Stock Photo - Dance, marketing presentation or woman success in meeting for marketing, advertising or digital agency. Diversity, teamwork or leadership with dancing presenter for KPI, digital data or sales goal

Dance, marketing presentation or woman success in meeting for marketing, advertising or digital agency. Diversity, teamwork or leadership with dancing presenter for KPI, digital data or sales goal - Stock Photo

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    Series: Young Minds At Work (83)


    Startup, tablet and creative with team, planning and vision at business in diversity. Office, company and teamwork together in marketing job with people, laptop and strategy at workplace in Cape Town
    Designer, drinking coffee and thinking by window in cafe or restaurant of creative startup ideas, small business or innovation. Man, remote worker or employee in coffee shop and planning brand growth
    Business people, laptop and collaboration in busy office for digital marketing strategy, target audience research or kpi data analysis. Talking men, women and designers with technology for website ux
    Creative workspace, drink coffee and businessman thinking in the office looking out window. Young man on coffee break to think of idea, vision and brainstorm startup business in urban workplace
    Woman, tablet and augmented reality for futuristic office, 3d sofa or couch. Ai, vr software app and female with coworkers planning lounge workspace or furniture with 5g digital future hologram tech
    Tablet, startup meeting and digital design workshop, diversity in product idea sharing for creative project. Strategy, presentation and 3d bicycle creation with staff in modern office to collaborate
    Man, face and tablet search in cafe, coffee shop or restaurant for creative startup ideas, small business planning and internet calendar. Zoom, student and technology for remote elearning education
    Business, leader and black woman hiring students for internship at startup, training in funky workspace. Recruitment, innovation and meeting with young group onboarding target goal for green business
    Woman, phone and hands in startup while worker use laptop for conversation, discussion and planning. Girl, smartphone and work at desk with work friends reading on computer with coffee, tea and latte
    Coffee, tablet and creative employee on the internet while planning a marketing project at work. Face of an advertising designer working on creativity on web with drink of tea at a startup company
    Ux, design and teamwork with business people at computer for discussion in digital agency for creative, planning and technology. Project management, graphic designer and consulting with employees
    Startup business meeting, creative people and presentation with ppt project proposal, web design ux ui idea and strategy. Graphic designer students with laptop for collaboration teamwork in workspace
    Team building, digital marketing and chicken mascot dancing or having fun with a young group in the office. Smile, costume and business people at an advertising agency enjoy laughing and happy dances
    Creative startup, presentation and employees dancing to celebrate success for team project and target during meeting in office. Collaboration, teamwork and woman leader excited and happy about profit
    Startup, woman and workshop for presentation in classroom show planning, strategy or vision to workers. Girl, board and learning in workplace for training, education and growth of staff in company
    Technology, smartphone and creative people in office workspace and internet inspiration, social network or video audio streaming on mobile app. Gen z student women with headphones scroll social media
    Business woman and research on laptop with coffee drink reading online news with concentration. Internet career girl with confused face looking at media update while drinking caffeine closeup.
    Phone, music and thinking with a man and woman design team looking bored in their office at work. Communication, networking and social media with a creative employee and colleague working inside
    High five, team and employees celebrate success, group project and target in casual meeting in office. Teamwork, woman leader and creative coworkers happy, dance and excited for collaboration work.
    Thinking woman, coffee cup drinking and relax in cafe for peace, mindset and hope in Canada. Focus face, inspiration and daydream young girl person with hot beverage, planning vision and memory ideas
    Hand, pen and data on tablet screen working at the office scrolling for business information or research. Hands of employee in analytics at work on touchscreen technology browsing UI, UX or app
    Hands, laptop and phone of team in collaboration working at the office with technology in discussion. Hand of a group of creatives at work on computer in communication or planning for marketing app
    Digital marketing, creative and fashion designers planning a global advertising strategy on laptop. Young, agency and cool people in meeting coworking on startup project with creativity and teamwork
    Coffee shop, cafe and hands taking a photo for social media update, marketing or small business startup brand development. Influencer people, espresso and smartphone photography for website gallery
    Tablet, pen of graphic designer hands with 3d bicycle model for digital innovation, game app developer or software engineering. Programmer process on ui screen of cad bike project development sketch
    Coffee, creative and designer thinking in office at a startup advertising company at work. Face of a relax young man with drink of tea and idea or inspiration for marketing strategy at a window
    Collaboration, project management and business people in meeting for startup in office for planning, idea and communication. Strategy, creative and teamwork with employees in marketing workshop
    Laptop, creative and collaboration with a business woman and designer team working in an office for a design meeting. Teamwork, internet and strategy with a young employee group planning in a startup
    Product designer team planning bike blueprint, creative ideas and digital engineering illustration technical drawings in startup agency. Hands, project collaboration and 3d brand bicycle innovation
    Creative designers, phone and collaboration for mobile website, logo ux or fintech software design in busy office. Smile, happy and talking man and startup woman with communication digital technology
    Tech startup, business people and social media influencer taking photo for project development advertising, digital marketing. Productivity, creative meeting and team working in multimedia workspace
    Tech startup, business people and software development for graphic designer project, digital marketing or seo analytics. Productivity, creative mobile app ui ux developer team at multimedia workspace
    Leadership, management and meeting with business people and black woman working on strategy, training and communication. Coaching, mentor and support with employees listening for vision and review
    Tablet, pen and 3d graphic design of animation bicycle by tech, software or video game developer. Ui screen, innovation and programming hand of genius girl working on cad render of virtual bike model
    Zoom, hands and woman on her laptop reading, working and on the internet. Online, research and person zooming in on website, data and article on computer. Business, technology and web design ux