Stock Photo - Comic phone call, happy and mature woman talking on a smartphone in the urban city with 5g internet. Funny and corporate manager speaking on mobile, networking with people and smile for tech in India

Comic phone call, happy and mature woman talking on a smartphone in the urban city with 5g internet. Funny and corporate manager speaking on mobile, networking with people and smile for tech in India - Stock Photo

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    Business women team travel in city for entrepreneurship trip with suitcase and smile for success, career opportunity. International corporate executive people, partner or lawyer conversation outdoor
    Travel smile, windy city and woman thinking of idea on holiday in Portugal with blur background and bokeh. Happy, young and urban person with smile during international vacation in the street
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    Ceo or executive business woman on a phone call for online networking, success management and feedback on project goal, motivation or trust. Manager with cellphone discussion for contact us or quote
    Business, travel and working women walking with a suitcase for a work trip together. People, workers and corporate female team walk with coffee talking, speaking and job communication about strategy
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    Business people, hands and phone planning in a city my b2b contact sharing information and email details. Networking, web and 5g communication by man and woman compare schedule and calendar on app
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    Friends hug, handshake and corporate reunion have conversation and friendly hang out together. Business women friendship with senior woman and young girl hugging for cheerful and happy greeting.
    Client meeting, happy communication and woman talking to an employee about a corporate partnership in the city in Canada. Mature manager networking with a professional person for business in town
    Running late, coffee and walking to work of a business woman ready for working. Fast walk of a professional worker checking the time on a watch on her way to a job meeting, career or appointment
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    Comic phone call, happy and mature woman talking on a smartphone in the urban city with 5g internet. Funny and corporate manager speaking on mobile, networking with people and smile for tech in India
    Tourist in new city using a tablet for directions to her destination. Young woman lost in Amsterdam with digital map on her vacation or holiday. Travel, tourism and using the internet for a map
    Travel, luggage and business women walking in urban city for international, global company. Empowerment executive people or entrepreneur partner outdoor with suitcase for corporate career opportunity
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