Stock Photo - Teamwork on construction building, people in conversation with digital innovation and engineering woman on tablet. Architecture contractor planning on blueprint, industrial project and group on site

Teamwork on construction building, people in conversation with digital innovation and engineering woman on tablet. Architecture contractor planning on blueprint, industrial project and group on site - Stock Photo

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    Series: What We Build Matters (54)

    Construction, Contractors, Business, Interior Design

    Logistics, construction and architect working on renovation, building development and home maintenance. Face portrait of a mature worker with smile in management of an architecture home project
    Building contract, handshake and partnership b2b collaboration for construction mission in office. Teamwork, meeting and man and woman architect shake hands in support of deal or business integration
    Handshake, welcome and thank you with business people in office after interview with manager. Shaking hands, diversity and b2b partnership, collaboration or happy business deal, success and teamwork
    Building, architecture construction worker woman on site civil engineering development, industrial project and job motivation portrait. Happy, proud engineer or contractor manager with ppe compliance
    Communication, management and construction worker team for collaboration and building renovation teamwork on a tablet software app. Industry civil engineering contractor meeting planning development
    Logistics, construction and architect talking on a walkie talkie while working as a construction worker at a site. Man in architecture in communication on tech while doing a building project
    Building engineer, architect and construction worker with a black man standing arms crossed with a positive mindset, motivation and vision on scaffold. Portrait of mature male contractor with a smile
    Engineer, contractor and architect with tablet in conversation on project management, strategy and planning. Teamwork, men and woman in construction for safety, building maintenance and architecture.
    Building, digital tablet and construction worker planning design and digital model at construction site, Engineering, innovation and industrial engineer thinking of creative online project strategy
    Engineer, architect and business people on tablet for construction, strategy or project plan at work. Team of contractors working together on architecture planning or discussion on touchscreen
    Meeting, engineering and industrial team in the office in discussion on architecture blueprint plans. Teamwork, collaboration and industry managers speaking to maintenance worker on a building site.
    Architecture teamwork, blueprint and color choice in modern office for planning, building development and project management. Engineering group, construction designer and floor plan ideas in agency
    Building, digital tablet and construction workers planning and discuss idea for architecture and design. Architect, teamwork and collaboration by mature woman engineer sharing online project strategy
    Senior black man, architect and portrait smile for construction or building project on site at the workplace. Happy elderly African American male professional builder smiling for industrial success
    Construction, building and mature architect with design, vision and idea for development while working at a construction site. Portrait of elderly industrial worker with arms crossed for architecture
    Logistics worker, walkie talkie and man on a construction site working on a building project. Architecture, communication and engineer talking on a radio while doing home maintenance or renovation.
    Construction, senior engineer and portrait of woman at indoor maintenance and building site. Elderly leader, architect and industrial contractor at architecture project to plan, monitor and lead.
    Tablet, building and construction worker team planning renovation, industrial design software and development brainstorming. Manager with digital app talking to engineering contractor in industry job
    Tablet, site and engineering team working on construction, logistic and architecture project. Teamwork, collaboration and industrial contractor in discussion with workers in industry building
    Building, construction and architect with a team working on site while reading a blueprint or plans indoors. Teamwork, engineer and architecture with a man and woman contractor group in collaboration
    Architect, construction and team discussion on tablet for project planning, building and collaboration on site. Business people or engineer in meeting for industrial architecture plan on touchscreen
    Engineering team, handshake and teamwork at construction site, support or collaboration after successful project. Shaking hands, architecture and thank you of happy group in b2b partnership agreement
    Teamwork on construction building, people in conversation with digital innovation and engineering woman on tablet. Architecture contractor planning on blueprint, industrial project and group on site
    Partnership, handshake and architect meeting with contractor in city building. Team of business people working together on construction project shaking hands, thank you and success after complete job
    Senior engineer, walkie talkie and black man at construction site talking, speaking or working. Communication, radio tech and elderly architect from Nigeria in discussion or chat on building project
    Real estate building, construction man in industrial property development and realtor view inspection site. Professional architecture project, developer quality assurance and maintenance contractor
    Tablet, architecture and construction worker people planning for engineer collaboration, project development and blueprint review. Contractor hands with digital software app for civil engineering job
    Construction, tablet and collaboration with an architect and engineer working as a team together on a building site. Teamwork, communication or technology with a man and woman at work in architecture
    Diversity, teamwork and construction worker people or engineer group planning building development or talking progress. Trust, architecture of industrial contractor staff with project development job
    Construction worker, working together and conversation with tablet, communication and construction business. Engineer, job site with man and woman talking, collaboration and building trade.
    Construction, architecture and architect planning on a tablet while working in home renovation. Designer in engineering with an idea for maintenance on a building on the internet with technology
    Construction, building and tablet with an architect and engineer on site planning on the internet with an online blueprint. Team, architecture and technology with business colleagues in collaboration
    Woman, serious face and construction worker, engineer at work site and business, building trade industry portrait. Mature person, safety helmet and professional, engineering and construction job.
    Construction, leadership and engineer with a black man architect standing on a building site with his arms crossed. Architecture, design and manager with a mature male supervisor and his team
    Tablet, construction and hand for work in closeup for architecture, building or property. Woman, technology and architect working on app, web or internet for research, contractor or real estate