshed while relaxing on the couch at home. Female taking deep breath and smelling the aroma of a hot beverage, feeling mindful and content
    Carefree, relaxed and smiling young man enjoying a cup of tea, coffee or warm drink in the lounge at home. Portrait of a comfortable, happy and handsome guy laughing while enjoying fresh hot beverage
    Coffee, drink and happy woman breathing in aroma of beverage before work in the morning. Tea, comfort and person taking in aromatic smell or tasting delicious fresh caffeine, espresso or cappuccino.
    Bed, morning and couple together with mug of coffee to talk about good news and surprise in home. Wow, omg and happy announcement from black woman in married relationship with support and love.
    Woman drinking a cup of coffee while taking a break from working on a computer at home. One remote young female entrepreneur thinking and enjoying a mug of tea while doing telework on a pc

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    Friends relax and women talk with hot chocolate drink as they enjoy discussion together. Happy girl friendship, conversation and cheers while speaking of positive development in apartment.
    Coffee break, girl talk and friends on the sofa with woman listening to story with trust, love and care. Gen z women on the couch in living room with tea or espresso for social or gossip conversation
    Chocolate drink and black woman friends on sofa talking and having winter celebration. African people or gen z women enjoying sweet milk coffee or cocoa beverage on couch in their apartment lounge
    Phone, social media and women friends dance with sunglasses recording trendy mobile, smartphone or cellphone video. Influencers, creative black girls and dancing at home for internet web blog post.
    Women, designer and creative with handshake in deal at studio or business in home. Black woman, entrepreneur and smile get letter, document or envelope, at office in house and say thank you to client
    Female student making a video call and waving at her phone while out in city. Cool, funky and fashionable woman with an afro greeting, smiling, talking or chatting online using wireless technology