Stock Photo - Tablet, hands and architect with a man engineer working on design in his office at work alone. Construction, architecture and creative with a male designer planning a building project online

Tablet, hands and architect with a man engineer working on design in his office at work alone. Construction, architecture and creative with a male designer planning a building project online - Stock Photo

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    Corporate women, business meeting and talking strategy for financial growth during accounting audit, company analysis and working together. Black woman ceo, senior mentor and leadership collaboration
    Architecture, team and collaboration of architects talking blueprint and 3d design model and development in office. Man and women planning building construction project with teamwork and innovation
    Tablet, collaboration and architecture with a designer, engineer and technician working as a team in the office. Teamwork, technology and creative with an architect group at work on a design project
    Tablet, architect and planning real estate, property and building model with realtor for development schedule online. Business woman and architecture expert with teamwork, idea and plan together
    Architecture, building blueprint or realtor talking with architect on table with paper. Real estate worker and realtor with floor plan, creative industry and professional construction project at work
    Architecture blueprint, teamwork and business meeting in office for industrial planning, building development or project management. Engineering, construction and designer group with floor plan ideas
    Digital tablet, business meeting and collaboration in office of a professional architectural, building and development firm. Architect team, industrial designers and corporate team plan architecture
    VR, architecture and architect working on model design in an augmented reality for construction, renovation and maintenance. 3d, metaverse and designer building infrastructure in a virtual reality
    Woman, metaverse and virtual reality architecture planning, real estate innovation or creative office design on 3D software. Vr headset, building engineering worker and futuristic construction vision
    Face, woman or laughing real estate agent in property, new development or office building with sales deal success. Portrait, smile or happy mature realtor with mortgage investment house or home ideas
    Tablet, hands and architect with a man engineer working on design in his office at work alone. Construction, architecture and creative with a male designer planning a building project online
    Architecture, collaboration and planning with a female leader, designer and architect working as a team in the office. Building, construction and teamwork with an engineer group at work on a project
    Man, woman and fist bump in architecture blueprint planning, real estate success and building engineering celebration. Smile, happy or teamwork collaboration with construction design and vision ideas
    Tablet, man and woman talking, brainstorming business ideas and doing online research. Staff, digital device and conversation for marketing strategy, sales growth and innovation for teamwork project
    Architecture, tablet and business people planning building design, real estate and property with creative idea. Teamwork, comic and corporate architects meeting for industrial collaboration with tech
    Architecture, tablet or building planning meeting with laughing, comic or bonding designer office manager. Happy man, women and construction ideas on technology for real estate teamwork collaboration
    Engineering, meeting and architecture team with a model of a 3d office building or apartment building for illustration. Teamwork, collaboration and creative designers talking, coworking and planning
    Architecture, blueprint and architects planning, talking and working on construction of infrastructure in a business meeting. Building, partnership and team in industrial work with design on paper
    Lawyer, corporate woman or manager with confidence for leadership, motivation or company vision in office. Portrait of black woman, employee or worker with innovation business mindset or success
    Blueprint, engineering and business woman planning project in modern office on construction site. Architect, design and industrial manager working on architecture strategy documents in the workplace.
    Architecture, tablet and planning business people with 3d design model, digital blueprint and floor plan building development. Software, project management and teamwork of civil engineering employees
    Engineering, fist bump and team working on blueprint in collaboration in the office at the site. Partnership, success and business people planning a architecture or construction project at workplace.
    Blueprint, meeting and architects planning a design for building, construction and renovation at work. Engineering, business meeting and employees talking about illustration for architecture on paper
    Man, woman and architecture planning with blueprint paper, real estate vision or property engineering documents. Thinking, talking and creative building engineers or designers with construction ideas
    Architecture, collaboration and people with blueprint in office, looking at engineering design. Teamwork, success and businessman and woman analyse, review and check design, illustration and plans
    Smile, office and engineering team selfie after planning a development building group project. Teamwork, architecture and happy designers enjoy taking pictures after a successful meeting together
    Hands, tablet and blueprint, planning construction and conversation for design project. Partnership, engineer and architect with digital device, hand gesture or architecture collaboration strategy.